A Guide On How To Find The Best Live Streaming Services For Your Needs:



We all know that there are plenty of live streaming services in the world, available to us with a mere touch on the screen. Services for live streaming in Newcastle includes a bunch of applications that make it possible for viewers to follow events and much more in real- time as opposed to watching a recorded version that’s uploaded online. Live streaming services are best for business events, promoting your brand, and hosting Q&A sessions! 



At events, usually the entire event or meeting is recorded and later uploaded to a streaming service where people can view it. Broadcasting videos are a thing of the past now since with live streaming services in action, you can simply share an event with anybody who wants to view it in real- time. This opens up the possibility of interactive sessions, customer friendliness, Q&A sessions, and all- in- all just make your brand or organization much more accessible than just a company that does business. Live streaming services have proven to be very effective in terms of establishing a sense of trust within customers, increasing sales, attracting potential customers, and all- in- all giving more credibility to your purpose that motivated you to start your business/streaming. People make money with different things these days. The sky’s the limit for online live streaming services.These services include sStreaming video games, streaming fashion styling sessions, hosting live tutorials, and the list just goes on. When the world went into lockdown, we stopped stepping out but never did we stop working. Covid-19 taught us that live streaming services could run the world! 


Choosing a credible platform for your one live services is very important. Yes, there are some live streaming services that are extremely popular and very user-friendly. There can be paid and free versions of various apps depending on your needs. Some streaming services may be gaming- centric, some may be business- centric, and there can be so many other options for your field of liking. 


Here are some of the most popular live streaming services in the world: 


  • Zoom
  • YouTube Live 
  • Twitch 
  • Facebook Live 
  • LinkedIn Live 
  • Instagram Live 
  • Disney Hotstar Live
  • TikTok Live 
  • Reddit Live 
  • Bambuser 
  • YouNow 
  • Dailymotion 
  • Vimeo 

… and so many other platforms. 


What Should You Look For In A Streaming Platform? 


Keeping your target audience in mind is a must. For example, if you’re a dancer, your live videos may gain a lot of attraction on Instagram Live but it will do much better on TikTok Live since TikTok is a platform that’s a Holy Grail for dancers. Similarly, if you’re showing your workplace around to your audience, this live transaction may prove to be more fruitful on Instagram Live than any other platform! 


Before picking your platform, you need to look out for a few features that the platform provides you with. It must be suitable for you to live broadcast and must be user-friendly for you to gain viewers. Firstly, figure out what channels are paid and which ones are for free. Will you be able to customise your platform? Does this platform allow you to embed your live videos on other websites? 


Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing a platform: 


  • Pricing: What’s your budget? Is the platform a good option for your budget? 
  • Hosting: Will you be able to host videos on your website with this platform? 
  • Security: How safe and secure is it for your audience to access your videos? 
  • Monetisation: Will you be able to make any sort of money for bringing more audience to the said platform through your videos? 
  • Devices: Will you be able to stream on any device that has access to the internet?
  • Analytics: Will you receive adequate insights on your performance and the audience? 


Once you have all these answers, you’re good to go! 


Here are the most booming websites that offer live streaming. 


  • Zoom: Zoom took over the world once Covid-19 hit. It was one of the few brands that saw a huge rise in customer usage as everything was hosted on Zoom. Business meetings, tuitions, college classes, school lessons, and the list does not end. 
  • Instagram Live: Instagram Live is just a playdate with the world. Classes, tutorials, business, supporting a cause, everything is possible!
  • TikTok Live: Dancer: Unite1 The best live streaming app for entertainment that has blown up and created a mark in the world! Also one of the most addictive websites. 
  • Twitch: A shrine for all things video games! Twitch makes it possible to follow your favourite gamers and watch them live in action! 
    • YouTube Live: Everyday, over 1 billion hours of videos are streamed on YouTube. That’s it. We have nothing more to say! 
  • LinkedIn Live: A place for finding career opportunities and enhancing your skills, LinkedIn Live helps a lot of people connect with other people who have the same career interest and find exciting new opportunities. 


There are many services for live video streaming in Australia that can help you start your dream and motivate you to not only share your talent, but also inspire others who just need a little push. We hope this article has pushed you to do better! 



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