9 Free Google SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Ranking

Google SEO Tools

Google SEO tools with the help of which new blogger can bring good traffic to their website. Here I will tell about one by one Google SEO tool.

It is not that only new bloggers use it, but big bloggers like Neil Patel also use this SEO tools.

This is because Google is the largest search engine in the world and it is mandatory to use these SEO tools of Google to get traffic from it.

Today a lot of people are blogging, that’s why we need a good Keyword Research Tools to rank our blog.

So that we can easily write a good Seo Friendly article by targeting keywords which can rank in Google very soon.

Google SEO Tool is free so that bloggers can analyze their blog well without any paid SEO tool analysis.

9 Free Google SEO Tools

Creating a blog is very easy, but bringing traffic to it’s a very difficult task. For this reason you need SEO tools.

Here I will give you the information of Google SEO tools so that you can understand and use it for your own blog.

1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

First Google SEO tool is Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Today the use of mobile has increased a lot.

Most people prefer to do their work only from mobile. So it’s important that your blog or website should be mobile friendly.

You do not need any paid tools for this as you can now easily do this with the help of Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

For this, you just have to go to this tool of Google and put the URL of your website there, and then it will tell you whether your blog or website is mobile friendly or not.

Every new blogger should check their website or blog here to know if their blog or website is mobile friendly.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Just like a mobile friendly page, it is also very important that the speed of your blog is good.

Because if your blog carries a lot of load, visitors click on your blog and run away from there, which increases your bounce rate and because of this Google will never rank your blog.

This will require Google PageSpeed Insights to let you know if your page loads quickly.

If an error occurs in your blog, it also tells you how to fix that error, which can help you speed up your page by resolving those errors.

3. Google Search Console

Search Console is also a free Google SEO tool. This is a very good tool, especially for those who are just looking for Google SEO tools. You can do SEO very well using search console.

Once you have come to use Google Search Console, then you will not need any free keyword research tool. Because it is an all-in-one SEO tool.

Google Search Console not only gives you the facility to crawl your website, but you can do a lot more in it.

Some of its features have been told below, which is very important and useful for the SEO of your blog in all respects.

Google Search Console Features:-

1. Overview

In this feature, you can see an overview of the submitted website’s Performance, Coverage, Experience and Enhancements.

2. Performance

In Performance, you can see the movements of Total Impressions, Average CTR and Average position along with total clicks on the website.

Inside it, you can check the keywords and clicks and impressions on the page.

From which country the clicks are coming on the website and on which date they are coming, they can also check.

3. URL Inspection

In URL Inspection, you can check whether the URL is indexed or not, as well as send a request to Google to index the URL of new page.

4. Coverage

You can check the status of the indexed page in the Coverage section. Here you can check how many pages are valid, how many pages have errors, how many pages are warning and excluded.

5. Sitemaps

Here you can add links to the sitemap files of your website and blog. So that it is easy for Google’s crawler to know the pages of your website or blog.

6. Removals

Here you can submit the link which you want to remove. By doing this all the links that you have submitted here will not be shown in the SERPs.

7. Experience

In this section you can check Page Experience, Core Web Vitals and Mobile usability. So that if there is any error in your website or blog then you can fix it.

8. Enhancements

You must have seen that when you search a website, a search box appears in the SERP with the website links, Meta description.

This feature is the Site link Search Box that appears in the Enhancement section.

9. Security & Manual Actions

If there is any security issue on the website or if any manual penalty has been given by Google, then you can find out from here.

10. Links

Here you can check about External links, Internal links, Top linking sites, and Top linking text.

4. Google Analytics

If you are a blogger then you must know about Google Analytics, This is a very good Free Google SEO tool.

With the help of this, you can analyze the data of your Blog Posts, Keywords etc. That is why if you are looking for SEO tool analyzer then you must use it.

5. Keyword Planner

With the help of this Google SEO tool, you can search for keywords with good high CPC for Google AdSense

This tool shows you that on which keywords you will get how much CPC from Google AdSense. Also, with the help of this, you can also see the search volume of keywords.

In my opinion to me this keyword tool is the best free tool in Google SEO tools.

6. Google Chrome Browser

You must be wondering how Google Chrome browser can be useful for our blog’s SEO. Nowadays, different Chrome extension is available to everyone.

Most of the SEO tools or Companies prefer Google Chrome for this, that’s why with the help of Google Chrome; you can do SEO of your blog well for free.

Apart from this, there are also hidden features of Google Chrome which can be of use to you.

7. Google Alerts

You must have heard the name of Google Alerts. This is a great tool to get keywords for you.

If you want that you can get good topics of keyword research every day without any keyword research, then Google Alerts is the best and free tool for this.

Once you add your email ID and the name of topics on it, then it keeps sending you many topics every day from the part of your blog Niche, on which you can write articles.

8. Google Trends

If you are looking for any trending topic for your blog, then with the help of this tool you can find trending topics that too for absolutely free.

Here you can search for trending topics on any niche and for any location. You have to search according to your need. So this is also a better tool in list of Google SEO tools.

9. Google Tag Manager

When we make a website, it is necessary to put tags in it. These tags help to rank our website.

Google Tag Manager is used for tracking the tags on our website. This is a free tool from Google, which we can also call Tagging Management Solution.

Why Use Google Tag Manager

We put many social tags in our website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. So the visitor can visit our website from anywhere, so it is very important for us to know his behavior.

If we can understand that the visitors are interested in our website, then we can run ads accordingly.

With this we will earn but at the same time we can learn to manage the tags. Tag Manager is also free SEO tool like Google free SEO tools mentioned above.


Here you read that in this way you can use your blog Free Google SEO Tools to bring traffic. Creating a blog or website is easy but bringing traffic to it’s a very difficult task. For this you need SEO tools.

With the help of the tools mentioned in this post, you can analyze your blog well. If you liked this post, then do like and share it.


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