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Water Cooler Dispenser

Life without water cannot exist, humans alone are made up of 70% water bound in our cells. Water is more important than food as we can survive longer without food, but a few days without water is not possible, as your body begins to shut down. Necessity meets technology with our filtered water dispenser.

Drinking pure water can significantly affect your health while helping you flush out all the toxins from your blood and rehydrate.

Save More, Drink More with Filtered Water Dispenser

Using water filters is cheaper than buying bottled water, which is horrible for the environment and causes global pollution. The irony is that most of the water in bottled water is tap water.

That means the price you pay for these bulky bottles is only for plastic. Our high-quality filtration technology gives you pure water in every glass. No more worrying about the pollutants in your water, keep your entire family healthy and hydrated with our filtered water dispenser.

Better Tasting Water with Our Filtered Water Dispenser

Water filtration systems are very beneficial for your daily hydration needs. The benefits include higher skin hydration and better nutrient absorption. It greatly reduces the risk of severe illnesses like cancer. Pure water can help your immune system and your physical and mental health.

Water crises from across the globe have shown us time, and again that tap water cannot be reliable, and you should not put your family’s health and your own health in the hands of unreliable water.

Our advanced filtration system removes 80+ harmful components from water, giving you a pure glass of refreshment every time you desire. Minimize the worry of illnesses through polluted water and make the switch to a safer hydration solution at verykul website.

In many parts of the United States, tap water smells terrible; consuming this water can lead to severe illnesses. Tap water can be exposed to multiple harmful chemicals and pathogens along the way from the reservoir to your home.

Hard metals can have a horrible effect on your health, including those of young children and older adults. Chlorine is the most common cleansing chemical used to treat water. If not removed properly via a filtration method like the advanced filtration of the filtered water dispenser, chlorine can cause serious health concerns.

The US Council on Environmental Quality once found that cancer risk was 93% higher for households exposed to chlorinated drinking water. Lead poisoning is another widespread condition in families with unfiltered water for daily consumption.

Bottled water can be up to 30 times more expensive than water from our filter; the cost of purchasing all those single-use plastic bottles adds up by the end of the year. Not only for you but also for the environment. The financial benefit of filtered water saves you money and gives you better-tasting, healthier water.

Each of our ultimate filters removes harmful contaminants like chloramine and VOCs and waterborne parasites like cysts. They can also remove dangerous medications like ibuprofen and estrone and pesticides like linuron and atrazine.

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as lesser contaminants such as asbestos and PFOA, are removed from your water using our ultimate filtration. Each of our ultimate filters also replaces the need for 2,800 bottles to be tossed into landfills. Upwards of 500 pounds of CO2 emissions are saved from released into the atmosphere.

Eighty-five gallons of oil are saved, otherwise used to manufacture plastic bottles. Each ultimate filter also saves 8,400 liters of water, benefiting the planet more than manufacturing plastic.

The biggest problem with plastic bottles ruining the environment is that 1 million plastic bottles are sold worldwide every minute. We toss 1 ton of plastic bottle waste into our oceans in the same minute.

Our home filtered water dispenser does more for the planet while keeping you healthy. At verykul website, you can take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle for your entire family. The best hydration solution is here, carbonating up to 125 16-ounce sparkling drinks for your favorite mocktails and cocktails. Each ultimate filter can go through 350 gallons of water, replacing 2,800 18-ounce bottles.

The hygienic faucet is easily removed, and the dishwasher is safe for a completely hassle-free experience. The intelligent dispense system monitors your filter status and CO2 levels so you never run out of your favorite sparkling drinks.

It also gives you instant hot, cold, ambient, and sparkling water, all at the touch of a button. Our commercial-grade cooling system is built for high-capacity use and can run all day, even during those hot summer days.

Our 10-minute start-to-finish guide prompts you through all the steps to set up your home filtered water dispenser.

We start by choosing your water supply connection, directly to your existing water connection—the best classical colors to fit the ideal modern household. There is no need to settle for the same old basic water filters that stand out like a sore thumb and switch to the modern era of hydration.

With our filtered water dispenser sidekick reservoir available at verykul website, you can make the entire system a standalone hydration solution ready for anywhere you desire, be it your kitchen, recreational room, or even a home gym.

Serious contaminant removal, with a simple twist of the wrist to remove your old filter. Say goodbye to contaminants and hello to 350 gallons of pure hydration.

Bubbles on-demand as any replacement of your CO2 cylinders can be done in minutes with our twist, remove, and replace feature. Reduce your carbon footprint with our energy-saving sleep mode that works around your schedule to go into power-saving mode when not in use.

Built-in parental controls and locks help give parents peace of mind when their little ones have curious minds. The touch screen display also has an assortment of wallpaper options to suit your mood.

Take control of your hydration with the “Kul” home filtered water dispenser and do more for your entire family by keeping them healthy and hydrated for years to come.

Author: My name is Charlotte, and I have been working as a nutrition coach for over 15 years. In addition, I have also been active as an independent product tester for quite some time now, which actually started as a hobby. I am thrilled that I was able to make this my work as well. The best thing about my job is that I can often combine these two well, giving my customers the best possible advice. That is why I regularly write articles about this passion for informing other people about the latest trends, developments and sharing my experiences in this way.


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