7 Tips That Moms Use To Naturally Regrow Their Hair


During pregnancy, soon-to-be mothers’ hair grows thick and fast, a symptom that a lot of women enjoy while it lasts. However, the months that follow the delivery will likely involve postpartum hair loss, which many women do not appreciate due to hormonal fluctuations in the body. Nonetheless, there is no need to panic, as while this can be quite an alarming turn of events, it is entirely normal. 

Healthy Diet

The first tip that moms use to regrow their hair naturally is to keep up with a healthy diet. Healthy diet maintenance is widely known to be a critical factor in optimizing wellness for anyone, particularly for postpartum mothers, aiding them in overall recovery and delaying postpartum hair loss progression. A diet requires the right balance of nutrients and vitamins, which can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Drinking lots of water during the day also helps to remain hydrated.

Nutritional Supplements

The second tip that moms use to regrow their strands naturally is to take nutritional supplements. This process can be started by speaking to a doctor about taking mineral or vitamin supplements to halt hair loss progression and promote its regrowth, making sure to talk to your healthcare provider before taking any such supplements. The vitamins recommended by the American Pregnancy Association are zinc, iron, and vitamins C, E, and B complex or biotin, or B7.

Lower Stress

The third tip that moms use to regrow their strands naturally is to lower stress. Taking measures to reduce your levels of stress also helps regulate hormonal imbalances. Practicing various relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness can help, as can mild to moderate exercise. It’s also wonderful to request family and friends assistance with daily duties should you feel overwhelmed. While hair loss is a normal, albeit stressful, a symptom of postpartum hormonal changes, depression is another symptom that should not be neglected by any means. Always talk to loved ones or doctors should you feel overwhelmed, angry or anxious in the time after the delivery.

Hairstyle Change

The fourth tip that moms use to regrow their hair naturally is to change their hairstyle. Many moms adopt a shorter haircut for pragmatic and aesthetic reasons after giving birth due to postpartum hair loss. Whatever the hair length may be, adjusting the styling to help mitigate stress on the hair. For example, avoid brushing it too vigorously lest it gets torn or split, and avoid forcefully pulling or contorting it into various styles like ponytails and braids.

Modify Haircare

The fifth tip that moms use to regrow their hair naturally is to modify their hair care habits. Doing so can prevent more hair loss from occurring, particularly with shampoos that contain silica, biotin, and deep-moisture conditioners.  Alternatively, you can wait until it dries. Hairdryers should be set to cool settings, and items that can cause damage excessively high temperatures like straightening irons and hot rollers should not be used. Special dermatologist-recommended products can be beneficial as well.

Go Natural

The sixth tip that moms use to regrow their strands naturally is to go natural. While the temptation may arise to rectify the sudden postpartum hair loss by coloring the hair or styling it with sprays and harsh chemicals, it may be best to let them be as they are simply. Reading igrow reviews also helps pinpoint a great product.

Be Patient

The seventh and final tip that moms use to regrow their strands naturally is simply to be patient. Unfortunately, losing your hair can be a sudden and scary symptom, but eventually, the hair will grow back again, and the shock will subside.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Similarly, when postpartum hair loss hits, do not despair. Instead, simply embrace it as a regular part of recovering from a miraculous life event and remember that the hair will eventually grow back once the hormonal levels balance out again.


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