A brief overview of our corporate applicant tracking system


As compared to modern resume tracking systems the older ones were more basic. There was a time when you could simply add crucial keywords to your resume and numerous articles provided suggestions on how to insert them throughout the document to notice and get noticed as a potential candidate that is worthy of an interview.

In the past, people abused the use of keywords on resumes and created poor resumes. Your resume is eventually examined by humans if there’s a chance. This is a concept that should not consider in an attempt to cheat the system.

What inspired the evolution of software for screening applicants

Since the Great Recession application tracking systems have increased in popularity.

When employers advertise job openings they typically receive hundreds, if not hundreds of applications to review in order to select the “cream of the crop” candidates to meet for the job. The number of candidates for job openings is increasing at a rate that is too rapid for hiring departments to take the time to interview everyone.

The use of Empxtrack to track applicants comes with numerous advantages

Through every stage during the recruitment process organizations should try to enhance the experience of the candidate. You can offer an effortless experience for the candidate by using an applicant tracking system that will cut down on the time to hire. You can simplify and automate recruitment using Empxtrack ATS.

Recruiters are able to easily read resumes, and accept and manage them using Empxtrack ATS. It can use to find candidates quickly select applicants, arrange interviews, and handle letters.

Recruiters can develop pipelines of talent to hire future candidates using our CRM software. (CRM) application.

International companies depend on Empxtrack to help them streamline the hiring process and pick the most qualified candidates.

It is easier to streamline the process of sourcing, filtering, and monitoring candidates

It can be difficult to reply to each of the hundreds of candidates for job openings in time. In the event of not responding on time, it will cause candidates to reject by employers. A company’s reputation could damage.

Our company is aware of the issues. With our ATS it will help you reduce the hiring and selection procedures and find appropriate candidates. Employers and recruiters are able to make the right hiring choices by using Empxtrack ATS by equipping them with the top tools for tracking applicants.

Employer tracking systems designed for small businesses can allow you to post job openings easily

Managers and human resources may advertise job openings through the Empxtrack ATS. Our ATS is integrated with various careers portals as well as social media websites as well as staffing partners and third-party job boards that allow you to post job openings.

A recruiter is able to collect resumes and select qualified candidates to consider for job postings with the help of Empxtrack’s applicant tracking software. Employers can analyze resumes, alter fields and easily customize questionnaires to make educated decisions, without wasting their time.


Interviews and scheduling tests should make simpler

In just a few clicks you can check out forthcoming tests and interview dates.

Test the skills and capabilities of applicants who meet the requirements by assigning tests. Employers can organize multiple interviews and assess the credentials of the candidates they have shortlisted quickly and effortlessly using Empxtrack’s software for tracking applicants.

The cost of hiring is reduced through the applicant tracking system

Our ATS is able to help companies save money on hiring. Most large businesses and half of the medium-sized enterprises analyze their returns on investment with trackers that are cloud-based.

Empxtrack ATS makes it easy to calculate ROI by aiding you in analyzing recruiting metrics. Benefit from the information to enhance the efficiency of your business at a lesser cost.

Through our application tracking software, you have the ability to examine and analyze a vast applicant pool

A recruiter needs to collect and organize details about a candidate prior to making a decision about whether or not to take them on. Using the applicant tracking software (ATS) allows you to manage all pertinent information, and include or exclude resumes, based on your job’s description.

Enhance the experience for candidates by implementing the use of an application tracking tool

If there is a delay in response, job seekers look for alternatives. An enjoyable experience for applicants can make possible by our system for tracking applicants (ATS).

Empxtrack ATS makes it possible to connect the relevant platforms of social media to your company’s portal for career opportunities. Social media profiles enable applicants to quickly apply for jobs via their social media accounts. Additionally, applicants can apply to more than one job without needing to fill out multiple applications. LinkedIn users can log in to their accounts and apply for jobs, making the process much simpler.

If you decide to employ the candidate or not they’ll be your biggest supporters if you make the interview process as easy as you can.

With Empxtrack recruiters can review the metrics of recruitment to develop more effective hiring strategies.

ATS lets you adjust the hiring strategy based on the recruitment indicators.

 The data-driven decision-making process allows for improving recruitment strategies through the analysis of the metrics of recruitment.

Make hiring more efficiently

Empxtrack ATS Empxtrack ATS allows HR managers to design specifications for jobs that will be appropriate to the position. 



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