7 Best Debut Author Books To Read In 2022


No matter if you are a new bibliophile or an avid veteran reader. A best debut author book’s recommendation is a bonus for everyone. Although each individual has their own admired types of stories. Some love tragic and dark crime thrillers. Some love more mellow stories, and some love to have a comic touch to their chosen novels. Among all these categories, here I have some books by debut authors. They have touched many hearts with their fabulous narrations, plots, and storytelling.

Here are the best debut author books a few of my favorites –

The Maid By Nita Prose

Molly the maid is all alone in the world. A nobody. She is used to being invisible in her job. At the regency grand hotel. She is just a maid – why should anyone take notice? But Molly is thrown into the spotlight. When she discovers an infamous guest. Mr. Black, is very dead in his bed. This isn’t a mess that can be easily cleaned up. She is just a maid – but what can she see that others overlook?

The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois By HonoreeFanonne Jeffers

The great scholar, W. E. B. Du Bois once the best debut author book. Wrote about the Problem of race in America, and what he called “Double Consciousness. A sensitivity that every African American possesses in order to survive. Since childhood, Ailey Pearl Garfield has understood Du Bois’s words all too well. Bearing the names of two formidable. Black Americans—the revered choreographer Alvin Ailey and her great grandmother. Pearl, the descendant of enslaved Georgians and tenant farmers—Ailey carries Du Bois’s Problem on her shoulders.

Best Intentions By Simran Dhir

Gayatri Mehra is tired of her parents trying to find her a suitable husband. She would much rather focus on the history journal. She edits and leave the happily-ever-after to Nandini and Amar. Her newly married sister and brother-in-law. But when the journal faces pressure to fall in line from the right-wing. SSP, headed by a corrupt godman, Gayatri is forced to seek help from Akshay Grewal, Amar’s brother and elder son of lawyer-turned-politician Gyan Singh Grewal.

Brown Girls By Daphne PalasiAndreades

In this bold debut told in a uniquely lyrical voice. Daphne PalasiAndreades paints a stunning collective portrait. The journey from girlhood to adulthood, is set against a backdrop of race, class, and marginalization in America today. Brown Girls is an unforgettable love letter to women of color everywhere from a daring new writer.

Parsi Kitchen By Anahita Dhondy

The Parsi Kitchen is a warm and whimsical memoir about how she embraced the cuisine that she grew up with. From her grandmother’s Ravo to a Bombay duck inspired by her travels through Gujarat, the quirky tales behind her beloved dishes make for a delicious read.

A treasure trove of recipes and memories. The Parsi Kitchen is a book to be savored.


Bena’s Summer By Shibal Bhartiya

A faint noise reached the kitchen. The tenor and cadence so familiar, drifting from the streets not so far away. Women in the kitchen froze. Not one woman sobbed, not one child whimpered. This was a set of people that had seen and survived many riots before. Qasai Tola was now silent. And sitting within this circle of women. Oblivious to all that was happening as the tiny town of Sultanpur burned. Was Bena, biting happily into the honey-soaked goodness of a hazaarwaraq ka paratha.


The Maverick Effect By Harish Mehta

In the mid-1970s, a young, twenty-something man living an American dream threw away a lucrative job as a database manager and came back to India. At that time, India had no IT industry to speak of computers were a novelty. Nation trapped in socio-economic backwardness. Most important it is under the labyrinthine license raj. The Maverick Effect is the extraordinary story of this band of dreamers who joined hands to transform a nation while also changing the lens through which the world looked at India.

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