8 Amazing Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka

The teardrop-shaped island nation of Sri Lanka graces the glorious and expansive waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. This tropical island is blessed with a rich wildlife collection and natural beauty. Surrounded by oceans on all sides, needless to say, there are numerous beaches, known and hidden in Sri Lanka. Fringed with coconut palm trees and with over a thousand miles of soft sandy beaches, the beaches of Sri Lanka are a real treat. If you are more of a water baby who loves to spend the day soaking in the sun and baking your troubles away, without any sort of unnecessary interruption by loud, obnoxious tourists, then check out these amazing, hidden beaches in Sri Lanka.

List of 8 Best Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka

  1. Koggala Beach
  2. Bentota Beach
  3. Talalla Beach
  4. Polhena Beach
  5. Kalutara Beach
  6. Kalpitiya Beach
  7. Arugam Bay Beach
  8. Passekudah Bay & Kalkudah Bay

1. Koggala

Koggala Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Koggala is an unspoiled beach which is located in the tourist resort town of Unawatuna. Although Koggala is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, it still remains concealed somehow from the prying eyes of the curious tourists. This beach is a carefree traveler’s best-kept secret and the perfect place to de-stress after a long day of sightseeing and exploring. Koggala is a crucial addition to your Sri Lanka tour package. Adding to the beauty of the beach are the ancient Buddhist temples and murals that make the place calmingly mysterious. If you go there during the right time, you will be able to check out the amazing aquatic life this beach harbors like turtles.

Best Time to Visit – August – October

2. Bentota

Bentota Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Situated on Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast is the little quaint resort town of Bentota which has turned into an incredibly popular tourist destination owing to its charm and impeccable natural beauty. Bentota Beach is without a doubt one of the prettiest and most soulful beaches of Sri Lanka. Picture yourself lying in the soft sand, surrounded by the slightly swaying coconut trees and the cool breeze offering relief from the hot sun baking. It is purely a blissful experience. It is the perfect spot to relax and laze around throughout the day if you are looking for a day of complete beach fun. If you get tired of lazing around on the beach then the beach also offers exciting and thrilling water sports activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, and many more.

Best Time to Visit – August – October

3. Kalutara

Kalutara Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Kalutara beach is a huge stretch of glowing golden shore that spreads out from Waskaduwa to Payagala. Located very close to the capital of Colombo one would expect that it would be teeming with tourists, however, that’s not the case, the Kalutara Beach remains relatively empty and makes for a great place to just relax your day away. Along with relaxing tourists can also enjoy interesting cultural activities and various religious attractions that dot the region. Calido Beach is every local Sri Lankan’s favorite getaway spot and can be a great place to have a small beachy picnic with your family. Watching the sunset at Kalutara Beach with your loved one could make your holiday extremely memorable.

Best Time to Visit – August-May

3. Talalla

Talalla Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Lining the serene southern coast of Sri Lanka and many people also choose to include it in their Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour, Talalla is without a doubt a hidden gem of a beach on the island. Many tourists seem to miss out on visiting this beach due to many other nearby distractions like Mirissa and Unawatuna, however, this place is definitely worth a visit. Lined by palm trees the Talalla Bay Beach is sheltered inside a crescent-shaped cove that goes on for 2 kms. The tourist footfall here is so less that most of the time you will have the entire beach area for yourself. The beach is safe for anyone to visit and during the apt season, you may even get to spot some surfers.

Best Time to Visit – Throughout the year.

5. Kalpitiya Beach

Kalpitiya Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
This scenic beach is surrounded by a very close-knit fishing community made up of local Sri Lankans. Untouched by tourists and tourism activities, Kalpitiya remains one of the hidden gems on the island. The Kalpitiya region is sort of a marine sanctuary with habitats of a variety of marine creatures. If lucky then you may be able to spot marine animals such as spinner dolphins and even sperm whales. Love to sunbathe? Then the warm sandy beach of Kalpitiya will make you feel right at home. This nearly 50 kms long peninsula is perfect to get some seaside relaxation and offshore whale and dolphin watching.

Best Time to Visit – October – May

6. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Popular among surfing enthusiasts, Arugam Bay is yet to be discovered among regular tourists for its impeccable natural beauty and relaxing environment. The rolling waves from the Indian Ocean crashing on the shore of the bay are highlighted by the stunning golden sands and the sun beating down making it one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka as well. Hiding in plain sight, Arugam Bay is all about lazing your days away while sipping on delicious cocktails on the beachside shacks and watching the surfers doing their thing.

Best Time to Visit – April – September

7. Passekudah Bay and Kalkudah Bay

Passekudah Bay - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Situated in the eastern coastal region of Sri Lanka, Passekudah is the best spot for sun and sea bathing. It shares shores with Kalkudah Bay Beach which is already well known as a famous surfing and windsurfing spot. This untouched stretch of beach is glorified further with exotic coral reefs and a rich tropical fish collection. The two-bay beaches are now combined and declared a national holiday resort for Sri Lankan locals. As compared to many different beaches of Sri Lanka, Pasikudah and Kalkudah Bay Beach are home to a lot of calmer and more peaceful waves.

Best Time to Visit – May – September

8. Polhena

Polhena Beach - Hidden Beaches in Sri Lanka
Located in the district of Matara, Polhena is another of the lesser-known, unspoiled beaches of Sri Lanka. The outstanding stunning feature of this beach is the natural swimming pool that is created with the help of a coral reef that is protected from the raging waves. The underwater life at the Polhena beach is very interesting and can be viewed through a snorkeling adventure. Set against the lush green backdrop of coconut palm trees lining the entire beach region, it is the perfect spot to just forget about your hassles, and worries and simply sit back, relax and let the waves wash away your tensions.

Best Time to Visit – January – April / November and December

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