7 Reasons to Use Mobile App and Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 mobile app builder

Smartphones have made our daily life easier. Activities such as setting the alarm, checking social media, listening to music, ordering food and other essentials, booking appointments, changing temperature and lighting, and updating project status are possible while on the go, all thanks to that exclusive program that brings smartphones to life. And this is the reason why you should have a mobile app for your business. 

A mobile app offers numerous benefits to your business. It can grow your sales by letting customers shop from the comfort of their homes. With a mobile app, you can widen your reach, build your brand, and improve customer engagement. The latest trends such as AR/VR, AI, blockchain, touchless UI (voice or gesture-based interfaces), low to no-code app development using tools like Magento 2 mobile app builder further shape the user experience, giving mobile apps a front seat in the business growth strategy. Since Magento is the number one eCommerce platform, you should opt for Magento 2 native app.  

In this article, we shall learn about the reasons for having a mobile app and what makes Magento 2 the present and future of all businesses. 

Why Mobile Apps are Indispensable                         

From selling goods to delivering content and building brands, there are various reasons why businesses use mobile apps. Here are a few of them:

  • Increases Visibility

If you take a second of a break from your mobile phone, you will notice that at least one person beside you is glued to their phone. An average American checks their phone 262 times a day, i.e., every 5.5 minutes a day. That’s how addicted users are to their smartphones. Though the level of consumption is limited to a few apps, in the end, they will unlock, scroll, install, and use the app that they need. 

And if your business comes in that way, that’s a hit for you. You can grab their attention with alluring visuals and graphics. After all, human minds don’t forget the interesting text and graphics they see! 

  • Widens Audience Base

No one remembers the business name or website unless they are a member of it or the brand is Amazon, Apple, Nike that no one forgets. In contrast, apps stay with everyone on their mobile phones that can be accessed anytime, without additional efforts. With apps like Magento 2 native apps, you can increase your customer base by targeting different demographics, reaching diverse audiences, and creating curiosity about your products and services. An app also makes it easy to run age or region-specific offers.   

  • Shows Authenticity

Customers love offers and rewards. However, that traditional point-collection card system is not approachable due to data collection and other issues. However, if you switch to digital solutions, your customers can redeem their loyalty rewards from the app. It helps them track the expiration of their points and rewards, building customer loyalty and your brand’s credibility. With a native app, you can also signify that your brand is authentic as various fake websites sell fake products and services. 

  • Increases Customer Engagement

A means of contact is a crucial factor for customers to engage with the brand despite the industry and services you provide. Including messaging features in your app will drastically boost customer interaction. With a mobile app, you can stay connected with your customers all the time. It’s easy for them to engage with your brand, and if it has excellent functionalities and great UI, they are more likely to stay around.  

  • Better Customer Service

Immediate communication is critical for positive customer service. What could be quicker than a mobile app with a higher loading speed than a website? With a mobile app, it’s easy for customers to seek help. They can even serve themselves by accessing the help center from the mobile app. Besides, features like in-app communication and live tracking simplify everything, providing all the essential data quickly and in one place. 

  • Creates Effective Marketing Channel

A mobile app raises your brand’s projection while helping you drive sales by implementing various marketing strategies. You can leverage AR and VR, provide app-specific offers and rewards, send push alerts, implement in-app messaging, and more. The app allows you to offer your services more effectively. It helps you put the finest details out in front of the eye.             

  • Gathers Valuable Insights

If you want to create a marketing strategy, you need to understand customer behavior. With Magento 2 native app, it’s easy to collect user data. Widgets, surveys, ratings, and reviews help you gather customer feedback and evaluate how satisfied your brand is. It helps analyze customer interaction with your brand and use that data to provide better recommendations, offers, and more services. Without user data, it’s difficult to offer personalized services and run a profitable business. 

Likewise, there are numerous other benefits of having a mobile app for your business. However, the development is challenging, as it’s time-consuming and costly. But, thanks to the latest trends, you can now launch your apps in days and weeks using a Magento 2 mobile app builder. The below section provides all the reasons that you should consider an app developer. 

What are the Benefits of Magento 2 App Builder

You might have heard that customization is better than a ready-made solution. Yes, customization has its own set of advantages. But, ready-made solutions are a go-to option when time and money are constraints. Here are the benefits that you can avail with Magento 2 app builder:

  • No-Coding Skills Required

App builder makes the development process simple as you don’t have to code. You can use the WYSIWYG approach and change the layout by dragging and dropping elements. This also means that you can see all the modifications (changes in content and components) you do in real-time.      

  • Ready-Made Architecture

You don’t have to worry about the elements placed as Magento 2 mobile app builder will have all the elements that you will need. All you have to do is fill in the details. For example, there will be default layouts of the home page, product page, dashboard. You need to add information and make those widgets and templates lively. 

  • Rich Features

Magento 2 app builder consists of all the essential app features, whether it’s different payment modes or one-page checkout. Changing layouts, banners, styles, headers, categories, grids are a piece of cake with drag and drop. You can customize your home page with a dynamic layout, manage orders and profiles, and run offers using a countdown timer.    

  • Budget-Friendly

Budget allocation is a pain, especially when you are on a shoestring budget. Thus, app builders have come into existence to save you from a crisis. It’s difficult to understand the price of a custom app as there are various factors associated with it, such as technologies, development hours, location, features, third-party extensions, and more. Custom app development can cost between a few thousand dollars to a few hundred dollars. Magento 2 mobile app builder is budget-friendly since the price is almost fixed and features and structure are readily available.

  • Full Control

Mobile app builder changes your mobile app’s look and feel with an app builder. Since you’re developing your app, you have full control over it. The way you want it to look, positioning of the buttons, features you want to include, etc. 

  • Development Duration

Unlike custom solutions that require a long duration to code and ensure quality assurance, app builder is pre-developed and tested, which means you can launch your app in a few days or weeks. As you don’t have to go through the resource planning and development stages of custom development, it saves you a lot of time. You can directly plug in, transfer your data, and get started. 

  • Ease of Support

The app development services you choose helps you place your app on the App Store and support updates and maintenance. Besides, you can enable/disable the available features based on your requirements.  

Overall, the main advantage is that you can launch your Magento 2 native app quickly, affordably, and without coding skills. 

Over to You

A mobile app is a necessity rather than a luxury. If you want to grow your business revenue and engage with customers, Magento 2 app builder is the option. It makes development fast and affordable. So, bring in a Magento 2 mobile app builder for your Magento 2 native app today! 



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