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ibagari boutique hotel

The staggering Ibagari Boutique Hotel is situated in the best areas of Roatan, an island inside Honduras. Popular for shimmering white sand seashores, its serenity and grand excellence are ideal for those hoping to have a rich excursion in one of the world’s most exquisite tropical areas. At this retreat, they intend to give their visitors a private involvement in nature genuinely. It is likewise a grown-up just hotel, making it the ideal escape for grown-ups and couples to submerge themselves in a peaceful air.

Travelers can have an unwinding and restoring time as well as a socially enhancing one too. Honduras is known to be home to perhaps of the most energetic local area on the planet. The Garifuna nation grandstand their music and dance at the Ibagari, a training declared by UNESCO as a ‘Show-stopper of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. For music buffs, unrecorded music plays at the exquisite ‘Luna Muna’ Restaurant, where neighborhood gifts likewise give lovely shows

The destination

The allure of a tropical paradise right in the heart of America is a dream for many. There’s so much brouhaha about Honduras. It is one such destination dotted with sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, coral reefs, and remarkable archaeological spots to explore. Honduras is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the south and the Caribbean Sea in the north. This is a land where the sun shines brightest and almost always. When you think Honduras, you think Roatan, Bay Islands, The Mayan Ruins of Copan, San Cristobal Fortress, Gracias Lempira, Cayos Cochino and

Utila in the Bay Islands and so much more. 

The best time to visit

Being a tropical country, December to April is the best time to visit Honduras as the weather remains dry and cool. However, you can expect heavy rainfall at any given time, as the tropical weather always promises to surprise you. The temperature stays between 80 to 90 degrees fahrenheit throughout the year but beware of the humidity that can cause a lot of discomfort during the wet summer months. The highlands, as usual, are cooler, and the beaches bring in a lot of fresh air. Just so you know, this country sits on the hurricane belt, so check the weather conditions in case you have to travel between August and October.

Some of the best beaches here

The beaches here in Honduras are considered the numero uno attractions in the country. Especially Roatan, which is home to popular scuba-diving spots and cruises. However, if you love beach hopping then this is paradise for you. From mainland to Bay Islands, you can beach hop across the entire country. Some of our favorites are Camp Bay Beach, Eastern Roatán, Bando Beach, Utila, Bayman Bay Beach, Guanaja, and Half Moon Bay Beach and West Bay Beach in Western Roatán. 

Our favorite property in the Bay Islands

Nestled in the Honduras’ Bay Islands, Ibagari Boutique Hotel is a peaceful property near the West Bay Beach in Western Roatá. Lying in the embrace of lush greenery, Ibagari is a piece of art in itself. Complementing the nature that cradles it, the hotel spans a balmy stretch of the Caribbean shore. This beachfront hideaway is like a living organism, resting by the deep blue, breathing the fresh oceanic breeze, throbbing under the brilliant sunlight. 

It is an open-air hotel that allows mesmerizing views of the sea. You can let your hair down at the waterside sundowner-ready pit for adults. The sandy-floored restaurant here is an experience in itself. If you are fond of the sand, you can enter this eatery barefoot. Remember that this property is loved by many. Hence it is advisable that you book your place ahead of time to be able to enjoy a seamless dining experience here.

Why is it an ideal stay at Ibagari Boutique Hotel?

Unlike most hotels of the same stature, Ibagari is an amalgam of natural beauty, luxury and superior services. Being among the top resorts in Roatan, this property promises art, environment, and food, all top-notch standard. The boutique property does take its standards very seriously. It reflects not only in their amenities, but also in every action they perform. Be it the back office or the rooms you choose to stay in, you are bound to find art, ambiance and good food at all times. The place is designed for the discerning guests who adore luxury and go miles to have a wholesome experience.

A few necessary details

Ibagari Boutique Hotel offers repose and a state of calm. It is an adults-only hotels ensuring you have peace at all times, and heal uninterrupted. This is perfect for two people traveling in search of some alone time. The King Suite is suitable for such travelers. However, if you are a group of four, you can surely book one of the Double Suites. 

Amenities here

This luxurious property is a marvel in its own rights. It leaves no stone unturned to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Whatever you call for is made available in a jiffy. For example, you have access to the beach, you can call for the water taxi, the dive center ensures you have a personal lesson if you demand it, you can sign up for watersports of your liking and then there is Wifi throughout the property to ensure you are connected when you need it. 

The rooms are equally luxurious. They offer a plethora of amenities that ensure you are pampered and left with no choice but to extend your stay. You are eligible for free bottled water, beach bags and exclusive Iagari bath products. You can also switch on the TV the day you feel like staying indoors, or use the AC if it gets humid and uncomfortable, which may happen at times due to the tropical weather here. 

Our most coveted accommodations here

It is only natural to pick a room with the views of the sea when on the Honduras’ Bay Islands. At this property. We suggest you go for the Ibagari Villa. It is a two-bedroom space with a connected main room that comes with one king-sized bed and a living area. The secondary room is one with two queen-sized beds. Surrounded by nature, this villa comes with a deck and private plunge pool.  The space it adorns and the shades make it a fine home away from home. 

The alluring Luna Muna
If you are thinking about what we are talking about, this property has a lovely all-wood restaurant right by the shore. It serves modern cuisine with options for both vegans and vegetarians. Try the hot sauce and aioli if you please. For breakfast you can go for the bagels and pancakes, or try the juice of the day.

The restaurant also has a bar that shakes up delicious cocktails. You can always order your poison hoping the bartender can shake it up for you.

Last but not the least, scuba diving
That’s right! Ibagari Boutique Hotel makes way for residents and guests to enjoy the reefs with proper guidance and training. Duna Divers have experts who can teach you the know-hows at the dive center. The hotel can also assist you with sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and so much more. Apart from that, you can also work on your skills at cooking, bottle painting or learn the lovely Garifuna Dance

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