9 best things in Alleppey that you can surely marvel at

Kerala Honeymoon Packages
Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Venice Alleppey’s Indian version is a fabled backwater town of Kerala honeymoon packages. In Alleppey, besides cruising on picturesque waters, there are many other things. Wonderland offers you numerous occasions to enjoy the happy nature first-hand with its different charms. There are a lot of activities worth seeing in the traditional village from an elephant rendezvous, spa relaxation, a restful houseboat.


Fly along the water in your boat cruise.


Alleppey and backwaters are two inseparable things. Tourists from around the world want to add home boat cruises backwater to their Alleppey bucket list. Plan a romantic date with your loved one on your honeymoon in India. The fact that we remain on the ‘kettuvallams’ is simply irresistible, as they call it. Enjoy cruising in a distinguished network of canals. Give your eyes the paddy field through extensive greenery and a fascinating panorama.


Get complete relaxation and Ayurvedic massages


Ayurvedic therapy from Alleppey is one of India’s best monsoon destinations with unbelievable winter benefits. Soak in the happiness of prepared medical and herbal oils your weariness. In addition, one of the musts is an Ayurvedic massage. You must certainly include it on your way to reducing stress, physical pain, anxiety, etc. These Ayurvedic massages are appropriate for city visitors and are known to effectively cure chronic disorders.


Take time with your family on Marari Beach


Take a while for ‘me’ or family time at Marari Beach. One of the best things that Alleppey can do is develop in a while. This is one of the pleasures of the coast of Malabar, ideal for photography. Surely it’s an experience, blessed with golden sand and clear water. Participate in a number of sports on the beach. In addition, the sunrise and sunset views of your Indian beach breaks are unforgettable.


Begin your holy trip to the Ambalapuzha Temple.


Lord Krishna, well known as the ‘Dwarka of the South,’ consecrates the Ambalapuzha temple. The shrine is one of Alleppey’s places to see, decorated by wonderful wall pictures. During the famous festival of the Temple of Ambalapuzha, devoted people do not miss the opportunity to throng the temple. Pay a visit for blessings of all strength. Please spend time feeding the fish in a small pond. If not for Divine bliss, it will certainly be visited once again for the porridge offered as ‘Prasad’


Praise your favorite contestant for the Snake Boat Race


The demand for houseboat tours in Alleppey came in August. That’s why the Boat Race Nehru Trophy is very famous. The race is held for several sports lovers and photographers on the second Sunday in August. Participants and leaders should be enthusiastic. If you missed the actual boat race you can still see the practice course of the race. You can also make an appointment with the rotors in the off-beat season.


Watch martial artists from Kalaripayattu


Kalaripayattu was originally Kerala, a former Indian martial art. In the city, you will find a number of educational centers. Don’t miss the chance to learn this exciting art form. To make this experience unforgettable, you can use Kalaripayat as a relaxing massage for martial artists.


Testimony of Adoor Gajamela


Adoor Gajamela is an unpretentious festival held ten days in Kerala. A lively parade with over 100 beautifully decorated elephants takes place at the Fiesta. Take a look at the driver with an attractive elephant umbrella on his back. The great beings are ornamented with precious ornamentation and gems. Surely the view is attractive. The main highlight of the Alleppey tour guide is attending the gala together with other festivals.


Exotic bird species enjoy your day


Particularly favorite among all Alleppey activities is bird watching. Find the rarest and finest birds in the world. Everything from Jungle Myna to Asian Palms SWIFT can now be found from White-Throated, Black Drongo, and Stork Billed Kingfish. All-lapped backwaters are ideal for pictures of rare migratory birds. Don’t forget to take a closer look at the incredible birdlife here, your DSLR or binoculars.


Krishnapuram Palace Visit


Visiting this palace of the 18th century is one of Alleppey’s most exciting things to do. This historic palace is a wonder of the architecture of Kerala and a delight for historians and architecture lovers. It has now become a museum with valuable sculptures, bronze antiques, toilets and other relics.


The ‘Gajendra Moksham’ is a huge wall depicting an elephant greeting Vishnu as reverenced by other gods, deities and wise men. This 49-m2 single wall band, which is the largest ever to be found in Kerala, welcomes everyone who visits Krishnapuram Palace. Lord Vishnu is said to have been the chief god of the first as a royal family of Kayamkulam. This mural was located at the entrance to the palace from the pool so that after their bath the rulers could worship the deity.


Kerala-style architecture, with gabled towers, small halls and sleeping windows are a rare example of the Krishnapuram Palace. Kayamkulam Kingdom rulers’ residence, the palace’s age is unknown. The palace, renovated in the 18th century, is now a monument protected by the Department of Archaeology. It has been recently refurbished again using the scientific techniques prescribed for the protection of buildings of historical value. When you explore this beautiful palace, there are many rare antiquities and paintings.


Palaces are living legacies that the departed kings have left behind. They tell us many stories and allow us to see a past as palaces were glorious centers of power. Krishnapuram Palace also has to tell its own story and show stuff.


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