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Jack Hanson

In 2015, Burlington City Councilor Joan Shannon Jack Hanson was the Executive Director of Run On Climate and a City Councilor in Burlington, Vermont with more than a decade of experience in dealing with climate change. Jack was the leader of a waste disposal organization when he graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont, where he graduated in 2016. In 2019, at the age of 24, Hanson joined City Council, breaking the voters’ record by 35%. And defeating the incumbent by 60% of the vote. He was re-elected unopposed in 2021. During his time on the Council, Jack has led several climate policies, including energy efficiency in rental housing, replacement of parking areas for bicycle lanes, as well as requirements for new buildings that heat renewable and support sustainable transportation among their tenants. Jack is  a also pianist, singer, and songwriter, regularly performing in Vermont and Pontoon, Jack Hanson Jazz, Warm Waters, and other local acts.

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Burlington City Councilor Jack Hanson

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It withdrew from the vote on the appointment of former police chief Brandon del Pozo, citing a conflict of interest. In his role as a seller, he represented the real estate agent del Pozo that he was about to buy. However, a recent poll by The Rake Vermont revealed that Councilor Shannon, in what appears to be a conflict of interest, used his position to sell houses to three city heads of government from 2015 to 2019, and then voted for re-election or re-election.

About Jack Hanson Burlington City Council

The Burlington City Gazette states: “No City official shall take part in any fashion or vote in any event where there is a direct or indirect conflict of interest.” As stated by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, “generally, a conflict of interest is a discrepancy between the private and public interests of a public official.” Can these sales fall under those definitions of conflict of interest?

Shannon also became a real estate agent for the current director of Burlington’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront, Cindi Wight. In August 2017, Shannon backed a proposal to appoint Wight in his place three days after closing Wight’s new home. Shannon has continued to work closely with Wight and Danko, for the first time as a member and since 2020 as chair of the Parks, Arts, and Culture Committee. They all attended an official city meeting of the Parks, Arts, and Culture Committee just six days after Wight closed his house and Shannon may have received his commission from Wight.

We asked directors Wight and Danko if they could comment on the potential conflict of interest, and we were told by the mayor’s office that “because the investigation is about a personal matter and not a business or city activity” they will not accept it. interview. However, the city of Burlington did not deny the existence of this business relationship.

City Council President Max Tracy, who was familiar with the sale of del Pozo and Lowe homes but not Wight or Danko, disagrees with the mayor’s assessment that this is not a city issue. When Shannon responded to our first email asking for an interview, she did not respond to any of our questions or follow up with the emails, so we will not be able to share her opinion here.

Hanson dismissed the allegations, saying the man had agreed to have an intimate relationship, and they did not have sex. He said he had asked the man not to tell his colleagues because “it could make things worse at work. At that point, the officer asked Hanson about the incident but did not reprimand him. VPIRG did not receive any complaints about the incident at the time. But following other complaints related to the 2017 cannabis culture, the organization has made some changes, including the formulation of a policy that prohibits unfair relations between managers and subordinates. The non-profit organization has agreed to investigate after allegations surfaced in the summer. Activists confronted Hanson at a city council meeting demanding his resignation, prompting City Council President Max Tracy (P-Ward 2) and Mayor Miro Weinberger to call for an independent inquiry. Tracy rocked the idea of ​​a city-led investigation but said councilors were absent.

Weinberger finally called on VPIRG to investigate. The group’s executive director, Paul Burns, initially denied concerns that the investigation would violate the suspect’s privacy and force the organization to assess Hanson’s suitability for the position. The mayor was pressured, and Burns agreed to hire a third-party investigator – but said the organization would not share any findings.


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