7 Best Surf And Paddle Board Carriers For Your Vehicle


One of the most challenging tasks for every paddleboard owner is securely transporting their paddleboard to the seaside, particularly if you have to drive on roads. A paddle board carrier is emerging as an ideal way to travel with it. The most acceptable paddleboard vehicle roof carrier is a mix of ease of installation and maximum protection without compromising your vehicle’s performance.


Are you looking for a solid and durable board carrier for your car but don’t know where to start? Despite the abundance of options on the market, deciding on the best paddleboard automobile roof rack is challenging since you must evaluate many aspects like weight capacity, shape, and quality. Read on to find some of the best surf carriers for your vehicle to make your choice an easier one.

What are the best surf and paddleboard carriers for a vehicle?


Handling your paddleboard may be difficult while traveling, but it is essential if you want to enjoy your time on the water. Roof racks for paddleboards guarantee that your equipment is secure and straightforward to transport. To make the selection simple for you, here are some of the finest roof mounts for your vehicle or SUV:

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board is the finest surf and paddle board carrier for people who enjoy the design and have several paddleboards in various sizes. It has integrated rollers that allow the simple loading of large SUP models and a sleek matt black exterior that matches modern cars. 

Yakima’s adjustable slider can hold two 36-inch-wide sup planks in one go and is designed to accommodate a minimum horizontal spread of 24 inches. It features integrated strap stabilization stows to help sustain your stand-up surfboards, as well as rollers to make loading more significant SUP boards a breeze. You can also look out for Ultra compact camping chair for better adventure.

Yakima CoreBar Paddle Board:

This paddle board ceiling rack is made of galvanized steel and includes a vinyl cover. It has two crossbars and four end caps. This one-of-a-kind combination is resistant to any corrosion that occurs naturally in outdoor environments. Yakima’s extraordinarily aerodynamic and streamlined design adds a little more flair to any vehicle, whether it’s an old camper or a new SUV. Overall, the crossbars are very durable and provide much-needed safety for your stand-up paddleboards.

IKURAM 4 in 1 Paddle Board:

IKURAM 4 in 1 Paddle Board Car Top Rack is one of the finest roof racks for budget-conscious individuals looking for a multifunctional car roof rack with excellent all-around capability. It has a simple-to-install design that fits most vehicles.

This multifunctional rooftop mount by IKURAM is made of polished aviation-grade aluminum alloy and comes with heavy-duty straps with a 750-pound break strength. IKURAM can handle paddleboards that weigh less than 150 pounds and are 42 inches wide or smaller. Furthermore, it is made of lightweight, robust, and rust-resistant materials.

Orion Motor Tech Universal Paddle Board roof rack:

This soft-type roof rack from Orion Motor Tech is intended as a pair of two pads connected with extra-long ties and heavy-duty fasteners to prevent scratching and smudging. While other SUP roof racks have metal closures, the ones on this system are silicone, which lowers weight and improves resistance. This surfboard rack has a uniform setup and does not need any ceiling bars to keep your surfboards safe.

DORSAL Sunguard Paddle Board Car roof rack:

DORSAL Sunguard is made up of two soft cushions with a core made of high-density soft foam. The UV-protecting sun-shielding outer surface ensures the pad’s long life. Furthermore, these pads have extra-wide straps that enable them to fit over various aero bar widths. The design also allows you to combine it with other lateral load or lashing straps, giving you multiple choices for protecting your surfboard.

Yakima SUP Dawg Paddle Board Car roof rack:

This Yakima surfboard roof rack is made of high-grade aluminum and has an adjustable hinge that fits a minimum horizontal span of 24 inches. It can hold two 36-inch-wide stand-up paddleboards in one run, and the incorporated strap control stows the paddleboards’ straps to keep them firm. Furthermore, you may load even large paddleboards without trouble.

Yakima JetStream Base Paddle Board Car roof rack:

This car roof rack is the ideal mix of aesthetics, strong durability, aerodynamic effectiveness, and noiseless riding experience at freeway speeds, designed in a slick JetFlow teardrop shape.

Yakima has a smooth extruded aluminum structure with precisely polished alloy and comes as four bars with four end caps. The JetFlow teardrop design, which reduces air resistance, sets this pair of Yakima bars apart. It also comes with a push-down system so that you can connect it to the mounts with a single click.

In conclusion

When it comes to selecting the finest SUP roof rack for you, the first essential consideration is whether or not it can fit on top of your car. The carriers mentioned above will suit nicely over most car designs. To be safe, you can check with each manufacturer to determine whether your existing rack configuration is compliant with your new racks. Some SUP racks may only attach with oval bars due to differences in roof racks, while others adapt to suit only flat or spherical frames.


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