9 Best idle games


9 Best idle games: Card city idle, stone idle, doge miner 2, cookie clicker, candy clicker 2, Greed City, Idlebyte RE, Idle Arkanoid, Cat Clicker RE!

1. Card City Idle

Card City Idle is a relaxing and addictive idle game in which you construct a city. Begin with a tiny hamlet and expand your city as you earn more money by using cards.

Decorate your city to boost your mayor’s reputation and improve the morale of your inhabitants. Develop and expand in order to attract visitors from all over the world!

2. Stone Idle

Stone Idle is a clicker game in which you must collect stones in order to progress. You can use the stone you manufacture to upgrade your stone-making equipment, allowing you to acquire more precious and rare materials later! Become the best stone miner on Stone Idle’s planet!

2. Doge Miner 2

Doge Miner is back in Doge Miner 2, a wonderful sequel! The goal remains the same: buy a spaceship and fly to the moon, but you now have more tools, upgrades, and alternatives to choose from. Doge Miner 2 expands on the original’s exciting mechanisms and gameplay while also adding new elements for your enjoyment.

You may now gather extra coins that drop randomly as you mine, as well as Dogebags that drop randomly and include various goods such as better pickaxes and bronze doge coins.

You can still employ Shibe workers and enslave armies of kitties to do your bidding and enhance your Dogecoin creation rate if you don’t want to mine the coins yourself. The enhanced instruments and enhancements you may purchase for your employees are a bonus feature. Doge Miner 2 adds a whole new level of fun to our popular idle game, so start mining now!

4. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker allows you to spend hours baking cookies. You get a cookie for every click! Soon, you’ll be able to swap the delicious, crispy goodness for tools and assistants so you can make even more cookies at the same time. Hire grandmas to assist you, start a cookie business on a farm, and much more.

Candy Clicker 2

5. Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is a clicker game in which you build candy incrementally. You can use the candies you manufacture to upgrade your candy-making equipment.
In Candy Clicker 2, you can become the best candy producer in the world!

6. Greed City

Greed City is a game in which players compete to become the most powerful real estate property tycoon in the world. Build a property empire by earning credits at real-world places and check-ins. Begin forming a real estate cartel to counter Donald Trump’s.

As you expand your monopoly with some of your favorite sites and landmarks around the world, strategy is essential.

Do you have what it takes to compete in this massively multiplayer online game against the world’s top Billionaire Tycoons?

Create new enterprises or take over those of other players. Use cards to destroy a business’s value, such as the Rat Infestation Card, to wreak havoc on competitors.

A cutthroat tycoon game more ruthless than a Game of Thrones episode, you’ll need everything in your armory to climb the game’s leaderboards and crush your friends.

When you use your phone’s GPS tracking to supplement the actual world with the virtual world, you may earn diamonds, cards, and extra credits by checking into other businesses on the move.

Greed City allows you to buy or start your favorite enterprises from all around the world, regardless of how big or tiny they are.

– Possess all of your favorite stadiums, including Lambeau Field, AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys, Camp Nou, and Wembley Stadium.

– Be the proud owner of iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Trump Towers, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, and even the Statue of Liberty.

– Try to keep major airports such as Heathrow, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Dubai International Airport.

– As your empire expands throughout the globe, claim Tokyo, London, New York, Munich, and Paris.

7. Idlebyte RE

Idlebyte RE is a clicker game about computer memory management.

This is a remake of the 2015 IdleByte Flash game of the same name. Enchanted aesthetics, improved balance, bug improvements, and smartphone compatibility are all included in the latest edition. It makes me delighted to play an old favorite game and have a fantastic time! You manage computer memory, purchase upgrades, gain more memory, and gain experience. You can also level up and upgrade your stats by spending your stat points.

The building level is increased every 50 buildings. You can gain chips from your memory if you have a lot of YottaBytes. Each chip boosts your memory income by a quarter of a percent. You can also buy improvements for your chips. The objective of this game is to purchase the magical upgrade.

8. Idle Arkanoid

Idle Arkanoid is an idle game inspired on the legendary and well-known game Arkanoid, which we all remember from our childhood. Now it’s time for the much-loved incremental mechanics. Keep an eye on how the blocks are demolished and visit the store to purchase fresh upgrades.

In the game, you can demolish blocks in a variety of methods, starting with basic clicks on the blocks and progressing to explosives, fireballs, and lightning that destroys everything in its path. Improve the ball’s speed and accuracy, buy and upgrade a magnet for bonuses, and visit the prestige store to increase the amount of blocks that can be accommodated on the screen and the frequency with which they occur. And, once you’ve earned a ticket, spin the wheel of fortune.

9. Cat Clicker RE

Cat Clicker RE is the remastered edition of the first Cat Clicker game, which now comes with different gameplay. Each update results in a new upgrade! By sacrifice, you can improve your cat’s appearance and make him look cooler. Purchase cursors, mice, and cheese to increase your cat points to obtain the greatest total. Have fun in this cat-clicking game.

In January 2015, the game was first launched as a Unity Web Player game. Since July 2021, the updated HTML5 version has been available.


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