A Guide to Summer Flowers and Plants 2022


It’s the time of year when nature starts to show itself in all its glory. The coloring of spring flowers and changing temperatures provide an ideal backdrop for summer flowers and plants. The bonus about these is that they help decorate your garden for household or office use as well. Also, the summer flowers are an ideal thing to be suitable choice for wedding flower arrangements.

Bouquet Delivery in Oxnard!

If you’re looking for the best florist Oxnard to decorate your house with flowers or to add some visual interest to your garden this summer and breathe some new life into your backyard, there is no better time than right now. Whether you have a front or rear garden or are planting for a large space like your lawn, flower bulbs are a no-brainer addition that can improve the overall ambiance of your home.

Add Some Flowers to your Garden!

If you’re eager to add a little greenery to your yard, add some flowers to your garden. While there are many varieties of plants you can choose from when it comes to summer flowers and plants.

There is a variety of summer plants and flowers to plant in your garden in which a red rose bouquet is the best. But you must understand the best way to go about it. You may have the right tools and the space but if there are not enough plants or flowers present, this will not be as effective.

List of Summer Flowers and Plants!

Fortunately, there are some beautiful summer flowers and plants which you can take care of year after year. While the plants listed below are all great choices for you to add in the summer season. Each one is unique and has its purpose in play.

Alstroemeria / Lily of the Incas / Peruvian lily

Alstroemerias with their delicate tones and striped throats are often used in mixed bundles of roses. They can also be filled in your nursery and come in a variety of mixes including yellow, orange, pink, lavender, salmon, and white.

These delightful plants are tuberous perennials native to South America that grow 2 to 3 inches tall and form groups of shoots on dark green leaves and stems. They are sold as tubers or cut flowers and can be planted in the nursery once all chance of freezing has passed. They do best in rich, moist, well-draining soil. Some varieties can thrive in partial shade, but all Alstroemerias are at their best in late spring when they receive five or six hours of full sun per day.

Alstroemerias are amazing as compartment plants and will indeed do well in any radiant area. Be sure to use a preparation mix that dries out well in a compartment with drainage holes; plants in holders dry out faster than those in the nursery, so watch moisture levels and water accordingly.

If you want to include the plants in a bouquet, gently pull them out of the ground rather than cutting the stems. This will stimulate root development and allow you to get new shoots throughout the year.

Black Eyed Susan-

These flowers near Oxnard are a cousin of daisies as they look similar. This comes in handy when you realize that to get these flowers is its own set of challenges. To get them you need to be sure to stay on top of the florist by consulting them to provide you with some best fresh flowers. For the same, you can also connect to Andy Flowers who provides variety and all types of summer flowers.

Cone Flower-

These colorful flowers are available for six months from summer. They are grown in a dense ratio and hold an appealing and bold look. Must plant these energetic and fun flowers to enhance your garden in summer. You can get these flowers easily with the help of Oxnard flower delivery services.


Pink carnation flowers in a glass vase

Carnations grow in a variety of colors and also hold a sweet-smelling texture. These flowers grow in small inches and make an excellent pair when styled with any other variety of flowers. If you are willing to plant these sets of flowers in your garden this summer, then you must provide them with enough water. This will help them to survive well.

Texas Blue Bell-

A flower that has a similar appearance to a rose and comes in a variety of shades. They are also popular with the name Prairie Genital and hold to be the favorite flower of many. If you are done with planting roses and want to plant their substitute which is as beautiful as them then these flowers can be a perfect choice for you.  Look for a flower shop near me and grab them now.


It counts to be one of the most beautiful flowers that grow in summer. The tiny colorful flowers spread all the positivity around. They grow and bloom in summer enhancing the look of your garden. You can also place some fresh Zinnia in your living room and decorate it to look very appealing.


These lovely flowers are capable of adding life to any garden. They are also one of the easiest plants to grow in the times of summer as they need less attention and care. Apart from their beautiful look they also hold a strong super smell. They also grow in a variety of colors. Select your favorite color and order them from Andy Flowers who have many colorful flowers available with same-day Oxnard flower delivery services.

Dianthus / Pinks

Old pink is smaller variety of carnations than expected and are excellent bedding plants, as they develop close to the ground and are short in yield. The name “carnations” comes from the hue of the flowers, as well as the fringed edges of the petals, which look as if they have been worked with pinking shears. They are native to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Dianthus flowers are one-half to three-quarters of an inch across and sit in clusters on blue-green stems that grow from 6 inches to 2 feet tall. They come in annual, biennial and perennial varieties, but the pink varieties commonly used for home gardens and decorative plants are perennials. Because they are smaller and bloom from spring through fall, they also make good space plantings, brightening a yard, patio or area around a pool.

Carnations are firmly related to carnations and need comparable consideration and developing conditions. They really do best in full sun or partial shade and in uncontaminated to soluble soil that is moist and well-drained. To keep the carnations sprouting throughout the summer, cut off the faded flowers and water only the soil at the base of the plant. This will prevent the development of diseases on the foliage.



This is the star flower of summer that you must plant or place some in your bedroom vase. The flower has all positive views capable of lighting your mood. The pretty color and exotic look make it a perfect summer flower. This plant needs extra care and attention to make sure to plant it with sufficient acknowledgment.

Willing to grab all these exciting flowers then you can also connect with Andy Flowers who has the best flower shop near Oxnard. They are specialists in providing a variety of lovely flowers. They also provide same-day flower delivery services so you can send the flowers easily and quickly to your special ones to surprise them with something beautiful and unique.



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