8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers


we all know about twitter, And we learn about to connect people with the help of social media network for making you popular in your friend and strong your relationship with them. This is a good thing to do , but the worry is what should we do those people who most people but unfortunately they are not follow us.

Unfollow Non following Twitter Users

There are so many people those are not follow you is not a great sign for us, As we now twitter allow only 2000 accounts to follow except those accounts that follow you.

this post will help you to do unfollow and non-followers with the help of top 8 twitter tools.

Why should you unfollow on Twitter?

When you are there on twitter for a purpose then unfollowing on twitter is the most important thing. And that’s why because you’re just following 2000 people on twitter, Its means if you are not going to unfollow non-follower than you are committed a mistake.
You should always unfollow those people’s who ignore your tweets and you. This will may help you to see and read your newsfeed.
Unfollowing people on twitter not connected and not effect to your business it will help you to connect with more people and profiles that’reave good feeds for you.
Now i would like to see you the tools which helps you to unfollow to non-followers.


8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers
Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

Socialbro is a very useful and must use tool that will help you to unfollow twitter accounts and you will use it in you social media toolbox. This a useful tool thats will help you to unfollow non-follwer on twitter.

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SocialBro is more useful with his other functions like:

Audience insights :

A new tool that help you to promote and well know about key people on twitter. Thats give you a strong brief about your follower on twitter.

Analyze competitor:

This function will help you know about the progress and working ability of you twitter competitors. It will change in plane and evolution with the passes of time etc.


This function will help you to know the working of your teammates in twitter account. You will know who people in you twitter account that what is he achieved.
Now i want to tell you that’s how you can coming to unfollow tool of SocialBro. It’s simple and you will do it easily.

Login in SocialBro with the help of your twitter account. When you open dashboard there is a community option at the top of the bar it will show you many options to unfollow those people who can not follow back.


8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

Unfollower.com is a very useful and mostly used app that will help you to arrange all your twitter followers. Its is straightforward that allow you to seen all your followers those are following you.

In other hands you can send DMS, And copy the followers list who will effect to grow up you community.

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The only disappointed thing in it that you can unfollow only 100 accounts per day in free version. This could be a difficult thing if you have to unfollow so many non-follwers. However, it will use to cut the list of your followers at regular basis.


8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers
8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

If you want to make you twitter account clean from unfollowers, flush the unfollowed Tweepi is the mostly uses account that will help you to do so.

With the help of this you can easily removes unfollower from your twitter account on regular intervals for free. tweepi will show you most recent list of twitter accounts with precise and fastly.
Tweepi has so many more premium plan for most advance features, but if you are looking for him as a unfollower tool is far better for you


Crowdfire of Codigami Inc. has been Known as a unfollowers tools. In this twitter mange app now add more feature that’s make it more better but the unfollower feature is as it was.


You have more and many twitter account thats can not following you it will help you to clean all account. Now Crowdfire is decided to launch android and IOS apps to helps you to clean unfollower profiles.

The big and only demerit of it that it allow you to unfollow only 25 nonfollower that’s is quite rubbish and time wasting thing.


8 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

When you are think about tweet adder in twitter is a very impressive things to have. Its has everythings that’s you need to accept for marketing on twitter. I have personally used it and there its review for readers of Bloggingspy.

Now coming to your point to unfollow non-follower in this matter it will rocker and gave you a wide range of filter all your unfollowing people. You can used tweetadder to:
Unfollow those people who can not follow you back and have recently unfollow you.
Unfollow those people who has not profile picture with the help of spam.
Unfollow those people who have not mostly tweet.
Unfollow those kind of people who can speak other language that’s can’t understand by you.


This is a very famous tool and standing at the top in top social media blogs like the buffer . ManageFilter has very fine features to unfollow most talkative twitter accounts thats you follow. This will also help you to makeyour account much more noise free and give you all new feeds that will related to you.

Managefitter having coolest feature is that’s show you the all twitter follower grabbing from twitter profile. lets suppose if you have user name like @blogingspy its shows you the serial numbers which followed by blogingspy since you started your account. its not necessary but this feature is cool and perfect for bloggers.

There are so many feature in it that you love and looking to use when you login.
Friendorfollow is a simple and free way to unfollow those followers thats can not followings you back on twitter. This feature of Friendorfollow can also use on instagram and tumblr facebook users.


With the help of this you instantly follow the list of those people who can not following you back and then you can easily unfollow all of them.

You can also get this list of you twitter users in a .cvs file for future reference.


Untweeps is a great tool thats will help you to unfollow those all thats are not tweet you back. It is a good step to have 100 active user excet of 1000 unactive users.

Its working is been very simple you can easily unfollow all the user that can not follow you for a long time just add days how you looking for day and thats will helps to remove all you this time unactive users. Its will also help you to unfollow all the user thats can’t tweet you for a long time.



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