7 crucial things you need to consider before making a deal with your private label cosmetic manufacturer

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Has it always been your dream to start your cosmetic brand? Or maybe you want to venture into a new project and expand your already existing business. If your answer is yes then consider going for private labelling. We can probably give you tons of reasons for the same.

If you go to any big departmental store you will come across several homegrown brands starting from cosmetics to groceries. These products are generally not manufactured by themselves but by some other manufacturing companies. They buy those products from them and label them as their brand.

If you plan to launch a cosmetic brand then you may also follow the same path. As a cosmetic brand, you will need to include different lines of skincare, hair care and makeup products. According to your need, you can look for a private label skincare manufacturer or hair care manufacturer.

What do you mean by private labelling?

Before we start discussing what to keep in mind while going for private labelling let’s get an idea about what private labelling is. Manufacturing your products while starting a new brand can be too much work. For this reason, many businesses approach different companies to manufacture their products and label them as their own.

For starting a cosmetic brand you can contact beauty product suppliers in Singapore and ask them to manufacture your products. It is needless to say that this involves a lot of procedures. But what are the things that you need to consider before starting private labelling? Let’s discuss some of the topics that may cross your mind while choosing a private labelling cosmetic manufacturer.

Selecting the products for selling –

The first step you need to make is deciding on the products you want to sell under your brand name. For a cosmetic brand, there are lots of products that you can launch. For a new business, it is a good idea to start by launching fewer products. You can contact any private label skincare manufacturer and start by launching only the skincare line.

Further, you can go ahead and contact beauty product suppliers in Singapore and keep launching various new products. Your products should have a variety of ranges. A little bit of market survey will be of great help in this regard. Understanding the need of your buyers will certainly have a positive impact on your product selection process.

Next, you need to find the perfect manufacturer for your products –

Once you have decided on your products you can easily approach any manufacturer and ask them for private labelling. You should go for a renowned and trustworthy manufacturing company so that the quality of your products does not get compromised. A reputed manufacturer can assure you about the quality of their products. In some cases, they also offer you to have some control over their manufactured products. Generally, these companies do not disclose their work method to everyone but if they do then it is a good idea to take a closer look at the work process of these companies. Ask for samples before finalising the deal with your manufacturer. Test these products thoroughly until you feel satisfied. Approach various companies to test their product samples and then choose the one that fits all your requirements.

Examine the formulation closely –

A good formulation is everything when it comes to cosmetic products. Ask for the whole formulation of a particular product before sealing the deal with your manufacturer.

Also, ask if they will let you reformulate anything or not. These companies do not offer any reformulation in general. You need to accept whatever formulation they use for manufacturing their products.

Do not overlook the sourcing of the raw material and certification –

While finalising the products do not forget to ask for the raw material and where they are sourced from. Know if the ingredients they are using to formulate their products are ethically sourced or not. In case you want to launch a cruelty-free cosmetic brand then ask your manufacturer about animal testing.

Nowadays animal testing is against the law in many cases. Another important thing is to check their certification. Is the company you are going to work with have proper certification for formulating and manufacturing cosmetic products? Are they safe to use? Asking these questions before the agreement is a must.

Put enough effort into designing the brand logo and label –

A well designed and catchy logo will give your brand a head start. Spend enough time in design detailing your brand logo and label. Software is available these days that can make your logo designing a much easier task. You may also hire a professional graphic designer for a well made crisp work.

Emphasize increasing the aesthetics of the label and logo. Furthermore, pay attention to the product packaging as well. Your product packaging should look appealing to the consumers. Pay enough attention to selecting the right colour scheme or the shape and size of the container. A cosmetic brand’s success relies hugely upon good packaging as it will surely grab attention.

Sale your products online –

After you are done with all the labelling the next thing will be to start selling them. Besides offline selling consider selling your products online. you may try selling your products on different e-commerce sites. This will give an instant boost to your sales and your brand can reach a larger consumer.

You may also consider building your website and e-commerce platform for selling your brand. Setting up an online business platform is much more convenient than setting up a physical store. The expenses are moreover something to worry about as well in opening a physical store.

A well-designed marketing strategy is all you need –

For any business to thrive a spot-on marketing strategy is extremely necessary. You can use several online platforms for marketing your brand. You can even hire different marketing agencies for this purpose. Put digital marketing to good use. Digital marketing can help your brand in creating goodwill. Use different social media networks as your digital marketing tool. You can even hire employees for maintaining your presence on various social media platforms. Build and maintain a strong website, write blogs, and articles, make e-catalogues etc. to grab the attention of the online customers.

Try sending PR products to several social media influencers and ask them to review your products on their channel. This will instantly promote your brand and will reach a large number of consumers. Keep posting reviews of your buyers online consistently.


Find the best beauty product suppliers in Singapore and check if they offer you private labelling. But before that, you should be aware of certain issues that may come along with a private label skincare manufacturer or any other cosmetic manufacturer. Starting a business from scratch can be difficult.

Things can get even harder if you have to manufacture the products also all by yourself. Private labelling makes this process a lot easier and more cost-effective as it may cost 30% to 40% less compared to manufacturing products all by yourself. Now you know how advantageous can private labelling be to the brands which are new or already established.

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