8 ways to make sure your products are secured during shipping with right packaging


There are people who perceive packaging only as an element of marketing: beautiful packaging means a satisfied customer who will place orders over and over again. This is definitely important. But do not forget that packaging, first of all, ensures the safety and security of the goods that you send. The keyword in understanding the issue of packaging in distance selling is “distance”. This is especially true for the delivery of orders not in the city from which it is sent, but to other regions of the country. In this case, the order, leaving the sorting centre, will encounter movements in the car, train or plane and will come back to the sorting centre in another city. It can overcome hundreds and thousands of kilometres and temperature changes. What can you do to make sure that your products are secured during shipping?


General rules for packing orders:


Goods in production packaging still need separate packaging for transportation. Just imagine, would you send an iPhone in its original packaging? This logic should be followed when shipping any item.

The packaging must exclude the possibility of access to the goods without breaking the packaging. In the case of using cardboard boxes, the best assistant in this is a wide, preferably branded (so that someone else cannot stick it after opening) adhesive tape with excellent adhesive qualities. 

It is necessary to glue each joint with tape. In addition, you can use a box with a special design, which will not allow you to open the box without tearing it. In the case of a plastic safe-bag, do not forget to make sure that the adhesive base is really reliable, and when you try to open it, a special text about it appears.


Weight and dimension


Couriers use weight and dimensions to calculate shipping costs. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the packaging you use. Don’t be tempted to squeeze products into smaller packaging as the products and packaging are more likely to break. The same goes for packaging that is too big, your product is going to move around too much. Your courier service will be able to help you choose the appropriate size, but in the end, it comes down to you and how you control the packaging at every step of the shipping process. Use packaging suitable to the size and weight of your product and you ensure they will be secured during the shipping.


The durability of the packaging


Do not forget about the strength of the packaging. We’ve already mentioned the importance of it, but we’ll say it again: make sure that the packaging is strong enough to withstand all the tests while travelling a long distance. A lot can happen along the way, so it’s best to foresee everything. For example, it can be damaged during transportation in a heavy-duty truck of a transport company, when something very heavy is placed on the box from above. When choosing the material for the box, pay attention to the density of the cardboard: it should not be too thin: it is better to use cardboard with at least three layers.

The ordering sticker must be attached very tightly and preferably in a separate transparent pocket. If using scotch tape, make sure that it does not cover the barcode, so that it is not difficult to read it. It is also not recommended to secure the sticker with a stapler and use felt-tip pens to fill it in. Our advice is to use security seals that will additionally secure your package.




Responsibility for packing orders generally lies with online retailers. Poor packaging can lead to the recipient’s refusal of the order, its loss or an increase in delivery time. Therefore, always listen to the recommendations from the courier service.


Size and fillers


If you decide to use a box, then choose it based on the size of the order. If the box is larger than the contents, then it may break. The same will happen if the box is too full. If space still remains, use fillers – inflatable or granular foam. They perfectly fill the “air” and allow you to securely fix the goods inside.

Reuse of boxes is not recommended. If you still decide to reuse a box, make sure that it is not torn anywhere and does not lose shape, be sure to remove all markings, tags and stickers from it.




Do not forget about the special additional marking of parcels. The box with fragile goods should have labels like “Caution!” or “Glass!” It is advisable to make such stickers bright and noticeable by immediately attaching them to several sides of the box.




Choose trusted packaging suppliers. Not all plastic bags are created equal. There are cases when courier packages burst due to low temperatures when delivered to the northern regions. When choosing a cardboard package, please note that it must consist of at least three layers so as not to deform.


Should you choose a cardboard box or a plastic bag?


The most important thing in this choice is to ensure the maximum safety of the product. The plastic bag is suitable for goods that are not prone to deformation and destruction from impacts. It is best suited for packaging clothing. As for the cost, high-quality three-layer cardboard packaging is, in general, 25% more expensive than high-quality plastic packaging. If you plan to handle a large number of orders, make sure to choose the package that is convenient to you. 


When choosing a package, you can focus on the developed standards for dimensions, proven over decades of use. It is better to use not just one size packaging, but several so that it fits in the case of, say, one, two and three, five most common products in one order, and at the same time, the packaging exactly matches the size of the contents. If your store sells clothes, then, for example, for three units of goods (as a rule, this is the average number of goods in one order for a clothing store), the most optimal and most “popular” size will be a safe-package 350×450.




We know that it is important for everyone that the package we send or receive is in perfect shape and arrives without damages. We hope that this text will help you in the future to choose correctly in what and how to pack your shipment. Furthermore, we want all your shipments to reach your recipient intact.


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