8 SEO Best Practices that could double Your E-Commerce Sales 

ecommerce sales

If you have an e-commerce website and you are thinking about how to double your sales, then SEO is the answer. Managing an e-commerce business is not an easy task as there are many challenges in this business. Even if you sell the best quality products, there are chances that your sales are still not up to the mark. The reason for your stagnant sales can be the SEO practices you use.

ecommerce sales

 There are many SEO practices, and almost all e-commerce websites are using SEO tactics to grow their business. So your e-commerce website needs something that is best from the rest. For example, Publishing materials on Wikipedia will allow you to grow the Online standing of your organization. It moreover offers the customers an opportunity to get trustworthy information about your business. Any renowned Wikipedia Page creation agency can do this with a confirmation of positive approval of the free encyclopedia.


8 SEO Best Practices That Could Double Your E-Commerce Sales

Use Social Media platforms

Today almost everyone is on social media platforms. People are so active on social media that in a few seconds, they get information on everything happening around the world. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to get a wider audience for your products and better reach.  Social media is an off-page SEO strategy.  It is a platform where you can promote your e-commerce website in the best way. Create social media handles and interests with your customers or prospects there. They will visit your website and, this way, they reach halfway to make a buying decision. Social media is one of the best ways to grow sales for your e-commerce website.

Optimize for Internal Site Search for good E-Commerce Sales

Internal site search is the search tab in your e-commerce website where a user searches for products by writing the search query. It is an SEO practice that can give you the advantage of higher sales. Take an example where a user searches for a product on your website; if the search results do not show the results relevant to his search query, then the customer will go on another e-commerce website to purchase the same product. That’s how your website loses one customer.

To optimize your website for internal search, track the keywords that users search for and understand the most popular searches. Optimize your website in a way the customer gets the right results even if there is any spelling error in the search query. For every keyword, your website should give the right product results.

Get Quality links

If you have an e-commerce website, you must’ve heard of building links. Building links is crucial, but the most important is getting quality links. The business focuses on getting a higher number of backlinks but the part that should focus on is that the links should be of the quality to increase conversion rates. The backlinks should increase traffic on your website. If there’s no traffic, then there are no sales.

User-generated content for high E-Commerce Sales

Your loyal customers are the best salespeople. User-generated content is the best SEO practice that can double your sales. People might not trust your claims, but they will always listen to the customers you’ve served well. User-generated content is a marketing strategy that influences the customer’s buying decision. It is content based on your happy customers, influencers, testimonials, and shares social media. Always embed the customer’s reviews as approximately 65% of people trust online reviews. Customer reviews are the decision driver for purchasing on e-commerce websites. Publish the buyer’s testimonials and reviews to make your website and its product more authentic and trustworthy. 

Add recommendations

Your e-commerce website should not just show the customer’s search query but also give them suggestions for other relevant products. The customer always looks for other similar products. The best way of increasing sales is recommendations as the customer might buy something extra from the recommended products. Arrange the related products in a manner that is visible on the page with the featured product.

Optimize product pictures and videos

Images and videos are the only sources by which you can present your products on your website. The images should be of high quality and show a clear picture of the product. It can help in increasing sales. Add at least 4 to 5 photos of a product from different angles. By doing this, you make it easy for the customer to understand the product features. Also, include short video clips of the products to give customers a better shopping experience. By doing this, the customer is sure about what he is going to buy. It is the best SEO practice that can boost your sales. Also, focus on image loading speed. If the image loading speed is low, customers can get annoyed and go to another website. So make sure the image load time is less because your customers never wait.

Security of customers

Security is a reason why most people resist purchasing online from an e-commerce website. Give your customers a safe shopping experience. Show the security measures using visual clues so that the customer believes in your e-commerce website. The personal and financial data of customers should be secure with you. It creates the trust of your customers, and if the customer trusts your website, then the chances are they will buy more often from your website that can double your sales.

Optimize your website for mobile view

Most of your customers have android phones, and they prefer to use their mobile phones for online shopping. So it is crucial to optimize your website for a mobile view so that the customers can get the best shopping experience on their mobile phones as well. Create a mobile version of your e-commerce website. It can indirectly boost your sales.


Ecommerce SEO is a useful tool that can boost your e-commerce website sales. The practices discussed are the best to double your sales and earn huge profits. SEO practices can make your e-commerce business flourish in no time. SEO helps you in a way that leads to your ultimate goal of boosting sales by better conversion rates. If your sales are increasing, then it is clear that SEO is making it happen. With SEO, you can gain more visibility, brand recognition, and better conversion rates. If you optimize your website with these practices, your e-commerce website will get double sales.


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