7 Biggest Drug Rehab Fears! How to overcome?



Every single addicted person, who or his loved ones decided to seek professional help for the recovery process, faces multiple fears. These drug rehab fears are very much an expected phenomenon. Even a normal person starting something new has to overcome certain fears. An addicted person has lost his willpower, stamina, physical strength, and mental capacity of making decisions. He is more likely to face certain fears while deciding to step into the rehabilitation process. The fears that an addicted person faces can be categorized into the following categories. It might be difficult for those with substance misuse issues to overcome fear. For those who struggle with addictions, fear frequently surfaces. They worry about keeping their employment. Also they are concerned about being discovered and worry about losing their parental rights. They also worry about hurting their bonds with their loved ones. They worry about losing their loved ones and friends and worry about being detained and being charged with a crime.


Drug Rehab Fear- Is It Normal?


Fear might be present both before and after recovery; this is natural. As the patient advances through their rehab treatment program, the anxieties will gradually start to change. Most likely, their dread of entering rehab is the largest obstacle they must face. The fact that they must acknowledge they have a problem with substance usage is why many people with addiction issues are afraid of recovery. They must also be aware that, in many circumstances, their loved ones, friends, employer, coworkers, and others may learn they have a problem with addiction. Then they will continue to live in fear because they are prepared and willing to accept these realities. However, they have just made the first significant step on their road to recovery, however, once they are willing to set aside their fear and begin rehab treatment.


Here are the 7 Biggest Drug Rehab Fears and how to overcome them:


  • Fear of Detoxification

The first and the severe most fear that an addicted person faces while going through a decision to attend rehab, is the fear of detoxification. Detoxification from drug addiction is not an easy process to go through. It’s a very uncomfortable and unpleasant step. Did you know that some famous scenes of an addict’s misery during the detoxification process depicted in the movies and TV plays, add fuel to fire in raising this fear? The addict feels himself in a miserable condition, even before entering rehab.


But an addict should be made to realize by the loved ones that he is not all alone in this painful journey. There is a proper team of doctors like suboxone doctors are with proper medication to help him go through a pain-free recovery. At the same time, this should be keep in mind that feelings and sensations during detoxification vary from person to person.


  • Fear of Change

Anyone might be afraid of change, addiction, or no addiction. Change requires modifying the routines and actions we currently regard as usual in favor of something that may be far less pleasant. Because most people are hesitant to change what they are accustomed to, changes can be very challenging. The dread of change for those who struggle with substance misuse is related to their inability to continue abusing the alcohol or drugs that have become a regular part of their everyday lives. After receiving addiction treatment like suboxone treatment or CBT, the things they currently consider normal won’t be the same, and developing new, healthy habits will need a lot of effort on their part. In order to overcome their worries and prevent triggers that can lead to a relapse, they must relearn how to eat healthily, exercise, and create coping methods. These changes can all breed worries of their own. 


  • Fear of Unhappiness

As drugs release dopamine in a flooded quantity, the brain of an addict gets used to a sudden happy feeling with the intake of drugs. So he feels himself in a fear of not feeling joy and happiness and getting depressed.


In this journey, an addict should set realistic goals about the procedure. Getting happiness through means other than drugs is a slow process but it will be achieve with consistent treatment in rehab. Also, the treatment can be achieve by your personal health insurance plan which gives rehab coverage. You need to ask your insurance providers like Blue Cross Insurer.


  • Fear of Admitting That You Have A Problem

The most prominent feature of drug addiction is a constant phase of denial that the addicted person permanently goes through. The addict feels reluctant in admitting that he has a problem with taking drugs. He denies the fact that the misery he is feeling is due to his addictive behavior. He is afraid of admitting that he has a problematic life because of substance abuse. This fear can be one of the biggest hurdles in his recovery


If the addicted person does not overcome the fear of admitting that he has a problem, his recovery process will not start at any cost. The sooner he overcomes this fear, the easier the process of rehabilitation will get started.


  • Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the biggest fears because of which many people do not opt for rehab. They feel insecure in the sense that, what will happen if they go through all the pains, miseries, and problems of detoxification and severe withdrawal symptoms, but remain in the same phase of addiction time and again? This very question makes them terrified and they decide not to go to rehab.    


Fear of relapse is the strongest fear. Every addict should keep in mind that according to research, half of the people going through the recovery process do relapse but half of them don’t. If he relapses at some stage and learns to tackle further relapses, it’s not a failure. It’s a huge success indeed. 


  • Fear of Losing Identity

Another major fear during rehabilitation is the fear of losing identity. Being successful in this journey means the addict has lost his identity. Being an addict for a long time gives the personal identity of an addict. If he is no longer an addict, then what is he? An addict feels himself in a dilemma of identification while going through a successful recovery.  


This is the right time for an addict to leave his comfort zone. A lost identity crisis will be a short-term problem. At the end of the day, the addict will find his lost identity in many ways.


  • Fear of Rejection 

There is a constant fear in an addict’s mind that if he tries to seek help from rehab. He will be rejected by his loved ones or friends. Some even deny having a problem or asking someone for help. 


This fear can be overcome by pushing himself for a recovery program, even when he doesn’t want to do so. Sober gatherings and support groups can be attend to strengthen himself for taking a decision. 


Bottom Line…

No matter how scary addiction recovery seems, just take the first step and see how your life will transform. As frightening as addiction can be, the dread of recovery is one of the most prevalent phobias. Even though remaining in their addiction is self-destructive. Their fear of going to rehab and of life without drugs may keep them ensnared in their harmful habits. 



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