A Complete Guide To Tone Down The Return Rates of the e-Commerce Business

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In the current scenario, eCommerce stores are facing cutthroat competition. Even though the sales are reaching the zenith, a key performance indicator that focuses on the return rate is one aspect to keep in mind. Since the time eCommerce took birth, extensive research has been done to minimize the returns. And one undeniable fact is that 70% of people prefer online shopping as it saves time. But the main disadvantage it faces is, high return rates.  

One of the most well-understood reasons for return is inappropriate colors of the product images. As a matter of fact, approximately 12% of customers claim that they return the product based on the discrepancy of the color shown and the color delivered. To be on the safer side, get in touch with a reliable company the offers the best photo enhancement services to ease your task.  

Today, eCommerce stores across each industry are more serious than any other time in recent memory. As an advanced storekeeper or administrator, you comprehend this reality firsthand!

Regardless of whether deals are soaring, one significant KPI (key execution pointer) may recount an alternate story: your bring rate back. Since the start of eCommerce, leaders wherever have conceptualized, investigated, and tested with an end goal to lessen returns.

Steps to Deal with Color Correct Images 

Arrange Your Pictures 

Lightroom works quite well with RAW images directly from your camera. Arrange your pictures properly and keep all the RAW files in a particular folder in the device after the shoot.  

Import and Adjust Your Pictures 

Import all the pictures from your device folder into a session. And adjust the color correction aspects like white balance, exposure and contrast.  

Sync the Adjustments 

After adjusting the pictures, apply the adjustments to them.  

Export the Final Pictures 

To separate the selections from the bunch of pictures, export them.  

Ways How Great Pictures Assist Your Ecommerce Store 

  • Cover All The Possible Angles 

While conducting the product photography you should go for photoshop tutorial, To be sure to cover all the possible angles of the product. For instance, if you seek to give the details of a handbag, be very descriptive and include all the angles. By considering all the angles, you can showcase all the features of the particular handbag. In addition to this, it becomes essential for many customers to know the inside qualities, like how many pockets it has? Will it be able to carry the weight of my laptop? So, along with covering all the angles, be sure to include the striking features as well to let the customers have complete knowledge of the product, and it becomes easier for them to buy it.  

  • High-Quality Pictures 

Usually, the product pictures utilize a great amount of space on the screen of the e-commerce website. If you upload poor quality pictures on the website, there are higher chances that the customers will lose interest in the product, thinking that they are also not up to the mark. This is the reason why uploading high-quality pictures have become extremely important. And it is very important to ensure that the background is clear, so the image does not get fades out. Moreover, do not forget photo editing service and present its colors 

  • Optimize the Visuals of Product 

Top-notch quality photography helps tone down the gap between the reality of the product and the customer’s expectations from the product. Moreover, the pictures of the product that have various options of colors should also be taken into account.  

  • Focus on the Details 

The undeniable fact is that customers cannot touch or feel online products. That is why the written description of the product play becomes all the more important in the e-commerce business. An explicitly written product description enables the customers to experience the product virtually, such as special care instructions and how the product is unique.  

  • Gather Customer Feedback 

Accumulate the information about why the customers wish to return the purchased products. Have your online feedback forms to be aware of the customer’s opinion regarding the product. This also allows the customers to build trust in the brand.  

  • Check the Accuracy of Orders 

It is quite necessary to place the internal measures to ensure that the right items are packed and shipped. This entire procedure, as a result, prevents the loss of sales as well as the time spent in processing the exchange or return of the products. Not only this, it is essential to find out that all the products are shipped safely, and the customers do not have to face any issues. And if at all you feel that it might be a little stressful for you, then contacting an e-commerce product photo retouching provider will surely help you out.  

  • Generate the Easy Return Policies 

It is important for a successful e-commerce business to generate an easy return policy. Even though it might sound too contradictory, but the return rates actually tone down when the online platform does not pose any urgency to return the product. Here, the psychology of the customers is understood. It is directly associated with the customers getting attached to the purchased items, thereby keeping them forever. However, there is no particular secret of hassle-free returns. Still, according to the recent statistical report, 96% of the customers prefer to shop from the stores that offer an exchange or return policy.  

  • Usage of Referrals 

Owing to the fast-rising competition, the usage of referrals has become quite important. And the mouth publicity also becomes important here. If the customers receive the exact product with the appropriate color, they tend to mention it to their loved ones so they can also. This way, the e-commerce brand, as well as the product, get benefitted. As a result, the customer gives positive feedback and leads to repeat purchases from the same online website.  


There you go! Now you got familiar with the dynamics of dealing with product photography to boost up your e-commerce business and reduce the return rates of the products. Along with this, it is essential to edit the pictures because, at times, the actual colors of the products are not reflected in the pictures clicked, which in a way, misguides the customers.  

If you feel too overwhelmed, then get in touch with a reliable company that offers the best photo retouching services to ease your task.   


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