7 Best Boom3D Alternatives for PC


Boom 3D is the most popular and award-winning audio enhancement application that is specially created to play your media content with phenomenal 3D effects on any device like speakers, headphones, from any player, media and streaming services. The software is best for all kinds of users either music lovers or gamers. It is a feature-rich application that consists of amazing effects and incredible features. 

Boom 3D offers unmatched clarity while gaming interaction through its multi-channel 3D surrounds. It offers multiple modes and the best thing is that you can change its settings as per your preferences. The software also allows you to develop and save your custom settings to get a more personalized experience. 

Boom3D Alternatives for PC

Boom 3D is commercial software and offers numerous paid plans. Each plan has its primacy and offers remarkable features like gaming mode, add filters, detailed settings, etc. Though Boom 3D is one of the best sound boosters for windows which offers you great sound quality and effects, people are looking for its alternatives. 

If you are also looking for Boom 3D alternatives then you are at the right place. In this article, we have listed the topmost alternatives to Boom 3D that also offer features like Boom 3D. Let’s have a look at the 7 best alternatives of Boom 3D. 

7 Best Boom 3D Alternatives for PC

1. Boom 2

Boom 2 is the best alternative of Boom 3D specially designed for the macOS and offers great sound quality. It is an award-winning sound booster. It has all those tools and features that can satisfy your needs and makes it the best audio equalizers software for you. 

Boom 2 consists of a wide range of audio effects that are available for free and offers a tremendous audio experience. It offers different modes and the best thing is that you can modify settings without any limit. The software allows you to keep control of your media player to improve and optimize your music.  

The software contains several amazing features including change skins, several technical limitations, custom settings, etc. If you are looking for a decent and feature-rich alternative to Boom 3D then give it a try to Boom 2. It will surely fulfill your expectations. 

2. Bongiovi D.P.S. 

Bongiovi D.P.S. is the best software for Windows as well as for Mac users. It helps you to enhance sound quality. The application is rich in features and allows you to enhance and optimize the PC’s sound. It consists of all the advanced tools and features which makes it the best audio enhancement tool. 

The software is loaded with Digital power station technology that offers you deep clarity, bass definition and enhanced stereo field imaging through your laptop or PC. It is suitable for all kinds of users and supports applications like Google Voice, Video game apps and FaceTime. 

The software includes a community of artists who can share their beginners with the beginners. Some of its features are applying filters and effects, detailed settings, etc. 

3. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer is another name in the list of best alternatives of Boom 3D. The application is developed by the creator of Volume logic. It helps you to improve the sound quality of the audio of your PC and revolutionize your listening experience. 

You can use any of the media players and it will offer the highest audio quality for all music, movies and other sounds. It is the best audio enhancing tool that offers the same tools which are used by editors in a studio to enhance the music. Using this tool you can keep control over the audio and enhance it by applying multiple sound effects and altering the music. It lets you change and monitor the sounds that are coming from your PC. 

The software is best for both personal as well as professional use. It consists of all the leading features and offers you control over your music, web browsers,  games, etc. 

4. eqMac2 

If you are looking for an open-source audio enhancement tool then eqMac2 is the perfect solution for you. It is an audio equalizer tool that supports both built-in speakers and lines out audio output devices. This tool offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to use. It is lightweight software and when you installed it on your device it will add a status bar menu. Through which you can access all its features quickly and easily.

Using its status bar you can change the present band equalizer configuration and adjust the system volume. Some of its best features are detailed options, open-source interface, volume mixer, expert equalizer, etc. It offers a basic plan which is free to use and several pro plans. It is one of the best system audio equalizers for MacOS. 

5. A.R.I.S.E Sound Mod

A.R.I.S.E. Sound Mod is the best Boom 3D alternative suitable for both professional as well as personal use. It is one of the most robust and features rich audio enhancement software. The software is quite different from other equalizer tools in the list. It offers several new features, tools and options which you will not get in other audio enhancement tools. 

The software delivers a comprehensive experience. It is a free sound enhancer and equalizer tool that supports both Mac as well as Windows PC. Some of its essential features are boosting the bass, parametric equalizer mode, multiple effects, switch between visuals, graphics and many others. 

6. Peace Equalizer 

Peace Equalizer is one of the best audio equalizers and mixers specially designed for Windows PC. It is the most suitable audio equalizer for music lovers and musicians. It has a simple user interface, includes a status bar and all in one volume control options. 

The software consists of amazing sound effects and it also allows users to change the settings without any limit. It also offers an option to manage your sound volume and equalizer using hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. 

Peace Equalizer is an open-source platform that allows users to modify its features as per their requirements. The audio equalizer supports 31 different languages. Some of its best features are automatic activation, the graph of filters, pre amplifying dB value, etc. 

7. SoundPimp

If you are looking for a cross-platform audio enhancement software then SoundPimp is the most suitable option for you. It has the ability to enhance the audio quality of your PC. The software is the best option for professionals as it allows them to develop their computers into robust broadcast and audio enhancers. 

SoundPimp is an all in one software that offers various audio enhancement modes, a status bar, several effects and a simple interface. If you are looking for software that offers all these features in one place then you should choose SoundPimp. It also allows you to create custom settings to get a more personalized experience. 

The software is available in both free as well as premium versions. With the premium version, you will get additional features and new effects that can satisfy your needs. 


All the above mentioned are some of the best Boom 3D alternatives. All of them offer great features, audio effects and filters to enhance the audio and allow you to modify your audio to get the experience you want. You can choose any of the audio equalizer tools to get the best sound quality and audio experience. 



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