A Guide to Buying a Residential Lift: What You Need to Know


A Guide to Buying a Residential Lift: What You Need to Know

Residential lifts are a great aid to any family with people struggling with mobility, especially considering that most individuals need to move between floors even if they don’t use the stairs. When buying one, however, you will need to consider a number of things such as type of elevator and its purpose.

What is a Residential Lift ?

A residential lift is a piece of equipment used in the home to transport people from one level to another. It can be used to help commuters get down to their car and then into their car without having to take the stairs. This can be useful for senior citizens and others who either cannot use stairs properly or are not able to do so.

What are the Main Types of Residential Lifts ? 

The types of lifts you need depend on the configuration of your home and your needs. HOWEVER the hand types for movement ( En Mouvement) but here are the main categories:

Wheelchair Lifts

These lifts are designed for disabled people who use wheelchairs. They’re placed in front of an entry door or the bottom of a staircase and take up part of the doorway. Wheelchair lifts can be permanent or temporary, depending on your needs.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are similar to wheelchair lifts but larger. They don’t connect to your car, so they can be used where you park in a garage or carport. Since they don’t rely on your vehicle for power, they can be installed in any type of driveway. Because of their size, platform lifts can accommodate more weight than wheelchair lifts up to 500 pounds or more.

Stair Chairlifts

Stair chairlifts attach to your staircase and lower you down one step at a time as you walk down the stairs. Unlike wheelchair lifts and platform lifts, stair chairlifts are permanently installed in place.

Things to Consider When Buying Residential Lifts

There are a number of things to consider when buying a residential lift. Before you purchase, you’ll want to think about how many people you need to move, what kind of access you have at the installation site, whether you have enough room for the lift, and how to find a reliable residential elevator distributor in Laval . There are also safety considerations to keep in mind.


The process of buying a residential lift can be daunting, especially if it is your first time. Are there any alternatives to purchasing a lift? By now you must have known which of the types of residential lifts you want to buy. Each type has its own distinct features that make it more or less suitable for the given scenario and it really depends on your own preferences and your core needs following your lost in mobility that would allow you to make a buying decision and decide which one of the multiple available models you will choose at the end of the day.


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