8 Step Strategy For Successful Instagram Takeover

Instagram Takeover

Wish you could takeover Instagram but have no idea where to begin? Everything you need to know to successfully Instagram takeover is right here.

Instagram may be the single most fruitful social media network for cross-promotional partnerships. Some influencers may earn thousands of dollars for a single post promoting a brand’s goods, and branded content features provide a whole new realm of possibility for these brands.

A company may use a partnership with someone who has some influence or connection with their target audience to generate amazing content that will help them attain their goals through an Instagram takeover, which is an excellent example of a collaborative opportunity that benefits all parties involved.

Everything you need to know about Instagram takeovers, from what they are and how they function to the advantages they provide and the measures companies should take to ensure the takeover goes off without a hitch, is covered in this essay.


What Is Instagram Takeover?

An Instagram takeover is when one business collaborates with another brand, influencer, or creative to “take over” the other’s account and publish content for a limited time on Instagram.

Some accounts will only share one post before switching to the user’s Stories. Some people’s feeds will have a flurry of simultaneous uploads, while others’ feeds will be very quiet.


What Is The Procedure For Taking Over Instagram?

The actual transfer of authority or the provision of login credentials is not required. The other host (the business in control of the Instagram takeover) can share the influencer’s material if they want to do so. (Here are some suggestions for locating the best Instagram influencer for your company if you’re on the lookout for influencers.)

Most takeovers endure for no more than a day. Both sides are pushing for their visibility to rise. Influencers are often compensated monetarily for their services, however depending on the nature of the partnership and the current state of demand, some may choose to work for free in exchange for freebies or to grow their own fan base.


Perks Of Taking Over Someone Else’s Instagram

The various advantages of Instagram takeovers explain why they are so popular with prominent accounts. Consider some of the primary benefits that may be gained by taking over an Instagram account.


1. Get In Front Of Fresh Eyes

You can negotiate for the individual taking over your account to also promote it on their own account as part of the terms of the takeover. By doing so, you may attract some of their readers to your site.

If they like what you’ve posted to your Story, they may choose to share it with their followers, expanding your reach to people you don’t know yet. Instausers.com is a popular website to get more views for your Instagram stories, which will uplift your profile to the next level. 


2. Arouse Curiosity And Encourage Participation

Interesting things tend to be novel and unusual. I’ve witnessed a social media takeover in which the main influencer was someone I’d never heard of, but I checked it out anyway just to see what was going on.


3. Maximize your exposure 

There is always an opportunity to expand your fan base when you can introduce your content and profile to fresh eyes. In order to capitalize on this publicity, you should urge the influencer to recommend their audience follow your company so they can “catch all of my postings!”


4. Build Your Reputation

Your company’s credibility will be bolstered greatly when you’re able to collaborate with other accounts in the same field.

More people will follow your account if someone they respect gives you a recommendation and even briefly associates their brand with it.


5. Create New Content 

This is arguably the most alluring feature of an Instagram takeover for harried social media managers: When you hire a writer, they’ll produce material specifically for you to distribute.

To keep things exciting and to alleviate the workload of your social media manager by one day, nothing beats a new point of view (even if your brand is driving the messaging utilized).


6. Make The Most Of Rare Chances

There are instances when you wish to take advantage of a one-of-a-kind and beneficial opportunity for your brand. Your chances of success improve when you have an influencer on your side.

If an influencer’s product or service is similar to yours, they may even be willing to co-host a giveaway.


8 Tips For Hosting A Successful Instagram Takeover


1. Determine What You Want To Achieve

To achieve “all your goals” with a social media takeover, you must first define them.

Consider the many benefits we’ve outlined. Which one would you put first, and why?

In order to stay motivated and make sure you’re doing the necessary actions to optimize for your objectives, I always advise writing them down.


2. Choose A Host To Take Over The Show

Obviously, picking a host to take over from is crucial.

You should think about the following factors before deciding on a host.

Which, an influencer or another brand, would you like to collaborate with?

While much of this essay has focused on influencers, the final portion will examine a takeover scenario in which a different company was responsible.

Although their reach may be greater, influencers tend to be more expensive. Competitors are frequently delighted to help out without charging a fee. And there’s always the possibility of working together on other kinds of competitions and parties.


3. How Far Do You Hope To Spread Your Message?

You should go for an influencer with at least 20,000 followers and a somewhat active audience if you want to gain that 15,000 new followers. Still, additional options present themselves if you’re OK with a few thousand impressions.


4. Who would appeal to your current viewership?

For instance, the clientele of a trendy gym would appreciate a day spent with a nutritionist who can offer some pointers on how to eat healthily. A business like Crate & Barrel may gain an audience if an interior designer provided advice on how to choose artwork for a wall.


5. What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking, And With Whom Specifically?

If increasing your account size or profile exposure is a priority, then their audience is just as important as yours.

Good news if you already have someone in mind! However, if you don’t already know who to contact, a platform like BuzzSumo can help you do so.


6. Set The Takeover’s Structure And Duration

For how long do you hope to maintain control?

Typically, a takeover will only last for a day or a few hours at most. The number of posts you want to see from the influencer and how often they will be published is up for negotiation.

You should also settle on a structure.

Do you like to have everything posted to your feed, or are you more interested in an Instagram Story takeover?

At present, pre-takeover marketing is the norm for most businesses. The day of the event, they publish an announcement to their feed and add the influencer’s material to their Stories; the influencer may also make a post announcing the event on their own account and add the Stories.

If you follow the Stories method, when the takeover is finished, you could create a Highlight that is dedicated to it.


7. Pick a Hashtag

Instagram takeover hashtags are just as brilliant as any other hashtag. They can verify the legitimacy of the campaign and make the content accessible to anybody with an interest in the subject matter.

Try to come up with a clever hashtag that is easy to remember and spell and that conveys the importance of the information being shared. This convenient and helpful hashtag generator may be used without spending a dime.


8. Verify Your Progress

Evaluate the success of the takeover using Instagram’s Insights or your preferred analytics and reporting tool.

Analyze data like the number of people who saw your Story, the number of people who interacted with it, and the number of people who took some sort of action because of it.

You can see if product views, adds to cart, saved products, and sales are up after the takeover by looking at your site’s statistics.

You should also read the feedback and remarks sent in response to that material.



Having an influencer or brand you’re working with take over your Instagram account may be quite rewarding for both parties involved.

We’ve used the term “influencer” quite a bit in this piece, but as the examples indicate, you don’t have to pay someone who is Instagram famous at least $10,000 for a single day’s worth of material.

Micro-influencers, niche companies, and even your own employees all present promising collaboration prospects. Have some fun and be original with your takeover. Your listeners will agree if you do.


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