7 High-Conversion Hello Bar Alternatives For WordPress Websites


Do you own a WordPress website for your small business? If yes, then it would provide you with valuable functionality and enable you to use various plugins for a better user experience. You might heed about “hello bar” numerous times. It is a useful hook-up to a WordPress website that can enhance its functionality. This is primarily used to improve visitors’ experience by greeting and welcoming them to the site. It aims to improve the conversion rate of websites. So, it delivers a clear message to online shoppers to complete particular actions on the website. The action could be for buying a product, participating in a sale campaign, or connecting with your social media.

Why is it used on websites?

It is an undeniable fact that using this plugin is great for boosting a website’s conversion rate. But, alongside it is a costly function. However, there is no need to down your morale. Hence, there are many hello bar alternatives available online, so you can use them to serve the purpose well. It is also known as an offer bar that could be placed on top or bottom of your website. It can fetch the attention of the visitors at the first site than any other website’s element. Moreover, it will stay in view on the website until an action has been made by the user. So, check the list of 7 high-converting announcement bars below.

WordPress notification bar

In this digital era, technology is proving a boon, especially for business websites. As a website owner, if you are finding it expensive to set up an announcement bar on your website, then you have several options. You can consider using the WP notification bar. It can offer you augmented functionality than the standardized offer bar. It is a customizable and alert plugin for your website to deliver promotional messages to visitors. It can influence the website visitors to connect with your social media page and other marketing campaigns. You can use it to increase your audience through email listing and by getting your social media to account following.

Sleek note bar

This is another useful plugin among the hello bar alternatives that you can consider for the WP website. You probably want a straightforward and hassle-free pop-up tool that allows you to customize messages. This plugin has a drag and drop setting and templates that can help your visitors to turn into buyers. You can use this bar to capture the email address of visitors for promoting sales. This bar has several features that could make it a perfect substitute to offer a bar. The best thing is that you can immediately get access to all its features despite your plan. You can use it for moderate pricing with no hidden cost.

Thrive leads

You can hit the right way to boost conversions for your website using Thrive leads. It is a powerful plugin that you can utilize to create opt-in forms. An opt-in form is consent that a web user can give to contact by a third party regarding the specific products. So, using thrive leads can replace the use of the announcement bar effectively. The best thing about this plugin is that it comes with alluring themes that can draw the attention of users. It is really affordable to use getting the membership with thrive suite. You can use it for a reasonable annual charge and can grow your audience.

Sumo smart bar

It is one of the best plugins that can entice you to ignore the hello bar completely for promoting your website. The best part of this bar is that it is available in free versions and paid versions. You can even choose to use its free version as it also has good features. But, if you want more advanced features, then you must switch to the paid version. You can identify the best plan to use this bar. It can help you to influence visitors to subscribe to your email list. It can help you to hit more people on the call to action and follow you on Facebook and Twitter.

Notification bar for WordPress

It is a free tool that you can use to grow your audience by using its exceptional features. As the name suggests itself, it is a notification bar to set for your WordPress website. You can use it to add a responsive toolbar to your website. It is undoubtedly a valid option to use instead of a traditional offer bar. So, you can use it to add new post alerts, social media tabs, opt-in tabs, and email subscription tabs, etc. It can help you considerably in improving the audience and achieving your goals. The good news is that you can use this tool for free to serve your purpose of converting visitors into potent buyers.

Attention grabber

What is the purpose of building a website? It is probably to grab the attention of the visitors towards a brand. So, what an attention grabber hook can do for your website? It will grab the attention of visitors with short and meaningful quotes. You can use this plugin instead of the hello bar to let users take some actions. You can use concise yet meaningful sentences at the top of your webpage. It can help you to redirect the visitors’ traffic to the page of your choice. You can even use it to collect the email addresses of new visitors to your website in an intuitive way.


It is also a rewarding plugin that is free to use and can help you build a huge customer base. It is a website tool that can turn your visitors into potential buyers. However, it might cause some trouble at the initial setting phase due to some complexity. But, once you set up the plugin, it gives you a pleasant user experience. You can use it to collect the email addresses of visitors and can enhance engagement for social media accounts of businesses.

The Final Say

These are the top-rated seven hellobar alternatives that you can use almost free. You can install them on your WordPress website by following simple procedures. These plugins are proven to boost conversions for the websites to a significant extent. 


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