9 Website Designing Principles That Every Company Must Follow

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Any website design company must fulfil its purpose by conveying its message and engaging the visitor at the same time. Numerous factors like imagery, simplicity, consistency, colors, typography and functionality contribute to good website design.

When we watch a great athlete perform, we feel how effortlessly they perform all the tasks. Displaying great speed, agility, and coordination is all we notice. But what our eyes miss is the hard work behind those amazing moments possible.

Likewise, a highly-functional and beautiful website can display simplicity. But that contradicts the effort put behind the scenes. A website should be tested, conceptualized, designed, and built. None of these steps is easy. Though an amazing user experience makes, it looks that way.

When developing a website, many key factors will determine how it is perceived. A well-designed website guides visitors and helps build trust to take action. Introducing a great user experience includes making sure the website design is optimized for usage and how easy it is to use.

Below are 9 principles that help every website design agency when evaluating your next web project.

  1. Website Purpose

Your website requires adjusting the needs of the user. A simple, clear-intention page of the website helps the user understand what you offer. What is the objective of your website? Are you providing useful information like ‘How to guides’? Is it an entertainment website like a sports website, or are you providing products and services to the user? There are numerous different goals that websites have, but the core purposes remain the same for all websites;

  • Describing Expertise
  • Building Reputation
  • Generating Leads
  • Sales and Aftercare
  1. Clarity 

Clarity is one of the best ways to go when considering a website’s user experience and usability.

Here are the ways to attain the website’s simplicity through design.

  • Color

Color is one of the most powerful features to communicate messages and arouse emotional responses. Looking for a suitable color palette that fits your brand allows you to control your consumer’s behavior towards your brand. Keep the color selection less than 5 colors. Contrasting colors work well. Pleasing color combinations improve customer engagement.

  • Type

Typography plays a significant role in your website. It controls the attention and functions as the visual understanding of the brand voice. Hence, typefaces should be readable and must only involve 3 different fonts to the max in the website.

  • Imagery

Imagery is the visual aspect used for communicating. This includes video, still photography, illustration and all forms of pictures. All imagery should be expressive, hold the company’s spirit, and act as the image of its brand personality. Most of the initial details we take from the websites are visuals. As a first impression, high-quality images must be used to create an image of credibility and professionalism in the visitors’ minds.

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  1. Navigation

Navigation is the wayfinding design used on websites where customers navigate to find what they want. Good website navigation is key to engaging visitors. Visitors will exit if the navigation is confusing to find what they need elsewhere. Therefore, keeping navigation consistent, easy, and intuitive on every page is key.

  1. F-Shaped Pattern Reading

The F-shaped pattern is the most standard way visitors review text on a website. However, eye-tracking analyses have discovered that most people see it in a z shape. This means most customers check out the top left areas of the screen. At the same time, the F-shaped pattern imitates the natural pattern of reading in the West. Therefore, an effectively designed website from an best website design company  keeps the reader’s natural pattern of scanning the page in mind.

  1. Visual Hierarchy

The sequence of elements in order of importance is referred to as visual hierarchy. This arrangement is made by style, whitespace, contrast, size, color, imagery, typography, and texture. One of the most crucial functions of visual hierarchy is setting a focal point; this offers visitors to find where the most necessary information is.

  1. Content

A good website has both great content and great design. Clear speech and great content influence and attract visitors by converting them into customers.

  1. Grid-Based Layout

Grids help keep your content organized and structure your design. The grid also aligns the details of the page and keeps it clean. The grid-based design places content into an uncluttered rigid grid layout with columns sections that arrange and feel balanced and set order, resulting in an aesthetically engaging website.

  1. Load Time

Waiting for a website to load causes a loss of visitors. Almost half of the web visitors wish a website to load in 2 seconds or even less, and they potentially exit a site that fails to load within 3 seconds. Optimizing image sizes help load your site faster.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Most people nowadays are dependent on their phones or other devices to check out the website. Therefore, it is vital to consider building your website with an interactive layout where the website can adjust to different screens.

When is the Right Time to Get a Website?

There aren’t many companies that don’t have an online presence, and there’s no excuse not to have one. Your business’s website is one of the most effective marketing tools that are very cost-efficient. There are quite a few advantages and very few downsides.

8 Ways your Website Help your Business:

There are numerous factors you can use while designing a website.

Here are 10 starting points:

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  1. Make your Presence: How many people know about your company? Where can clients and prospects go to understand more about your company? Your website communicates your brand value proposition to convey professionalism. It also expands the reach to anyone in any part of the world.
  2. Help Build Trust: New prospects and clients may want to know more about your business account, expertise, and domain. This is a great way for people to understand more about your business and attain their comfort level.
  • Rank on Search Engines: Build your website containing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so that you get easily found by people looking for suitable keywords. This is an essential gateway to growing your business.
  1. Point of Contact: Your website offers customers an effortless way to get in touch with you and learn more about your products and services.
  2. Make social networks: Executing a social media approach to reach a greater potential audience and create buzz about your business. Verify your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Facebook likes and shares drive potential customers to your website. In addition, links to topical items from your website add relevance.
  3. Sell Products: If your company lends itself to online deals, make a virtual store as an option or an additional storefront.
  • Share the Latest News: Whenever there are new products or services regarding your company, revamp your website. Sites with new, relevant, timely details lure users back more often.
  • Customer Convenience: Offering customers numerous ways to interact with your company is mandatory these days. Anything fewer results in lost sales.


Website design is a crucial matter and must not be taken lightly. A well-designed website helps you make a good impression on potential customers. It also helps you boost your leads and generates more conversions.

But, most importantly, it offers a good user experience and allows visitors to access and navigate your website easily.

So, if you want a WordPress web design service to design your website, vet them well and make sure they design accessible and user-friendly websites.

And if you already have a business website, you can conduct a website audit to optimize it to offer a better user experience and improve accessibility.


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