7 Reasons You Should Choose CodeIgniter For PHP Web Development


Web development advancements have come up with enormous opportunities to expand the business and increase ROI. However, customer engagement is essential for any business to grow and here, reliable websites are the key. 

Having a credible and engaging website better helps in attracting and reaching a wider audience and building an online presence. After all, the better the online services, the better the client satisfaction will be. Thus, benefiting the enterprise in unimaginable ways. 

Here, CodeIgniter is a credible PHP framework that assists to build dynamic web solutions. It is the best solution for designing web apps delivering enhanced stability and performance. Its user-friendly URLs make it easy to build large-scaled dynamic and secured web apps.

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking to expect to have a high-ranking website that provides essential business information? Or do you simply wish to create a user-friendly setting?

Here, considering the CodeIgniter development framework is ideal. Let’s understand this framework better and why to choose it for your web development. 

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What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is an open-source web framework for developing software that follows the model-view-controller development pattern. It’s a basic framework that’s been evolving to keep up with the latest web development trends.

It also can facilitate application source code on web pages, streamline PHP syntax, and so on. As a result, in a short time, you can create interesting and professional websites. Simply mentioned, when compared to other available PHP frameworks, the CodeIgniter framework is regarded the most because of its lively pace and quick responsiveness.

Why Choose CodeIgniter for PHP Web Development?

  • Streamlined Configuration

It is a PHP framework with a linear structure and a freely usable folder structure. This simplifies the PHP syntax while still allowing the framework to be used for development. It is an MVC-based framework, which means its configurations are simpler and more visible. There are also lower chances of making a syntax error.

You simply need to download the latest version, unzip the folders, and install the required things. Then you can begin with the process or simply employ the CodeIgniter web development services for professional help. 

  • Easy-to-Use

The PHP CodeIgniter MVC framework has a simple, easy-to-understand interface.  It is easily configurable to match the requirements of enterprise for web page or app development. 

For example, if there occurs any need for alterations in the future as per the everyday changing requirements, numerous tools and controllers are available. 

  • Secure Framework

Any business serving the customers via online platforms seeks better security. CodeIgniter offers enormous security-rich features and functionalities for better encryption and decryption processes Thus, helping the skilled developers control and handle the data during the development process. 

The XSS filtering feature is included in this framework. Its job is to stop malicious JS or other codes from seizing cookies or causing other problems. All the eCommerce businesses prefer establishing sites using CodeIgniter’s integrated payment methods. Of course, it is a challenging process but CodeIgniter eases it. Also, it allows easy addition of plugins and provides endless customization options. 

  • Robust Testing Functionality

Aside from all the PHP frameworks, the current CodeIgniter version is an amazing and advantageous web app development framework. The best reason is that it has a step-by-step testing feature. This benefit aids developers in evaluating the functions’ improved performance. It also aids in the distribution of the best practices for future web app development projects.

  • Deliver Best Results With Less Coding

CodeIgniter is the most popular development framework among developers since it requires minimal coding. It is not necessary to use any third-party libraries. As a result, the road to speedy and responsive app development has been paved. When it comes to creating a website for your company, it’s best to rely on the CodeIgniter development framework’s features.

  • Extensive Customer Support

Of course, the need for hiring a CodeIgniter developer for development projects is essential. However, an active and vast user community is available. 

Hence, whenever any hassle occurs while building any development project, referring to the CodeIgniter development community would be ideal. 

  • Enhanced SEO

CodeIgniter framework comes with the capability to boost website rankings. Many digital marketing experts consider getting the websites designed on this platform when in need to scale up the traffic.

Moreover, this PHP framework comes with a wide range of features when assembled helps in overall website optimization. Thus, eliminating the chances of distressing layout or elements. 

Simply put, CodeIgniter helps jump from last to the top of SERPs, thanks to its innovative features and customization capabilities. There is no need to learn high-level coding to make changes to website elements or the website as a whole. 

So, if you are planning to build a high-end website or the right platform for an eCommerce development setup, hiring CodeIgniter development services would be ideal. 

Summing Up

To conclude, the need for developing engaging apps and websites is becoming the necessity of every business, especially the eCommerce stores. Thus, providing enough room for businesses to expand and increase profits. 

Also, you can contact Stellen Infotech, a prominent web app development firm that provides tailored services to meet the demands of different businesses. Simply, you can have access to a team of experienced developers who can tackle all the coding or development hassles coming in the way of the project.


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