A Brief guidance of Twilio click to call with Features

Twilio Click to Call

We all heard this statement “Quick and better communication results in awesome customer service”. Do you want to adopt this practice for your business purpose? We are sure that SuiteCRM software lovers get surprised when they get to know about a great extension for their business communication purpose. Introducing a rich add-on called Twilio Click to Call which is easy to communicate with any of your customers and best for you to save your time. 


How does this Plugin save your precious time? 

The crux of this extension is time-saving for every business. Those days are long gone where you have to put some manual efforts before getting connected with your customer. A person should click on the phone number field section and the call will get connected from SuiteCRM Interface. Simple and Robust! This means just one click is required and you can start the conversation with your customer. This popular plugin is A+ for the Call Center CRM Business. 


Some of the Salient Features of Click to Call

Well, this durable extension of Outright Store has more stupendous features. If you are curious to know how it can help you all more then read out the jotted points- 

  • The extension Twilio Click to Call of SuiteCRM saves the conversation of every person. Like if you talked to someone a few days back and you want to hear that again for your decision purpose then it’s easy for everyone to access and hear the conversation. A top-notch function to strengthen your goals. 
  • If a customer calls you then a pop-up appears on your screen with the options of accept and reject. A feature of the Twilio plugin called Click to Call where it’s a hard chance to miss any call of any person. 
  • A user can save the important notes in Inbound and Outbound calls here. This is interesting! Also, in just one tap you will get connected with the customer so the extension saves your extra efforts here. 



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