7 Reasons to Use Custom Corrugated Boxes for Your Business!

Custom Corrugated Boxes-3
Custom Corrugated Boxes-3

Custom corrugated boxes are an essential part of any business. Whether you’re shipping your product or keeping it safe while on display at a trade show. 

If you are using generic cardboard boxes, your products could be damaged when they’re being shipped or transported to the destination location. They may not look their best during their time on display at your trade show booth. 

When choosing custom corrugated boxes for your business, here are seven reasons why you should select these over generic boxes.

Save Time and Money!

If you are looking for more efficient shipping options and cutting costs on materials, consider printing on corrugated boxes. 

It will help you get your products from A to B quicker, enabling you to avoid expensive storage and transportation fees.

You can often print your logos and branding on custom printed corrugated boxes that will make them look professional in warehouses and distribution centers—helping get them to their end destination faster than traditional packaging methods. 

If you want your products to make a great first impression with customers, custom-printed corrugated boxes are one of those small business strategies that will significantly pay off. 

It’s also important to remember that many companies use third-party couriers to deliver packages these days. 

So, if you want to stand out from other businesses, having branded boxes can be an easy way to do so. 

Plus, when it comes time to ship your goods around town or across country lines, having branded packaging will set you apart from competitors who aren’t doing so!

Protect Your Goods!

You probably want to make sure your goods are protected when running a business. And that’s precisely what custom corrugated boxes can do. 

These specialized cardboard shipping containers are sturdy and durable, making them perfect for storing and transporting anything from clothes to electronics. 

If you have fragile products, customized cardboard packaging is also a must. It won’t get damaged in transit like paper boxes will. 

When considering your packaging needs, think about buying corrugated boxes wholesale. Buying in bulk saves you money and gives you more control over your inventory. 

You’ll be able to buy just enough when you need it without having any leftover boxes taking up space. 

Plus, if something does happen to go wrong with a shipment, having extra boxes on hand means less downtime for your business.

Many businesses overlook their shipping supplies when it comes time to choose packaging materials. 

Still, these seven reasons should convince even the most skeptical entrepreneurs why they should use custom corrugated boxes instead of traditional options. 

It may seem like an expense at first glance (and maybe even a second). 

Still, these affordable alternatives could save you money over time by keeping your shipments safe and secure while simultaneously saving on storage space.

Consistency in Brand Identity!

A business’s success often depends on its ability to make a strong, consistent first impression in all areas of its marketing. 

When it comes to custom corrugated boxes. It’s important to realize that how your products are packaged is part of your brand. 

In other words, what you put inside those boxes matters just as much as how they look from the outside. 

How do you ensure your brand is reflected in every aspect of your products? 

With consistency across packaging and presentation of your business and products: package design, logo placement, and branding colors. 

Make sure every box that leaves your warehouse includes a return address label with more contact information (web address/email). So customers can easily find out more about who you are. 

This will help create an even stronger sense of familiarity and connection between your business and potential clients. 

And if it’s done right, you’ll soon be known for putting thought into everything that touches your customer from start to finish.

Protection Against Theft!

Of course, having custom packaging with your company logo or product branding is a great way to get people’s attention and show off your brand. 

But there are even more reasons that corrugated boxes are great for marketing your business. The most important might be their protection against theft. 

If you’re selling an item that can easily be removed from shelves—like bottles of wine or specialty products from high-end shops. Custom packaging can help prevent theft by making it harder to quickly remove your product from store shelves. 

With custom packaging, thieves don’t have easy access to what’s inside.

Easy Shipping Tracking!

A custom corrugated box won’t get lost in transit. 

The weight of a corrugated box is easy to determine, making it easy for delivery drivers and USPS workers to understand how much space a package will take upon their trucks. Therefore, which boxes need special attention when putting packages inside their trucks. Additionally, because a custom corrugated box is built from scratch, you can add your special touches that might not be possible with store-bought packaging (like custom tape designs or die-cut pieces). 

Finally, you can include important information about your business directly on your packaging. So recipients can easily find ways to contact you after receiving their items. 

These are only a few reasons why shipping suppliers recommend using custom corrugated boxes.

Reduce Breakage During Shipment!

One of the biggest problems with standard cardboard boxes is breakage. These are of very flimsy material, and if they don’t happen to arrive in pristine condition. They probably won’t hold up well over time. 

If you ship products with corrugated boxes that are built precisely to your specifications. You’ll be able to ensure that your products get where they need to go without breaking or being damaged in any way.

Ability to Add Logos, Design, and Personalization!

Customization and personalization are great ways to give customers more reason to buy your product. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself in a crowded market or add value. So vital for growing your business.

For example, if you sell personalized jewelry online, custom packaging that includes branding is essential. If you sell computer accessories with company logos on them (think customized mousepads and laptop cases). Your packaging needs to allow customization. 

Buying corrugated boxes wholesale and customizing them with your brand gives customers another reason to purchase from you rather than another company. 

Using graphic design skills can help make it look professional and appealing too!

At OXO Packaging, we offer a variety of custom corrugated boxes. These make a great impression on potential clients and keep them coming back.

We work with different businesses and organizations, from the food service industry to the health sector.

The way we operate is very simple; once you place an order for customized printable corrugated boxes with us, we start processing it right away. 

We usually let you choose from various styles and colors, and sizes. So you can hone in on precisely what will fit your needs best.

Our customers come back to us because they know they can rely on our quality products. Our quality services, and our high level of customer care.



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