8 Tips for Home Schooling during Covid-19

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Homeschooling has existed for a long time. Some students till this day are home-schooled. Because of Covid- 19 homeschooling is now the only way to make sure that the students do not miss out on their education.

While university-going students can just start studying by themselves, looking up articles like “how to write a thesis abstract”. But the same cannot be applied to younger students. They need a proper guide may it be a parent or a teacher – they need to be homeschooled.

If you are new to homeschooling your child, below are the 8 tips for homeschooling during Covid-19:

Tips for Home Schooling during Covid-19

Create A Designated Study Space:

When you think of workplaces such as online PhD thesis writing services, they all have a designated place for work and in the educational world, students have classes. Similarly, you also need to have a designated place for the students to study.

This study place should be well lit. You can consider teaching them near a big window to let the sunlight in. You also use artificial lighting if the house does not has enough lighting but make sure that the artificial lighting does not hurt students’ eyes or give them headaches.

Designated study spaces will bring consistency in their experience and will soon start associating the specific place with studying.

Make A Schedule:

To home school a student you need to first come up with a schedule that you are going to follow in the study sessions. Making a schedule will not only help your prepare but also help in managing time. With the help of time management, you can achieve your desired goal in a set time frame (helpwithdissertation, 2021).

Homeschooling sure does bring in the luxury of allowing flexibility and spontaneity to a student’s education. The downside is that without the lack of structure students and homeschooling teachers as well will get easily distracted. Students are prone to following a basic structure and routine which helps them thrive.

You can draft a simple flowchart to help students move through their day. With the help of a flowchart, activities become clear and it concentrates on tasks contrasted with the time of the day. You can select the schedules which best work for you and the students. It can be as detailed or as relaxed as you prefer. The main thing is that you have to set a routine for children but make sure it is similar to the public schools in terms of productivity before covid-19.

Set Learning Goals Together:

With homeschooling, your child gets an opportunity to direct and customize their education. Making goals are a vital part of that procedure. When you have an idea and a plan for where you want to be with this, there are more chances of you accomplishing. Those learning outcomes and correctly aligning your day-to-day activities.

As a parent or a teacher, you have to outline a few main learning objectives for your child before time. This should be based on state or national necessities, your own educational viewpoint, as well as your child’s age and capabilities. After you have made some general objectives and benchmarks, get your child’s input.

Through joint efforts to set learning goals that are scheduled by year, semester and month give you a great chance to teach the student/child goal-setting skills.

Collaborate With Other Homeschoolers:

Just because Covid has got you locked up and you are the charge of your child’s education does not mean that you are alone in this. You will come across a lot of people online who are homeschooling their children during this pandemic as well as some already existing homeschooling communities way before Covid.

You should connect with other homeschoolers online to cooperate and share resources. Other than making the schooling process easier for you it will also improve your child’s educational experience and expand on future opportunities.

Keep It Fun:

The idea is to find creative ways to make learning fun for students. For younger children, you can put dolls or stuffed animals in the study space. You can try video recording your older children pretending to be news anchors as they read “headlines” that are corresponding with some history lesson or book article.

Take Breaks

Students especially the younger ones are quite hard to manage. They have an attention span of a goldfish so they will easily get frustrated. Not only this, but you will need a break too because of exhaustion. Do not feel discouraged by it and consider the homeschooling session a fail, just take a break. Go outside for some sunshine and fresh air, get a snack, or play a game together and just refresh yourself and the students.

Personalize The Learning Experience:

Having a specific workplace for the child will assist them in building reliable study habits. Regardless of what they are working on laptop or desktop, it is essential to have a designated space that is personalized to your child’s needs.

You can ask your child what kind of environment they want to study in, where they can focus the best. This way you can not only personalize their study space but your medium of schooling them. It can be through, videos, games, or presentations, whatever your child prefers.

Giving Rewards:

It does not matter if you are a teacher or parent it is well known that children need positive reinforcement if you want them to follow your instructions. Positive reinforcement refers to the addition of a reinforcing stimulus for behavior which increases. The frequency of the same behavior occurring in the future (Cherry, 2021). Giving them rewards is the best way to make positive reinforcement.

Rewards can be in the form of handing out small gifts such as candies or stationery. Whenever they score well in their test. You can also give them sticker stars whenever they complete their classwork or homework. This way the students will feel motivated to follow your instructions, work hard and perform well in general.


Now that you know how to educate your child at home using these tips, go ahead and implement them.


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