A Complete Guide on How to Dirty Bulk Up for Massive Gains

how to dirty bulk up

Maybe for some people going to the gym is for losing weight. But there is also a set of gym-goers who support muscle gaining.

‘Dirty Bulking’ is a term that strictly maximizes muscle mass by eating as much as possible.

In the world of bodybuilding, gaining strength is vital.

A group of fitness people also claims that dirty bulking does absolutely nothing. It ruins your gains and puts on fat.

To know everything about bulking, follow up with us. In this article, we deal with the overall dirty bulk diet plan and dirty bulk transformation.  Let’s discuss the positives and negatives of dirty bulking.

Before jumping directly into the positive and negative outcomes of bulking. First, put your head together about “Dirty Bulking”.

What is Dirty Bulking?

Usually, the term bulking refers to a phase where you intake calculated calories. If you are a gymnast, you must encounter the word dirty bulking.

The method promotes eating everything you want i.e. no foods are off-limit. Without any nutritional guide,  you can start it by pairing high-intensity resistance exercises.

Moreover, this may work for some people. Despite them, some also experience negative side effects.

Are you getting excited to get embark on how to dirty bulk up? Moving on to the next section to know more.

Dirty Bulking: How Effective is It?

As dirty bulking usually promotes eating a lot of extra calories. This eventually shows effective results when paired with high-intensity workout training.

A continuous habit of taking junk food leads to anonymous weight gain.

The effectiveness of dirty bulking can be easily monitored by tons of reviews present on the web.

Moving further to the next section of the article, under which we deal with the benefits of dirty bulking.

Benefits of Dirty Bulking

One of the biggest benefits of dirty bulking is having the food you want. Nevertheless, it helps the hard gainers with rendering enough calories.

Especially, at the higher level of bodybuilding, eating becomes an errand. This eventually carries out health issues or getting sick in some bodybuilders.

A good Dirty bulking diet plan can willingly promote consistency of good appetite.

This reluctantly endorses muscle building, by accumulating required calories.

Moreover, weight gain only happens when you consume more and more calories. Adding them with daily life resting and training.

How long does it take to give successful dirty bulking results, read the complete article to know more?

How Long Should you Dirty Bulk for?

There are a few rules if you want a successful dirty bulk transformation.

Dirty Bulking mainly supports eating, which merely reinforces weight and muscle gain.

Here are a few rules we are listing here to entice your search:

#1. Intake Enough Protein

Substitute your protein intake up to 1.5 grams per pound of your weight.

i.e. If a person is 150 pounds he/she has to intake at least 225 grams of protein on a regular basis.

By aiming for complete protein intake and adding enough workouts you can attain expedient results.

This helps you in balancing your workout and the calorie burn.

#2. Eat everything in sight

Eat everything whether it’s healthy or not.

Nutritious foods which are rich in calories are a big yes.

Add constant snacking to your diet plan. Include trail mix, almonds, crackers, peanuts, or pretzels in your food plan.

Fill up the timing between class or meetings with bagels or boiled eggs.

#3.  Replace water with milk protein shakes

Water is eventually an item that one always has.

Substitute it with protein shakes with milk.

This is also an effective tip that has diverse results in dirty bulking transformation.

#4. Eat high calorie Meals

Adding calorie-rich foods to your diet algorithmically results in a calorie surplus.

Now you may wonder how to dirty bulk up?? Right…No need to worry.

Here in the very next section, we are going to unfold an effective dirty bulking diet plan for you.

Dirty Bulking: Diet Plan for the Whole Day

A complete diet plan with a bulking breakfast of 6 whole eggs scrambled with cheese. Add it with 4 toaster waffles with butter and maple syrup. Also, include 4 strips of bacon or sausage links with 1 peanut butter protein shake.

Along with this, You can add on your meal 2 with toasted bagels slathered with peanut butter.

For lunch have 1 pound of beef or steak with potatoes and broccoli or a side salad.

After lunch, it’s time for meal 4;  Eat 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of whole wheat bread.

And for Dinner, have beef roast or salmon with pasta, rice or potatoes, and salad/asparagus.

Over the complete meal plan, end your day with a healthy protein shake. For that add 2 scoops of high-quality whey protein, and add a heaping scoop of peanut butter and whole milk.

If you want you can also add late-night snacks to your daily diet. In late-night snacks, you can have 3 donuts, a box of cereal with whole milk, chia seeds, and full-fat Greek yogurt with granola and honey.

Rather than this diet plan, you can also opt for your very own diet plan. Or you can customize your diet plan and meals accordingly.

Read more to know the disadvantages of dirty bulking….

Disadvantages of Dirty Bulking

Following constant unhealthy eating, diet tends to have several negative side effects.

These side effects include sluggishness, excess fat gain, and abnormal level of health markers.

It is advised that the procedure of dirty bulking be practiced in a short term. This eventually shows a great result without any severe side effects

Long-term practice can lead to ignominious dirty bulk transformation.

Are you a hard gainer; the next section is completely dedicated to you?

Dirty Bulking: Beneficial for Hardgainers

Dirty Bulking is perfect for those who are tired of gyming and not able to get the desired outcome. Young gainers who struggle to gain weight can efficiently increase mass quickly.

Being a newbie it is natural to raise questions in your mind. Will dirty bulking help you build muscle??

This is one of the common questions among these newbies, who are new to the gym.

Eating more subsequently helps you to gain more. It also helps you in building muscle without adding too much fat.

Now it comes to how to know how to dirty bulk up?? In the next section, you can find the answer to this.

How to Plan Your Dirty Bulk?

Planning your personalized bulking goal is important for every individual. Along with this you also need to set a goal of prior timing.

  • Setting a precedent goal can give the advantage to see the end of the tunnel.

It can also give you enough time to tweak your diet plan if needed.

Although high-fat foods are allowed, try to stick to healthy fats. Healthy fats like fish, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado, helps you in either way too.

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Moving forward to the next section to more about TESTOL 140 Reviews. In this section we try to know how this supplement helps in dirty bulk transformation.

TESTOL 140 (TESTOLONE RAD 140): A Brief Intro

SARM Testolone RAD-140 is a food supplement that supports muscle mass gain. It is highly effective in building lean muscle.

Along with this it also boosts muscle growth and helps to recover fast.

It is well known that having SARM access can cause serious health complications. Adopting a natural alternative can be more effective for you.

Talking about its benefits, Testol 140 (Testolone RAD-140) can be beneficial in many ways. These include:

  • Increase energy
  • Increase muscle growth
  • Improve Athletic Performance

As the product benefits you in several ways, it shows guaranteed Testol 140 results reviews in the first to second week after starting.


A dirty bulk mainly deals with a period of aggressive weight gain. The procedure of dirty bulking promotes muscle mass and strength gain.

If one is asking whether dirty bulking is worthwhile or not??

The answer will be Yes…as it provides calorie surplus. A well-known weight gain strategy that is highly effective.

Although it may harm you if you continue it for a long period of time.

You can also enrich your dirty bulking period with an effective muscle-building supplement.


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