7 Remarkable Ways To Promote Your Book

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Writing a book is months, or sometimes even years, of painstaking work. Once it’s been crafted and is finally ready, you want the world to see it. Now the question arises: how do you get people to read it?

The most common approach these days is to consider social media promotions via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you can also consider connecting with your local bookstores or posting it for sale on online forums. However, if you want to reach a wider audience, you need some innovative strategies.

Expert ghost book writing services have ample experience in this area, and they know the right marketing solutions. Today, we will be sharing these very solutions that will help you promote your book in remarkable ways.

Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Book

1. Take it to the Local Radio

Radio book promotions are perhaps one of the most effective yet cheapest forms of marketing your book. Try to seek out local radio stations and ask them if they would like a Q/A session with a local author. You can also design a press release regarding your book, send it to stations, and try to find the right person at the station. If you have internal contacts, it will be a plus and make your job significantly easier.

If you are in a small town, getting airtime won’t be really difficult. Local stations are often eager to discuss something new and promote local artists. If your book correlates with current hot topics, consider your job already done.

2. Seek Out Local News Stations

Local news stations always need fresh content. A feature on a local author’s journey of struggle to pursue their passion will make a fantastic story. Morning talk shows are also specifically interested in these types of stories. Reach out to the stations and present them with a proposal. If they like what they see, you’ll likely get a feature.

Getting on air can be challenging, so don’t give up. Present your book as an intriguing piece of art that will benefit their show if they feature you. For those residing in metropolitan areas, it can be pretty tricky to get a placement. So, an ideal move would be considering the town you grew up in and utilizing their media resources.

3. Share Your Expertise on the Subject

If your book’s theme is set on any particular topic that the majority around you don’t know much about, you can become a local expert. If your book revolves around common topics, even then, you can have an expert say on the subject.

Authors do a lot of research while writing their books and can be exceptional experts for newspapers. Although promoting your book launch will give you a remarkable one-time boost, building a relationship with the community by offering your expertise can give you long-lasting publicity.

So, send out press releases to local media outlets and connect with their representatives. When they need an expert on the subject, they will surely think of you.

4. Sign up on a Platform

Reporters writing on a subject often require the expertise of an expert to give their input. For that, they need a resource to connect with the experts. Some platforms allow journalists to send out a query to many experts. Once selected, they can give an interview and talk about the subject in reference to their book. You can sign up for these services and become one of the experts.

You will likely receive a lot of emails, but it will be great for your promotions if you are willing to sort through them and find the one that fits you. In order to be selected, you must ensure to respond quickly.

5. Send Out Giveaways

Giving your book away for free is a remarkable technique to create buzz. This doesn’t mean that you need to make your book free for everyone every time. You can just allot a certain number of free copies. A great way is to hold giveaways is on social media platforms. Post a contest on your Facebook, Instagram pages and ask them to enter the giveaway.

You also can make a condition like mention three friends and ask them to follow your account. In this way, you will also increase your followers that can be your potential buyers in the future. Just use a random generator to pick the winner. Those who don’t win will be surely intrigued to buy your book.

6. Donate Your Books

Nonprofit organizations are always in search of items they can sell at auctions. One of them includes an author’s autographed copy. Reaching out to these organizations will be really helpful for your promotion. Tell them you would like to donate your copies and ask if they would like to receive some of them.

Your best bet would be connecting with organizations having a purpose similar to your book’s theme. For instance, if the book is about substance abuse, donate the copies to a rehab center. If it’s about animals, approach an animal rescue organization. This will help your book receive promotion when they auction it, and you’ll also know you played a role in helping the community.


7. Intrigue your Audience

Have you ever been to a restaurant offering taste tests for free on a new item? Most people are likely to try it. If they like it, they will surely buy it. This practice suggests that offering samples free of cost is a great way to get people to try out new flavors. So how do you apply this strategy to your book?

Let us tell you how. Most people won’t be interested in buying a book from a new author. However, if you offer some initial chapters as a taste test, they might get hooked and end up buying the book. Avid readers can never be okay with not knowing what happens next. Their curiosity will surely urge them to buy it. Truly, it’s not easy to put down a page-turner.


These promotion strategies will surely help you market your book and make it reach a wider audience. However, it’s essential that you remain patient throughout your journey. Promoting your book won’t be easy and can take a lot of time and effort. So, take it easy and enjoy the journey!


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