7 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved One


7 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved One

For those who love it, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Lovers spend the day going on outings, expressing their love for each other, and buying gifts that mirror this mutual affection.

Although Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a romantic holiday, celebrating it every year can leave you scrambling to find new gift ideas to impress your loved one.

After dozens of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears, you might wonder what’s left to give your lover this Valentine’s Day. To help you out, here are seven cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for your loved one.

1. A Cup Of Love

What better way to start Valentine’s Day than by gifting your loved one with a cup of coffee (or, shall we say, a cup of love), customized exclusively for them.

You can create personalized coffee mugs online to get tons of ideas. Choose from thousands of graphics and messages or create your own with a picture of the two of you.

2. Handwritten Love Letters

The personal touch of a handwritten love letter never gets old. Surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a heartfelt note reminding them how much they are loved. Consider upgrading your penmanship by learning calligraphy writing to make your letter extra special.

Find a festive envelope for a holiday, perhaps a red or pink envelope with hearts on it, and address your letter to your loved one by circling a heart around their name.

3. Engraved Silver Jewelry

Think of a special message or date of significance to you and your romantic partner, and gift them with an engraved silver bracelet or necklace with this information. The amount of thought, effort, (and money) put into this gift will leave them feeling more loved than ever before. Some ideas for engravings include your wedding date, anniversary date, an inside joke, or the first words you ever said to each other.

4. A Picnic With A View

Pick a romantic spot or somewhere your loved one has always wanted to visit, and plan to have a romantic picnic on Valentine’s Day. The two of you can watch the sunset overlooking beautiful scenery (perhaps the beach, on top of a hill, on a rooftop, etc.) and enjoy your favorite wine and cheese. Be sure to bring extra blankets and jackets in case it gets cold!

5. A Night At A Fancy Hotel

Book a room at an upscale hotel to spend the night enjoying a private Valentine’s Day.

Order room service, take a bubble bath, play the best love songs of soulful RnB, and enjoy the evening together over a box of chocolate-covered strawberries!

With a gift like this, they’ll wish Valentine’s Day would last forever.

6. Tickets To A Show

If there is a particular musician or group that your loved one has been wanting to see, surprise them with tickets to their show this Valentine’s Day. They’ll love the thought you put into remembering their interests.

7. Take Your Loved One Ice Skating

Even if you’re not very good on ice skates, there’s something timelessly romantic about going ice skating on Valentine’s Day. The two of you can awkwardly fight for your balance on the ice and hold hands, or at least grab some hot cocoa afterward.

Make Valentine’s Day Special

You can’t go wrong with classic chocolate kisses and champagne glass engagement ring proposals. Still, if you’re looking for something different, consider the above seven suggestions for Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget. If you think about what your loved one would enjoy most, you’ll find the perfect gift easily!


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