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With the shift of the strategies in marketing, new ways of communicating have taken place. So, the growth of business letters is equally vital in today’s business, just like sending a business email. It’s high time you consider writing English business letters an essential skill for a better career. Research reveals that 85% of US retailers already acknowledge email marketing as one of the most convincing customer acquisition tactics, especially for start-ups and small business owners.

Before getting into the learning aspect, you must not get confused that business letters communicate something more official, and you need to be careful of the tone you present while pitching your point.

It is essential to write business letters correctly because the impression you create depends on how you write them.

Well, once you get used to writing solid English business letters, you can have the freedom to write the letters yourself, and you don’t have to be dependent.

Here is a list of eight steps that you can follow to brush your amateur skills to a more efficient one –

  1. Understand the type of letter you need

Before you begin writing, figure out the aim you want to achieve through the letter. Suppose you need to write a cover letter for a company you have longed to apply to. Therefore, your letter must have a formal yet convincing approach to read your resume.

You need to highlight your best skills and achievements, compiling them to match the requirements for the job description. So, when you can get the concepts clear of a cover letter, you can proceed with your execution.

  1. Outline your purpose:

Planning is the utmost important step when writing your letter. You cannot directly write something, as you need to maintain specific structures for a business letter.

To avoid rewriting numerous times, you should plan the points you want to write. Pick out the critical points and add the correct phrase to catch the reader’s attention. You can opt for the premium style of business letters available on English assignment help and explore writing styles for better ideas.

  1. Put your ideas first

Now that you have understood what type of letter you will write, think of how you want to approach it. So often, freshers mistake adding every fact and description together. It makes your letter a mess, and you may lose the chance of getting hired.

Although experts are waiting to guide you 24×7 on popular services like English homework help, parallelly you need to look at these ideas as well –

  • What job position are you applying for?
  • Why do you think you would be suitable for the job? or why should the company hire you?
  • When are you available for an interview?

If you know the main ideas, you can estimate the number of paragraphs you need to write. Note that you need to have only one main idea in a section.

It will help readers track what you want to convey more efficiently, and your letter will be structured and logical.

If you can connect your ideas with the company’s target, your reader will also be happy. Therefore, try to use connectors to make transitions within and between paragraphs.

  1. Use a suitable layout and salutation

Business letters have pretty strict rules for structure. For example, you need to include the sender’s and the recipient’s addresses and follow some simple rules:

  • Mention the sender’s address at the top. You don’t have to include your name or title as it will appear at the end of your letter.
  • Leave a space or an empty line and mention the date below the sender’s address.
  • Remember to use the date format for the country you are applying to.
  • Put another empty line and add the recipient’s title, name, position, and address.
  • Pay attention to how you label. For example, use Mr. for men, Ms. for unmarried women, and Mrs. for married women. But it’s always safest to use Ms. for women.

Begin the letter with the proper salutation, depending on whether you know the recipient and how well you know them. For example, in American English, a colon is added after greetings in formal business letters. While in British English, there is a comma.

Learn appropriate vocabulary for the type of letter you will write. To avoid difficulties, or if you are facing writer’s block, check on some of the budget-friendly cheap assignment writing services, where you will get fantastic ideas about phrases and business tone of language to add to your letter.

  1. Check your spellings

Spelling is essential when writing a business letter. If possible, try to scan your letter through tools like spell check to make sure your spelling is correct.

  • Many business students require you to write a business letter as part of their exam. It can help you to assess yourself. But for that, you need to be careful about correct spellings.
  • Experts on MBA essay writing services suggest replacing words you are not confident in. Instead, prefer some suitable yet comfortable words which are familiar to you.
  • For example, if you are unsure how to spell ‘proliferation’, you can replace it with ‘growth’ instead.
  • Another strategy to apply when writing a cover letter or persuading your reader is to consider whether they prefer the American or British conventions.
  • As many words are spelled differently, it may be helpful for you to look at their preferences which give you the main differences.
  1. Keep checking the grammar

Grammatical mistakes can puzzle you. So, it’s better to learn all the usage of grammatical rules and apply them to your practice.

Even if you have good preparation, a single mistake can change the impression of your writing. And, of course, nobody likes to read poor-quality content. Therefore, business letters must contain a touch of formal language. Consequently, you can also follow the writing style followed in research papers and writing services.

  1. Check your punctuation

Another essential thing is the correct use of punctuation. For your initial practices, you follow the samples to get some homework help online services.

It is difficult to focus on all mistakes at once. Thus, it is better to check your writing at the initial stage. As it is a business letter, you cannot add too much informal tone, with exclamation marks or coma. So, measure each paragraph and write accordingly in a precise manner to avoid excess punctuation.

  1. Format your letter

It’s one of the bad habits of pushing formatting for the end as it is considered less time-consuming. Instead, you need to check on the structures and presentation of letters, as most business letters prefer a block format and are left-justified and single-spaced.

It will help to use double spacing between paragraphs to clarify where a section ends and another begins. The most commonly used font is Times New Roman 12, but Arial works satisfactorily. That’s it!

Business letters are less complicated once you follow these easy steps.Remember that, whether you know your reader or not, writing business letters in a “friendly” way means writing them in a “professional” way..


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