8 Helpful Tips For Buying A Perfect Water Cooler Machine For Your Home



Nothing can beat the feeling of gulping a glass of sparkling water on a hot summer day. Drinking water is essential in every season of the year to maintain our health. But the summers especially call for cold water or drinks from the sparkling water. Chilled water coming out of a water dispenser multiplies the fun as you can simultaneously avail the benefits of hygienic water.

Talking about water dispenser machine, you have been under the wrong notion that these are only suitable for use in office spaces only. However, the thing is that you can enjoy drinking water from a dispenser in the comfort of your home. Several brands are coming out with water dispensers and water cooler machine that fit perfectly within the premise of your home. But what are the features that make a water cooler dispenser machine fit for your home? In this article, we are going to find out.

Know the difference between a water dispenser and a water cooler machine –

It can get quite confusing to differentiate the two as they are pretty similar yet different. Water dispensers pass the regular tap water through a filtration system to provide us with clean and germ-free water.

Various filtration systems like RO or UV are used to purify the water. The dispensers can be categorized based on filters used like UV water dispensers or RO water dispensers. On the other hand, the water cooler machine is also a water dispenser having an additional feature of cooling the water.

Mark a location –

Marking the location before deciding on the model of the dispenser is crucial. The thing that a dispenser is going to occupy a lot of space should be kept in mind. If you want a plumbed-in variant, then the location of placement becomes even more significant as it has to be within 1 metre from the water source. An increase in the distance will affect the flow of water. Therefore, it is wise to first measure the area you can allot before buying the machine.

Not all the available models are fit for homes –

Water dispensers come in various sizes, styles and capacities and not every design is meant for your home setup. If you buy a model that is way too small it will fail to serve the whole family all through the day.

On the other hand, buying too big a size will not only waste a lot of space but also you will never be able to finish the reservoir in a single day. Go through all the available models in different brands and then decide. A countertop or wall mount style will be more suitable to fit in a house rather than a huge freestanding one.

Do you need dispensers with multiple faucets?

After deciding on the style the next thing you want to consider is whether you need more than one faucet or not? Water dispensers come with various settings nowadays like models having both hot and cold settings for water or only ambient water. Although it’s irrespective of the filtration system you choose. You can either buy a RO water dispenser or a UV water filter having cold water settings. It is always better to invest in a water cooler machine as cold water is more enjoyable in summer.

What are you aiming to fill-in?

The gap between the water outlet and the holder plays an important role in accommodating the different containers. That is why you need to decide whether you want to fill glasses, small bottles, big bottles or all of them. Typically at the house, we do not require to fill in any large container. Filling in glasses and some bottles should be sufficient. Also, water output counts as purchasing a water dispenser Malaysia having higher output will save time and fill everything faster.

Consider the pricing –

The price tag of different water dispensers varies depending on the brands and features. A dispenser having multiple features will cost you more than one having fewer features. A lot of pricing also depends on the filters used. For example, a RO water dispenser having both hot and cold water settings should be the most expensive.

Follow the maintenance guidelines –

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated a model you choose, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance to increase the life of the dispenser. Sediments from tap water tend to block the filters and need to be replaced once in a while. Poor maintenance will not only shorten the life but also compromise the quality of dispensed water.


Among several options, you are sure to find one that suits your requirements and fits in the corner of your house. These tips will hopefully guide you through the process of selecting the right water dispenser KL for your home.


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