A Quick Guide To Buy Wedding Cake Strain Seeds Online


Wedding Cake Seeds | 2020 Exclusive Buyer's Guide - CNBS

Wedding Cake is one of the most popular cannabis strains that we have today. It is an amazing strain that is no less than a treat for your senses. The seeds are feminized and also known as Pink Cookies. The strain produces beautifully pungent and sugar-coated buds when it grows. The buds then change their color and turn to purple when they are growing in the right conditions.

These flowers have a very sweet taste and earthy flavor. While trying them, they may also remind you of vanilla. This balance out the sweetness in the flowers makes them unique, and perfect to be consumed. You should Buy Wedding Cake Strain Seeds Online as they offer a good deal of benefits.
Let’s have a look at some of their characteristics!

Dominant Origins:
70% Indica
30 % Sativa
Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie
Medicinal Use
An ideal strain to find relief from stress, pain, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia. It provides feelings of relaxation, happiness, euphoric, mood upliftment, and hunger.
Sweet, Vanilla, and Earthy
Sweet and Vanilla
Dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, anxiety, and dizziness
CBD Content
THC Content
Outdoor Flowering
Mid to end October
16OZ per plant
Indoor Flowering
8 Weeks
Medium to Tall size
High THC Content
Wedding cake cannabis strain should be used carefully. This is because the THC content in the strains can go up to 25% or even more. So, they are not an ideal choice for beginners for any reason.

Also, there could be possible side-effects after the consumption of the strains such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and potential dizziness. However, the side-effects vary based on the tolerance and experience of a person. So, wedding cake strain should be used by experienced people only.

Medical Benefits

If you want to Buy Wedding Cake Strain Seeds Online for its medicinal benefits, you’re good to go. The strain is greatly favored by the medical community. It offers deep relaxation and happiness or high feeling or sensation in the body. So, anyone who feels stressed out or exhausted can get a lot of relief by using the strain. It can also provide relief from mild depression.

As per the medical professionals, pain, cramps, and insomnia are the other three conditions that can be relieved by the use of wedding cake cannabis strain. It can also stimulate one’s appetite.


Wedding Cake strain seeds produce short and sturdy plants that can be cultivated easily at any place. These densely packed buds marvel in forests and look noticeable when they are placed in the palm. If you carefully plant the seeds, it will offer you around 18-20 ounces of marijuana per sq. m indoors and 21 ounces of marijuana outdoors after the harvest.


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