8 Best Shopify Instagram Feed Apps 2022

instagram feed on shopify

According to the latest social media statistics, Instagram is the second most-used medium for shopping among customers worldwide. Around 81% of Instagram users make use of the platform to research products and services.

Have you ever thought of syncing your Shopify store with your Instagram Feed? If yes, well, let us tell you, that’s not a crazy idea at all!

You can use your Instagram feed to share your brand story, show off customer testimonials, and highlight top-selling products in your store.

On top of that, a neat and good-looking feed will add a visual punch to your store, attracting customers to explore more products. This significantly increases your customer engagement and sales.

To make your ideas come true, we’ll show you the 8 best Shopify Instagram feed apps. Not only do these tools help add an Instagram feed to your store, but they also give you a clear insight into your feed conversions.

Best Instagram Feed App For Shopify

Idukki – An UGC Platform

Key Feature Highlights:

Tag Photos with Products

Tap a position, select products, and save! It’s that easy to showcase your Shopify products, directly onto your Instagram Photos

Easily fits any device

The Idukki will look great on any device.

Boost Sales

We track the number of clicks to each product through your Insta Shop display. Adjust your site based on this data to increase revenue.

Gatsby: Influencer Marketing

Key Feature Highlights:

Arouse Instagram Audience

Add an optional field for Instagram handle to your Klaviyo, Justuno, Privy or other popups or forms on your website.

Influential Customers

Your customers’ best photos

Sync with Klaviyo

Generate Special Micro Influencer Outreach, UGC, and Rewards Automatically. Track Everything with Ease.

Instagram Stories Ambassadors

Key Feature Highlights:

Get proof of your Instagram stories

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by displaying next gen Instagram stories as stories social proof & increase conversion rate.

Shoppable Instagram gallery

Shoppable Instagram gallery

Instagram shop

Reward your Instagram brand ambassadors, Instagram shop testimonials social proof

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Key Feature Highlights:

Providing Proof

Show your Instagram content on your store to create social proof. Convert your store visitors into customers.

Let your post get a lot of Likes

Get more Instagram Followers and Likes

Keep your store content fresh

Reach more people with your Instagram.

Instagram Shop + Feed Gallery

Key Feature Highlights:

Instagram Shop with Feed to buy Instagram Post Views, Followers, Likes and Comments.

Instantly post a photo on Instagram with hashtag

Create multiple Instagram galleries on store with separate hashtag from Instagram.

Image and Video Gallery

Design creative image and video gallery on store. It can be customized image galleries also outside Instagram feed.

Instagram shop by SNPT

Key Feature Highlights:

Shop & Save in Seconds

Product in Seconds

Get User Generated Content

Mobilise your existing army of sales people

Identify your Influencers

Turn your Influencer ambitions into a powerful marketing and sales channel with measurable ROI. Track your Influencers and discover new ones.

Instagram Feed ‑ Instafeed

Key Feature Highlights:

Setup Instagram feed in seconds

Add an Instagram Feed on your site to show photos in more professional way. Your social lookbook or image gallery for store.

Gallery to Boost Sales

Increase engagement by using Instagram photos. It creates a strong brand identity using your real Instagram photos.

Real Time Sync

Instagram Feed sync

Shoppable Instagram & UGC.

Key Feature Highlights:

Shop on Instagram.

Your customers love your Instagram posts. Make it easy for them to shop your Instagram posts & UGC in the most relevant spots in your site

Add Media to Email

Add product-specific IG/UGC to your Klaviyo abandoned cart flows and add dynamic IG feeds to your welcome emails, thank-you emails and more

UGC is free to users

Reach out to influencers and key advocates.


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