7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Matte Crayon Lipstick


If you’re looking for a no-fuss lipstick, a matte crayon lipstick is a way to go.

There is a limitless variety of lipsticks on the market, and exploring them is a lot of fun. Lip crayons have been around for a while and are causing quite a stir in the cosmetic world.

If you’re unfamiliar with this product, let us tell you that lip crayons are a game-changer in the world of lipstick. They’re the ideal mix of lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm. 3-in-one!

Have you ever used a lip crayon? If not, here are some reasons to use them.

1. Long-Lasting

Lip crayons last significantly longer than typical lipstick formulas. Lip crayons are a mixture of lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm, as previously said. They have a lot of pigment. You’ll have a stain on your lips even if you eat a substantial meal while wearing the lip crayon. So, while the color may fade slightly, it will not completely vanish.

2. Won’t Dry Much

Lip crayons, especially matte ones, are much smoother than conventional lipsticks. They typically contain moisturizing components such as vitamin E and shea butter, which promise to keep your lips smooth and supple all day. You won’t feel the dryness on your lips even if you reapply a lip crayon.

3. It Can Be Used Without A Sharpener

When you have a lip crayon in your makeup bag, you won’t have to bother about sharpening the tip every time you use it. It is a precise application. To use the crayon, simply twist it. It’s that simple!

4. Easy To Use

With a lip crayon, you can achieve the ideal pout in no time. If you have a lip crayon, you won’t need to carry your lip liner and lip balm separately. You may rapidly draw and then fill in your lips using the tip of the crayon. You don’t need to apply a lip balm over it because the formula is so gentle.

5. Affordable

Lip crayons are much less expensive than conventional lipsticks or tints. For less than Rs. 250, you can acquire an excellent quality lip crayon. The best feature is that they last twice as long as regular lipsticks. A small dab of the product will go a long way.

6. It Can Be Used For Layering

You can use a lip crayon under your lipstick or lip gloss to achieve a richer color on your lips. Lip crayons are extremely pigmented and have a long wear time. They can give you a really great color that lasts for a long time if you layer them.

7. Can Be Used As Cheek Tints

Lip crayons are incredibly soft and easy to blend, that’s why can be used as cheek tints. If you don’t have a blush palette, a lip crayon can be used to achieve those flushed cheeks. Simply apply a small amount to the apple of your cheeks and blend with your fingers or a beauty sponge.

Lip crayons typically come in a creamy matte finish. If you want to keep it shiny, apply a layer of clear gloss.

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