8 Signs That Your Pet Cat Is Sick


Cats hide sickness so well that if you are not careful, you might discover it when it is too late. The only way to deal with a potentially sick pet is to be keen on subtle changes. It is also vital to know which signs show illness and which ones can be dismissed. 

Nevertheless, here are some signs that your pet cat might be sick.

Inappropriate Elimination

One of the first things you will notice when your cat is sick is inappropriate elimination. What this means is that your cat is either vomiting or passing diarrhea. The vomiting and diarrhea, in this case, happen even when there is no change in environment or diet. 

While it might not be a pleasant thing, it helps if you can look at your cat’s modern cat litter box after they have passed stool. Doing this occasionally will help you know if your cat is healthy or not.

Change in Appearance

Another sign that your cat is sick is the change in appearance. Cats groom themselves frequently, which makes their fur look so smooth. If you notice your cat is losing too much fur or looking unkempt, you need to see the vet. They will figure out whether your cat is too sick to groom or if there is an issue with their fur.

Increased Noise from Your Cat

Even though cats are playful, for the better part, they are very quiet. You might be in the same room with your cat and not even notice. If you notice that your cat is suddenly very loud or keeps crying all day, they might be in pain. Learn to distinguish between a mating call and cries of pain so you know when to get them to a vet.

Change in Appetite

You need to know how much your cat eats as a cat owner. If you realize that the cat is either eating way too much or too little, this should be a cause of concern. You might not be able to tell right away why your pet is eating too much or too little, but an ultrasound and X-ray at the vet will give you an answer.

Excessive Thirst

Aside from the appetite, you might also notice that your cat is drinking way too much water. If you realize that your cat has gone as far as even drinking toilet bowl water after their water is finished, rush to the vet. Increased thirst is often a sign of endocrine issues. If they are not treated, they can get fatal very fast. Getting your cat checked out and diagnosed will ensure they get on the right medication that will enable them to lead a healthy life.

Change in Socialization Patterns

Even though cats are not social, they occasionally play with other cats. If your cat turns feral, you need to take them to a doctor. When a cat is in pain, they want to be left alone, and the playfulness of other cats can make them aggressive.


Even though cats like sleeping around all day, you can easily tell that the cat is sick based on sleep patterns. There is an issue if you notice that they throw themselves down without care and cannot even wake up or run and meet you. An overly lethargic cat might have issues with its muscles and needs to see a vet immediately.

Weight Loss

Even though it should not get to this point before you notice, weight loss clearly shows that something is wrong with your cat. If you can spot the ribs on your cat no matter how much they eat, that is a cause for concern. Taking them to the vet will help you figure out why your cat keeps losing weight and what you can do to prevent further weight loss.

In Summary

Having a sick pet should not be a cause of alarm. As long as you catch the disease early, you can be sure you will have your furry friend feeling better in no time. The only thing you need to remember to do is to be vigilant. Keep an eye out for your pet’s behavior and take them to the doctor if there is a behavior change. That way, they get the treatment they need and can be back on their feet in no time.


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