7 mobile scanning apps that redefine scanning functionalities

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There is no longer a time where you need to visit cafes to have your documents scanned. Utilize portable mobile scanning apps to scan your documents and get high quality scans just like cafe scanners.

The days are gone where you need to travel out to take scans of documents. Even if you’re not planning to go out, you don’t require a large device in your home in order to take pictures of documents. This is because smartphones are able to scan documents as effectively than a dedicated scanner. They come with efficient camera equipment and some great scanning applications can be used to make the most of it. Scanning documents using smartphones’ cameras is affordable, helps save time and is extremely useful.

So, Are you in need of a scanner? Simply use your mobile.

Do not bother with bulky physical scanners ever again. Thanks to the top-quality cameras of the latest smartphones as well as nifty technology behind the scanning of documents or photos with outstanding results is as simple as opening an application and snapping a photo.

There is no need for huge printers or scanners in order to print office files. Since most smartphones have an excellent camera and can scan documents with high-quality by using one of the top scan apps for documents below. Additionally, scanning PDFs using your mobile scanning apps on smart phones can be quicker as compared to using the desktop scanner.

The benefits of using a well-known Android or iOS scanner application is that it permits access to documents via the cloud, and has powerful editing tools as well as some complete with OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) support.

This article will review seven of the most popular mobile scanning apps for Android and iPhone.

7 best mobile scanning apps for Android and iPhone

Here is a listing of the seven best mobile scanner apps that you can download for Android as well as iPhone.

QuickScan App

QuickScan is one of the best mobile scanning apps that provides a wholesome scanning experience with amazing UI/UX. It is a reliable scan-and-scan app for iOS and Android that provides the majority of the features that are standard. This document scanner doesn’t require users to sign in prior to use and you can start using it from the beginning.

You can scan receipts, documents reports, bills, invoices, Identity cards, or other documents and save them to PDF format. The iOS pdf scanner and Android scanner app supports all the popular cloud storage providers and permits users to print their required documents within moments.

Furthermore, it comes with auto edge detection, which will help to prevent distortion by straightening the images. The application comes with various levels of brightness, an easy search using the title of the document and has passcode protection for important documents, etc.

QuickScan Scanner is ad-supported and offers in-app purchases.

QuickScan SS

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the most well-known mobile scanning apps available. It’s simple to use and allows you to automatically scan and resize your documents, comes with built-in OCR to read text from images, and you can choose to upload the scanned document to the cloud, or to share it with third-party applications. The app is completely free of advertisements and is available for the two platforms of Android or iOS.

Scanner Pro

In terms of capabilities, Scanner Pro mobile scanning apps is a step above in comparison to other apps like Adobe Scan. The app, which is an iOS exclusive, has an option to remove shadows. It removes shadows on the fly whenever you scan the document. In addition, it allows you to scan multiple documents to share them with friends and keep them in the cloud, or use OCR to convert text from any image to editable text. But, before you install the app, be aware that if you wish to make use of all options other than the scanning of documents and their storage within the app it is necessary to pay the one-time cost of Rs. 299.

Microsoft Office Lens

If you’re trying for a cost-free and reliable scanner app which is compatible with Microsoft Office, don’t look farther other than Microsoft Office Lens. With this application, you can scan files, documents, and whiteboard images. Additionally, you can save documents as PDF, and store it in Word, Powerpoint, OneDrive and more. or transfer it to other users via third-party applications. Office Lens is easy to use, has a simple and minimalist UI and you can download it at no cost on Android and iOS.

Google Drive for Android

Our next choice will be Google Drive for Android. Wait, what? It’s true that if you’ve got Google Drive installed on your phone, there isn’t a need for any scanner application from a third party since Drive is equipped with an integrated scanner. To test it visit Google Drive on your Android and then click the + symbol on the left side > click Scan. When you do this, a camera interface will appear and you’ll be able to scan your documents and business cards. This scanner may not be as advanced like Adobe Scan or Office Lens but it will cover the basic needs. Here, you’ll find several filters that you can play around with, you have basic options for cropping and rotating as well as image enhancement options, and when you’re finished editing, you can save the PDF file directly to Google Drive and share it with other users.

Notes application for iOS

iOS lovers who are using Android, Android includes Google Drive, iOS has the Notes application that comes with an integrated scanner. To try it out, using the iPhone or iPad you need to open Notes, create a note, then tap the camera icon in the bottom of the screen > click Scan documents to begin scanning. After that, you can modify the color and rotate it to your preference or reduce it. After you’ve scanned documents and stored them, you are able to directly share them with other users using third-party software.

Clear Scan

Clear Scan with Android easily scans any document or images that you have taken from your smartphone. It can convert scans and documents to PDF as well as JPEG format. This fantastic scanner app for Android is light and provides rapid processing.

Print images or documents that you have scanned with Cloud Print. The scanner application is free and offers different editing tools for professional use even once you have saved the photos to your gallery.


It’s rare to find anyone who has a printer and a scanner. As technology advances and advances, it is apparent that scanners are going the same way as the old fax machines, gradually but surely disappearing into the background.


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