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Solitaire is a widely popular card game that people are really crazy about. Its origins are unknown, but it has been ascertained repeatedly that Solitaire is a 300 year old game. From teenagers to adults, everyone finds this game to be extremely exhilarating. As soon as you download this game, there are high chances that you will instantaneously fall in love with Solitaire^

Solitaire – Best Card Game

Apart from mental relaxation, Solitaire also helps learn the most important qualities we all strive for. These are Patience, Tolerance Power, and Perseverance. Moreover, if you keep on playing Solitaire repeatedly, you will become incredibly patient in your life. And this need not to be reminded that it is Patience that we are lacking the most in today’s fast paced modern society. So, Solitaire has some really remarkable benefits. 

But, when we are out Solitaire shopping, there are a huge number of games available in front of us. Both, on the App Store and The Play Store, there are immeasurable versions of Solitaire accessible to us. Hence, it’s natural that you will feel confusion while witnessing lots of Solitaire games. Here, Solitaire^ comes to aid us all. 

Look again, it’s Solitaire with a caret symbol in front of it. Yes, this is Solitaire^ – a new release by Camel Motion Inc. Moreover, this is a special unique version of Solitaire which is, of course, never seen before. In addition, there are plenty of differentiating factors that let this Solitaire^ game stand apart from its counterparts. 

Let us peruse through each and every attractive attribute of Solitaire^

  • Move the Cards With a Single Click

In Solitaire^, the player has to fill all the four foundations with the cards available. Secondly, each foundation belongs to a specific suit and the player should place the cards in serial order, starting from Ace to the King. Camel Motion’s Solitaire^ allows its users to move the cards with just a single click. Thus, just look for the possible placement of a card, and click on that particular card. 

You will be all set to make your next move. This super-simplicity in the movement of cards really makes this Solitaire^ one of the best of its kind. Hence, even a novice player would be able to swiftly move the cards and become impervious from the hassle of dragging and dropping. That is why Solitaire^ has a super-simple interface which appeals to all. 

  • Rules on the Bottom Right

Solitaire is not that difficult of a game, but getting the hang of a certain game or activity always comes in handy. So, in Solitaire^, there are rules present on the bottom right of the screen. Any novice player can refer to those rules, and play the game of Solitaire^. Basically the gamer needs to move the cards from the Stock pile to the Tableau. 

Furthermore, you can place the cards on any of the 7 Tableaus present on the bottom of the screen. Ultimately, the cards are then moved from Tableaus to the Foundations. Moreover, the rules are written very comprehensively and anyone can understand them. Along with the rules, the figures are also there for a better understanding. 

  • Customize as per Your Taste

So, the gamer has a variety of options while playing Solitaire^ and he can customize as per his/her own taste. If the gamer gets bored with one set of games, he can choose another set of options to suit his taste. The following set of Options are embedded in Solitaire^.

  1. Remove Ads – You can get rid of all the ads by paying a nominal sum of money. Don’t worry. It’s not that much. 
  2. Sounds – You can also turn the sounds on and off from the Options Menu. So, if you want to make the experience lively, turn on the sound, or if you want to play silently, turn off the sound. 
  3. Drawing of Cards – There are two ways in which you can draw cards. 

        1.Draw 1 – With this, you have to draw 1 only card from the Waste pile.

  1. Draw 3 – For those who love challenges, you can draw 3 cards, all at                        once with this feature.      
  2. Time/Move – Here, you can alternate between the time limit and move sets. You can choose to play under a stipulated time limit, or you can play under restricted move sets. 
  3. Scoring – You can switch on the Scoring option, where you will be awarded under the Standard Scoring Pattern. Refer to the table below to get to know about the Scoring Pattern. 
Waste to Tableau +5 Points
Waste to Foundation +10 Points
Tableau to Foundation +10 points
Turn over Tableau Card +5 Points
Foundation to Tableau -15 Points


  1. Attractive Themes and Card Covers

Solitaire^ comes with plenty of attractive themes and Card Covers to enhance your gaming experience. The themes range from the green of the beach sides to the orange of tropical rainforests. There are also snow laden mountains and lush green meadows as themes. 

In addition to this, there are beautiful card covers as well. The pattern and designs behind these card covers are just amazing. With the presence of these entertaining themes, the gaming experience gets increased by huge numbers. 

  1. The Hint and Undo Feature

For a complete beginner, getting around the game of Solitaire becomes really an uphill battle. After going through the rules, they can easily start playing this incredible card game. At certain times, however, the player is liable to be stuck and he would not be able to move anywhere. 

During those critical situations, the Hint feature is provided in Solitaire^. By clicking on Hint, they would be able to see the next move, and they can go forward with that. The Hint really comes off as a life savior when we get frustrated when we are not able to make any move. 

Similarly, there is an Undo button. It is natural that sometimes we are not that much confident of our just made move. In those situations, the Undo comes in handy. As the name suggests, you can simply Undo your move and proceed with your intended move.

  1. The Miscellaneous of Solitaire^

Apart from all the above interesting attributes, there are a few miscellaneous features of Solitaire^ which also need some due deliberation. There is a Statistics tab in which you can track your progress and assess your gaming talent. 

By checking all these features, the player would know his prowess at the game of Solitaire^. Furthermore, a Leaderboard section is also available in which you can complete various challenges and win multiple rewards. 

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In amalgamation of the above, Solitaire^ by Camel Motion is really one of its kind. This version of Solitaire^ was never ever seen before. The main idea behind developing this game was to make a universal appealing game. A game that would appeal to people of all ages, a game that would not only entertain but also teach something substantial, a game that one can play anywhere anytime, which does not need much longer to load. 

Hence, Solitaire^ came into inception. This is by far the easiest card game of all the card games available in the gaming industry. If you want to spend some quality time with yourself and learn something useful, Solitaire^ is the game for you. Available free to download from The App Store, be the first one to download this game.

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