7+ Ways to Make Money With a Small YouTube Channel!

7+ Ways to Make Money With a Small YouTube Channel!
7+ Ways to Make Money With a Small YouTube Channel!

So, perhaps you already have a channel or are considering creating one. Naturally, you’re also considering how you can monetize your YouTube channel. If you tell a friend you’re launching a channel, they could be surprised and ask, “Why?” Many people are unaware that YouTube may be a successful business platform with limitless earning potential. In this article, you’ll learn about seven different ways to make money while growing your YouTube channel, as well as a few other suggestions!

Getting Your Revenue-Generating Channel Ready

If you’re new to YouTube, one of the most important things you can do is establish trust with your audience. Whether you have five or 5,000 subscribers, trust is essential to the growth of your platform. Furthermore, you must develop videos that bring value to your audience in order to entice them to subscribe and return. They must either be educated or entertained, or both!

What Channel Should You Begin With?

Vlogging is a lot of fun, but it’s difficult to establish a vlogging channel before people know who you are, and it delivers very little value to the viewer (unless they are your friends or family). However, because you are producing and sharing useful information, beginning a channel focused on a subject in which you have a lot of experience, such as fitness, French cooking, or building computers, will grow faster and have greater revenue-earning potential than a vlog channel.

When Will You Be Able to Start Making Money?

You can possibly start making money from your channel as soon as you launch it. However, because you will need to build up your subscriber list, reputation with your audience, and authority in your content field, it may take some time. Someone like to do business with people they “know, like, and trust.” However, those places require time to gain traction with viewers.

In general, as you make more YouTube video views, improve your quality, and earn more subscribers, all of these areas will improve. You won’t be compensated based on how many subscribers you have, but it will increase your credibility and influence.

You’ll be ready to start making money with your YouTube channel after you start establishing your base, boosting your credibility, and increasing your authority.

Here’s a rundown of a few ways to generate money on YouTube, with a more detailed explanation below:

  1. Offer a service or a product for sale.
  2. Offer an online course for sale.
  3. Make an E-book
  4. Product reviews from affiliates
  5. Videos of merchandise hauls or shopping
  6. Encourage others to use your freelancing service.
  7. Videos with gift suggestions
  8. Plus, there are a couple extra ideas at the end!

Offer a service or a product for sale.

Produce videos that are linked to the services or products you offer. This could be a business consulting or coaching service, such as health or career coaching. You can even mention your own products on your channel if you create them. Jewelry, home decor, and apparel are all examples of products. Create an online store and link to it in the description of your videos, as well as in the banner of your channel page. Your business will grow as your channel increases.

Create and Sell an Online Course

Nowadays, there are numerous sites for digital marketing courses. You can search and choose from thousands of courses on some platforms. Other platforms will host the course, but you will be responsible for marketing it. Udemy and Skillshare are sites that offer thousands of courses, but with Teachable or Kajabi, you host the course on your own website and must advertise it to your target audience.

Both have advantages, but the course you host on Kajabi or Teachable (or a comparable platform) will usually allow you to charge considerably more for it and keep the entire revenue. Because Udemy and skillshare take a larger percentage of the revenues and the courses are often less expensive, you may make less.

Consider creating a short course for Udemy or Skillshare first, then branching out to Teachable, Kajabi, or another independent platform to host a larger, more complete course as your knowledge, experience, and audience expands.

Create an electronic book

This is one of the simplest methods for making money on YouTube. Make an e-book. The Ebook should be focused on your specialty, and you may then create videos based on tiny sections of the book’s content, including information about the ebook and a link to purchase in the description. Make sure to put the link in the description of every video you make, including old ones. You may also post the link in the comments and then pin it.

Product Reviews by Affiliates

Nowadays, almost every business has an affiliate programme. An affiliate programme is one in which you can participate and receive a portion of a product’s price if someone purchases the product using a particular link provided by the firm. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Audible, Urban Outfitters, and others, for example. Look for something that mentions affiliate opportunities at the bottom of a website you frequent.

Each programme has its own set of standards that you must meet. You can do product reviews and tutorials and put the link in the description once you’ve been qualified and approved into the programme. However, to keep your channel’s integrity, make sure you actually enjoy the product and would recommend it to others. Remember that the more expensive the product is, the more money you can make. Also, look for products with 4 or 5-star ratings in the product ratings.

Video Shopping Hauls

This is a review of an affiliate product. However, if you’re wondering why there are so many videos of people trying on clothes, it’s because they make money by promoting those items of clothing.

If a content producer has an affiliate programme with Target and performs a “try-on haul” showing 5 clothes he or she has purchased, the content creator can include links to those outfits in the description and earn a percentage if someone clicks and buys those products. It presently stands at 8% for Target. Every business has its own percentage.

A favourites video, in which people talk about their favourite beauty goods, hair products, jewellery, or monthly favourites of a variety of product types, is a similar style of video. Simply make sure that you are an affiliate and that the things are currently for sale online when you post the video if you want to make money from these types of films. As products are phased out, the links may become invalid.

Promote a Freelance Business

Promoting a freelancing service is one of the many methods to generate money with Youtube. Writing, graphic design, videography, photography, virtual assistance, marketing, app creation, and so on are all examples of this. You can create videos based on the tasks you accomplish. You can obtain clients by including your contact information in the description and indicating that you are available to work with at the end of the video.

Video of Gift Ideas

Making a video on gift ideas and inserting a link in the description from a website where you are an affiliate is a terrific method to generate money as the holidays approach. Birthday gift ideas, wedding gift ideas, girlfriend or boyfriend gift ideas, and so on could all be done this way at any time of the year.

These are merely the beginning of your ideas.

As your channel expands, so does your chance of making money from Adsense advertising. Famebit is a YouTube-affiliated platform that allows users to directly negotiate with marketers to create specific videos or promote specific products. A minimum of 5,000 subscribers is required for Famebit.

Furthermore, some travel YouTubers collaborate with huge corporations, such as automobile makers, and show off the car while on a paid road trip across Europe. If you have an Airbnb home or room, you can market it by creating a YouTube video, which will increase the listing’s exposure and number of guests over time.

Furthermore, some travel YouTubers collaborate with huge corporations, such as automobile makers, and show off the car while on a paid road trip across Europe. If you have an Airbnb home or room, you can market it by creating a YouTube video, which will increase the listing’s exposure and number of guests over time.

Always keep in mind…

As you progress, the possibilities are unlimited, but one of the most essential things to remember is to be true to yourself and your brand while also doing the right thing. Integrity is essential for developing a strong brand and a YouTube platform. Many YouTubers with millions of subscribers and followers have collapsed after making deals that go against their public image and cause harm to others. Even if your channel is modest, it can have a significant impact on your reputation.

By remaining true to yourself and your brand, viewers will acquire and preserve your trust, which will lead to more possibilities and, in turn, increase not only your channel’s but also your income!

Check out the following post for tips on how to get the most views once you’ve published a video!

What are some more ways to profit from YouTube? In the comments, please share with others! If you want to increase the number of views and subscribers to your YouTube channel, our Promozle YouTube music video promotion service can help you reach your target audience.


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