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Personalized Chocolates

Many of us don’t even think about the fact that the quality of personalized chocolates varies greatly from brand to brand until we receive some truly delicious chocolates as gifts. Here are some important facts to consider before opting for branded chocolates or personalized chocolates as a corporate gift.

Buy the best quality chocolates

If you are serious about a corporate gift that will be appreciated by your valued clients and employees, you need to make sure that you buy top-quality chocolate. However, premium corporate chocolates made with pure ingredients and 100% cocoa butter are not only appreciated by the recipients but also offer the most profitable return on investment.

Beware of hidden costs

When comparing the costs of personalized chocolate gifts, it’s easy to focus solely on the price per box of chocolates. However, many chocolate suppliers list design, signage, and printing fees as separate additional cost factors. Depending on the size of your order, these additional costs can significantly increase the actual unit price. So ask each supplier to quote a full unit price with no hidden extra costs.

Check the turnaround time

Branded chocolate boxes are a popular promotional gift, especially at Christmas. Turnaround times vary from company to company, but a four-week turnaround during the year and six weeks at Christmas is recommended. This way, printers can allow enough time to produce high-quality boxes. If a supplier commits to delivering personalized chocolate boxes a week before Christmas but doesn’t deliver until three days before, it’s a good idea to look at examples of previous printing to verify quality. Remember, sending poor-quality branded boxes of chocolates to customers is worse than sending nothing at all.

Avoid gimmicks

Gimmicks such as chocolate toolboxes are great for kids, but not suitable as gifts for customers or employees for two reasons. First, they are unlikely to understand (or appreciate) what you are trying to convey. Second, unusual chocolate gifts are always made from poor-quality chocolate.

Individually personalized chocolates (e.g., printed with a company name or logo) are another popular marketing technique. Chocolatiers’ unique and attractive designs on their chocolates are in many ways inferior, as the quality of ingredients and craftsmanship are sacrificed to achieve an attractive price. Ask yourself if you would wear a Cartier watch as a trademark.

Ask to see the experience

Buying a brand-name product can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have experience. That’s why, when choosing a custom chocolate box, it’s a good idea to use a supplier who has extensive experience with the corporate environment, chocolate, and printed chocolate boxes. Ask potential suppliers to explain how their services work. For example, can they provide a quote or product samples for you to discuss with the person in charge? If so, how quickly? You may be in contact with the company’s design firm, so you need to know what logo work and branding options are available. You may need to keep your team updated on the progress of your work, can you meet the deadlines?

There are a lot of vendors on the internet, so it’s worth taking the time to find a specialized company that understands the constraints and pressures of your environment. Your initial efforts will be rewarded with the highest level of personalized service and total product satisfaction.

Bottom line

Most customers will always remember the company that gave them an impressive gift. So you can be sure that a luxury handmade chocolate gift will increase your brand value.

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