A List of Pre-MOT Inspections You Must Undertake


Pre-MOT Inspections – Why Should They Become Normal Practice Between All Vehicle Owners in the United Kingdom?

Everyone who owns a vehicle in the United Kingdom is acquainted with the MOT test, as well as the stress that accompanies it. The likelihood of failure of an MOT for even the tiniest part defect is quite high. It is among the most frustrating things that may happen to any automobile owner.

Many of the most likely causes for MOT failings, on the other hand, are components that you would quickly inspect yourself. The VT30 certification will not be issued to your automobile again, saving you great amounts of time and resources in the process.

Before the Actual MOT, You May Make Your MOT Test!

When you take your car in for an MOT Checking in any other region of the nation, the examiner will examine several different components in the system. This is done to guarantee that the vehicle is fit to drive and suitable to operate. Follow these steps to get your MOT underway!

Damage to the Windscreen

One of the most important aspects of an MOT is to verify that the operator has a good vision of the road ahead of him or her. As a result, the quality of the car’s windshield is quite important during a test session. An MOT analysis determines any damages to your windshield as well as the effectiveness of your washers throughout the vehicle’s operation. In the vehicle’s range of view, an inspector will search for any fracture that is greater than 10 mm in diameter. A problem of this kind will ensure that your vehicle goes along the lines of ‘Serious defect.’ Any harmless than 40 mm in the remainder of the glass, on either side, would not interfere with the testing. Additionally, the windscreen washers on your automobile must not be toughened or damaged. They must avoid scratching or leaving markings on the vehicle’s windscreen.

One of the most important aspects of an MOT is the quality of your vehicle’s tyres and braking.

The Quality of Your Automobile’s Tyres

Your automobile tyres would be evaluated based on a variety of factors. The tread depth, for instance, should be more than 1.6 millimetres (mm). There ought to be no irregular wearing on the chassis of the vehicle. Its thickness must be constant with no defects displaying the internal ply.

Any protrusion or fracture in the sidewall or top of the vehicle will lead to a failed MOT. Aside from that, any rip that is larger than 25 mm would not be considered safe for usage.


Throughout the MOT, the brakes on your vehicle are subjected to extensive examination. An inspector begins by inspecting the vehicle’s hardware elements, such as the braking system, brake hydraulic cylinder, pipelines, control unit, and so on. If there are any leakage, fractures, or exterior deterioration in these areas, your automobile will be deemed incapable of driving.

Your car’s braking range will also be measured by a technician. To comply with the law, your vehicle must also come to a full stop within a predetermined distance.

You should take your vehicle to a reputable service facility for servicing before actually taking it in for an MOT if you observe an abnormal increase in braking distance or issues with the braking systems. You are welcome to bring your vehicle to us. We provide a comprehensive choice of repairing solutions for all sorts of automobiles.

To proceed, the suspension of your vehicle is a very crucial component of its safe operation. In 2014/15, it was responsible for over 12 per cent of all Class 4 MOT fails.

Suspension & Dampers

A shock absorber with an excessive amount of slack would be considered unsafe for transportation usage. The ride may be defective if it swings excessively or fails to return to riding height promptly.

These are among the most essential aspects which you should inspect before actually taking your vehicle in for an MOT examination. Not only would it reduce the likelihood of failing an exam, but it would also keep you alive. – If you are planning on having your vehicle inspected or if you would like a detailed study on its state, schedule a thorough servicing at only the top service locations in the city.

Is it Possible that the MOT and Roadway Security Are Complementary?

Among the most recent figures from the United Kingdom government, there are around 38 million registered automobiles in the country. Buses as well as other business vehicles account for approximately 4.5 million of these, with the remaining automobiles accounting for the remainder. What if you didn’t know that all of these vehicles are drivable? Would you feel comfortable on the roadways if you didn’t know?

Mr Ernest Marples shared the same sentiments. He was lucky in that he was in a position to lead the Uk Transportation Plan in 1960 while serving as Transport Minister. He enacted new legislation that required automobiles that were more than ten years old to undergo a mandated vehicle inspections test to demonstrate that they were still roadworthy.

Road Safety in the Past and Present

In 1960, there were little more than 6 million automobiles on the road in the United Kingdom. That was the year when MOT was first implemented. The total number of overall deaths was 6,970, according to official records. In 2017, there were 38 million automobiles on the road, yet only 1793 people died as a result.

While the number of deaths has decreased dramatically over time, This is partially attributable to the MOT as well as increased road safety consciousness. They are still significantly greater than those of many of our contemporaries. Belgium had 756 deaths over the same time, and Denmark suffered 196.

The MOT examines all of the essential aspects that are associated with accident prevention. Keep your automobile MOT-ready at all times to guarantee that it is in the least risky operating condition at any specific instant in time. You may take your vehicle to a shop for a thorough pre-MOT inspection. They also do any essential adjustments after the inspection.

Listed here are a few recommendations that are important for safe driving along with passing an MOT inspection.

A Stunningly Precise Vision – On the side of the vehicle’s windshield, there must be no fractures or scuff marks. All of the windows must be clear of fractures and completely clear.

Tyres in Good Condition – The overall limit of a crack that may be tolerated is 40mm. The MOT requirement for the smallest possible tread depth is 1.6 millimetres. Specialists in the automotive industry suggest that you preserve at minimum 3mm of tread pattern on all 4 of your tyres Harlow. It is not acceptable to have any splits, protrusions, or bumps on the tyre’s surface.

Allow the Lights to Guide You – Headlamps must be placed at a comfortable viewing distance. They must not be cloudy or yellowish in appearance. All of the vehicle’s lights, including the tinted headlights, markers, and turn signals, must be in good working order.

Inspect the brakes to ensure that they are working perfectly.

Keep an ear out for any odd sounds or sensations.

Seats and Safety Belts – There must be no rips or tears in the front passenger seat. Safety belts, especially those in the back, must be in an inoperable state at all times.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) and number plates must be easily visible.

We could all, nevertheless, do our best to raise our awareness of traffic safety in general. In addition to ensuring that you pass the MOT exam, following these guidelines will help make your automobile more secure and safer.

Are You Searching for A Car MOT Service For Your Car?

All cars that are on the roads for more than 3 years in the United Kingdom must undergo yearly MOT testing under UK law. They should be roadworthy by the applicable regulations. Professional staff will examine a variety of automobile components to determine whether or not they are operating at peak performance. Driving a car with a failing MOT test is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom.

The Specifics of Our MOT Inspection

The specialists at The Tyre Shop Harlow would first evaluate the car’s MOT record before proceeding to assess the vehicle’s parts by current industry standards. In addition, we do post-MOT services. If your car fails its MOT testing, we will do a complimentary partial retake after 10 business days of the failure. After this time frame has expired, you will be subject to the normal retake fee.

MOT concerns are classified into the following categories:

Hazardous – If your vehicle shows any defect that comes underneath the Hazardous class, it will flunk its MOT Harlow test right away. This is because these disorders are potentially dangerous. It has the potential to cause adverse on-road occurrences.

Major – Problems categorized as Severe flaws are just as hazardous to customer driver safety as problems categorized as Hazardous defects, and as a consequence, they are likewise grounds for an MOT failing. As a result, make the essential repairs as soon as possible to ensure the optimal safety of the driver.

Minor – Minor faults do not fail the MOT. When a trained technician addresses an issue in your car, it will save you from having to pay large repair bills further on.

Qualification for the MOT:

Based on the faults we discover in your automobile, we shall provide a VT20 or VT30 certification by the findings.

If your four-wheeler satisfies its MOT, we will provide you with a VT20 passing certification that is good for one year.

We shall give a VT30 failure certification if your vehicle fails its MOT test. This makes your car ineligible to operate in the United Kingdom until you make the appropriate modifications.

Why Should You Select Us?

  • Our technicians are excellent in the technical expertise necessary to carry out MOT by applicable regulations.
  • Vehicle owners may schedule a meeting online ahead of time to avoid any time delay.
  • Our competitive pricing is clear and reasonable in comparison to the competition.

You must seek MOT Services from a reputable facility if your vehicle fails its MOT testing and receives a VT30 certification detailing all of the faults with it. Failure to do so may result in significant financial penalties.

We provide cost-effective MOT services for automobiles from a variety of different categories. With numerous years of expertise in this industry, our highly qualified specialists can provide dependable services with short turn-around times.

To avoid having to go any further for reputable businesses that do MOT, contact us now to make a booking.


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