A list of things that can affect freshman’s year of college

A list of things that can affect freshman’s year of college

For some students, the freshman year of college is scary, and for some, it is exciting. However, there are some things that can affect your freshman’s year at college so let’s discuss them here.

Skipping orientation

Skipping the orientation is not a good move because it could help you outline what is coming for you in the next years. It is important that you must attend the orientation session so that you are able to get aware of the locations such as where is your class. Or where is a cafeteria or where is the restroom. So it is good that you are present at the day of orientation for the freshman’s year. It can also help you find some friends, and you can also interact with some teachers on the day of orientation.

Bring all important things to the dorm room

The dorm room is a place where you can get relaxed, can study as well as can sleep. Don’t crowd it with unnecessary things. Some of the things that are not required are listed here.

  • The stereo system is not at all required in your dorm room. Because it has to be a quiet and resting place and you must avoid this.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary books that are not required. Just keep important books that are related to your curriculum.
  • Don’t compact the dorm room with extra furniture such as dressers, tables, and other items that are not required. Keep relevant stuff only and avoid the inclusion of extra furniture in your dorm room.
  • Also, do not bring the decoration items and gifts that you have received. Only keep relevant things that are required for studying.
  • Also, take lesser clothes to your dorm room and avoid crowding your clothes. In this way, you can also reduce the charges of laundry.

Losing old friends

It is observed that some students often avoid meeting up with old friends due to academic burden. But this is not good at all. Avoid doing this; try to interact with your old friends. Talk to them. Interact with them so that you can stay motivated and driven. You can meet them on weekends. So it is good to stay in touch with old friends while you are in college.

Forgetting to meet parents

It is also examined that some students often avoid meeting with their parents when they are in freshman’s year. It is very bad. One must avoid this. Because your parents can solve the issues that you might be facing in your freshman’s year. So it is good to stay in touch with your parents as they can help you in improving your academics.

Getting into relationship earlier

Some students are found to have developing relationships just when they have started their freshman. It is not good at all. Because it might deviate you from studying. That can affect your performance and your grades. So avoid it. Try to avoid emotional relationships because your life would be affected.

Not focusing

Some students are observed to have a lesser focus. The college is about you. So utilise your freshman year and explore new things that would be beneficial for you. Remain focused on your ambitions so that you can accomplish the desired goals in your academic life. Just stay focused.

Skipping classes

Skipping classes is not a good activity. Because the teacher might be teaching something that would be important. So never bunk the classes. So that you are able to cope up with the class and perform well in the academics. It is observed that mainly in the freshman’s year, students are found to have skipped their classes. Just avoid it. My Assignment Help UK can assist students in avoiding the skipping of classes.

Avoiding speaking to teachers

Some students are found to be shy. Or they hesitate to interact and speak to the teachers or professors. But in college, you must interact with them. So that you are able to develop a strong bond with them. Understand their teaching style. So that you can score well in your papers.

Only communicating with freshmen

It is observed that some new freshmen only interact with freshmen. It is not an effective thing. It is good to interact with different students so that you become aware of the college environment.

Avoid nightclubs and drinking

These are two bad habits that students might develop during freshman’s year at college. But one must avoid them in order to avoid any issues or dramas in their lives. Just stay focused on curricular and gaming activities. Always avoid drinking and similar habits. In addition, avoid going to bars, clubs and pubs.

Don’t only focus on major courses

Some students make the mistake of only focusing on the major courses, and due to this, they fail to perform well in other courses. It is not good at all, so just avoid this habit when you are in a freshman’s year at college.


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