A Fun Way to Draw Attention to Your Brand


When I was still a marketer, the main advice I was given was that you could increase sales by maximizing the effectiveness of your brand advertising campaigns.

In fact, it sounds very simple. Most good business ideas are just that – good ideas. But the real question all businesses face is how to leverage their advertising campaigns in an increasingly competitive and innovative marketplace. Suddenly, it’s not as easy to get the most out of your advertising campaign as it seems. Is it?

Of course, advertising is the traditional tool of choice for many businesses, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are becoming increasingly popular. But while these activities are useful for B 2 C companies like retail, fashion, and FMCG, they are often overlooked by many B 2 B companies, especially SMEs. Indeed, when was the last time you saw an advertisement for a company offering a marketing service on TV or radio? Or did you come across the Facebook page of a company specializing in industrial solvents? No, I don’t remember either (we could have become friends if we tried!).

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So what should such companies do? How can small and medium-sized B2B companies get their advertising messages out in the most efficient, effective, and, most importantly, cost-effective way possible? The answer, in my opinion, lies in direct marketing. However, it must be an “exposure” that everyone can participate in.


Promotional items are not new. For decades, millions of companies around the world have used expos to increase direct marketing effectiveness to varying degrees. Perhaps you’ve done the same? But what many of these companies don’t know is that incorporating “sample exposures” into their direct marketing is not always successful. Plus, choosing the wrong “exhibitors” can have a negative impact on your direct marketing results. How many times have you thrown away branded pens, key chains, bead holders, mouse pads, and other items that you didn’t really need? I’ve certainly done it more times than I can remember.

So what makes promotional snacks so special? First of all, everyone has a foodie or at least a co-worker who is a foodie. Therefore, receiving a letter or gift containing a bag of chocolates or a lollipop will likely be welcomed. Promotional candy also attracts attention. If there are ten letters on your desk when you receive your mail, which letter will get your attention? The nine A4 sheets without the advertising chocolates or lollipops or the nine A4 sheets containing them? Your letter (and therefore your company’s advertising message) will immediately settle in the reader’s mind. When you follow up or call to make contact, you identify yourself as the company that sent you the chocolate. Even if 6 to 12 months have passed, your marketing actions will never be forgotten.

For maximum impact, do some research, find out the names of everyone in the company or department you are addressing and send them all a small bag of promotional chocolates. I’ve done this type of advertising several times with companies that I now consider my clients. They all say that the advertising has piqued the interest of all my colleagues who have received information about my company.

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