This match was really played on March 30, 2007, and it served as the year’s second round of golf. I normally play golf once a week all year long and shoot bogeys. Since I don’t take my golf very seriously, I’ve never calculated a handicap. I enjoy being outside and getting some fresh air away from everything. I often play golf with two other colleagues who don’t keep score or always follow the rules of the game.
It’s a par four on the first hole. The blue tees, which are the longest, are followed by the orange tees, which are one shorter. We will start using the long tees later in the season after play has begun. This hole faces south and is around 400 yards long. The green has a little incline. With a handicap of 5, this hole is the fifth-most difficult on the whole course. This might be because the typical breezes blow from the south and you would be working against the wind. There isn’t much wind at all at the first tee today.
Okay, let’s get started. The group in front of us must either be really bad or just recently started playing golf. As they are beginning their round from the blue tees, at least half of the group did not make it beyond the women’s tee box. This match might go on for a while. To prove how serious we are, here is the first joke at the tee: “The other golfer recognised the obvious problem as soon as the player’s shot, which was only 20 yards off the tee, was complete. After he struck the golf ball, he complained that his fellow duffer was too close to it.
I used a driver to hit the tee shot. I have a cheap replica 9.5 degree lofted golf driver. About 250 yards straight down the middle of the fairway, I crushed it. I therefore had 150 downhill yards to the pin. Due to the 150-yard range of my 8 iron, this was the ideal spot for me. I hit the pin with my golf ball, but it was about 45 feet to the left of the green. used a pitching wedge to get to within 15 feet of the golf hole, then two-putted. Because of this, I bogeyed the hole. I felt my position off the drive was excellent, but it was average for me. The ball left the left edge of the green due to a slight draw on my 8-iron.
Hole number two is a par 4, with a dogleg left that is also a par 4. It is around 390 yards long and the third-hardest hole on the golf course. Standing on the tee, I pushed my 3 wood slightly to the right, off the fairway, and into the rough. I was again around 150 yards distant.

I fell short in the sand bunker in front of the green after once more reaching for my 8 iron. Being in the sand is never fun for me since I’m not the best at playing there. Again, I didn’t hit my eighth iron very well, but it was on the pin this time. I shot out of the sand bunker and swung my sand wedge about 23 feet beyond the pin. I ended up making a double bogey as a consequence, which was disappointing yet again. But because I was outside in the lovely weather, it wasn’t all bad.

The third hole is a short par four that dogslegs to the right at the end of the fairway and is bordered on the right by water in front of the green. The course has a handicap of 11. I used a 3 iron off the tee to stay clear of the lake and give myself between 130 and 150 yards to the green. I was on the right side of the fairway, 136 yards from the hole. What I had in mind, exactly! A firm 9 iron would be ideal here, so I pulled one from my golf bag.

I unfortunately dropped 2 into the water without stopping. The third shot on the green missed the hole by around 40 feet. My putt was only two feet away from the hole. A 7 would be a triple bogey, according to my math. I putted well and played well off the tee despite my sincere disappointment.
The fourth hole is a par three that measures around 130 yards. It’s not too difficult to play this hole with a 17 handicap. I used a 9 iron to get within 21 feet of the pin on the green. came within two feet and made a par putt! Right now, things are getting better.
Hole number 5 is a 415-yard, par-five hole with a 9 handicap. With my driver, I rounded the cart path and got a little more room. I eventually found myself 150 yards from the hole, hidden behind some trees. I was on the right side of the green and utilised my pitching wedge to get to within 26 feet of the pin. Putt to a distance of seven feet and then three feet further. inserted it and got bogged down. My putting stroke has to be improved.
The sixth hole is up next. It is about 350 yards long and a par four. It is handicapped in 13th position. I used my driver and muffed it into the left rough with around 220 yards left till the hole. I used a 6 iron to get to about 50 yards. With a sand wedge, I needed a 32-foot putt to reach the left side of the green. Putt in for a second bogey from three feet away.
A 320-yard par 4 hole at number 7 has a 15 handicap. I hit the ball with a driver, and it landed 50 yards from the green in the middle of the fairway. About two feet from from the front of the green, a pitching wedge landed. I putted to within one foot of the hole and hammered it in for my opening round par!
The eighth hole is a 167-yard par three that spans a ditch. It is impaired at position 7. I used a 4 iron and played into a little breeze. About 40 yards from the right side of the green, the tee ball fell in the rough just past pin height. I used a sand wedge and came down on the green about 40 feet from the pin.

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The hole with the highest handicap is the ninth. The par five is currently 495 yards long. I swung a driver and pushed the tee shot out to the right, landing on the fairway of the first hole with around 320 yards to go to the green. I hit a 3 wood on the left side of the fairway around 100 yards from the green. Actually, the golf ball fell approximately two inches into the rough after leaving the fairway. I used a pitching wedge to get to the centre of the green, which was around 36 feet from the pin. 8 feet, 1 inch was putted as the distance. I touched the ball into the hole for a second bogey.
This is fairly normal for my golf round when I plan on shooting around bogey. Now we’re on the last nine.
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