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There are days when you “can’t even” as a parent and infant wrangler, but you do it anyway since there are no sick days, vacations, or coffee breaks. Taking care of a baby (especially when they’re a newborn or infant!) is difficult. Any small thing on this planet that makes it even slightly easier is a miracle. Fortunately, here are 7 technological marvels in the shape of highly clever baby toys. When buying baby and kid’s electronics, you can also use EMP discount codes to get discounts. 

Once it comes to bath time, safety always comes first. With this easy-to-read thermometer in a really charming duck form, you can always be sure your baby’s bath water is at a safe temperature. The best aspect is that a red light indicates that the water is too hot, while a green light indicates that the water is too cold.

  • RazBaby, Keep It Kleen Pacifier

Say goodbye to rinsing dirty, dingy chupies all the time. As soon as this magical binky is dropped, it creates a protective shell around the nipple. That is one clever pacifier.

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  • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light 

Some babies are sleep deprivation experts. This is due to a lot of FOMO. Little ones don’t want to waste a single minute of their time playing. A highly cool nightlight with colours, sound, and light that you can control will be sure to keep those peepers shut for the evening in no time.

  • Vicks Digital Pacifier Thermometer

No baby enjoys being held still while their temperature is taken. They didn’t seem to get the notice that knowing when they’re unwell is part of your job. This is perhaps the simplest way to get those crucial digits without your baby making a fuss.

  • Motorola 5-Inch Video Baby Monitor

When moving your infant to sleeping in another room, keep an eye on him or her at all times to reduce stress.

  • Tomme Tippee Groegg Digital Baby Room thermometer

This fluorescent bulb and room thermometer in one can keep your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature at all times. After all, a newborn will not sleep in a room that is too hot or too chilly.

  • Cloud B Sleep Sheep

This soft and fluffy sheep creates relaxing bedtime noises that imitate the heartbeat of a mother, spring showers, ocean waves, and even whale music! 

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  • Owlet Smart Sock 3 Wearable Baby Monitor

Using pulse oximetry technology, this smart snack softly wraps around your newborn or infant’s foot to monitor their heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep. This data is then delivered over Bluetooth to your smartphone, keeping you informed. You’ll all be able to fall asleep more soundly.

  • Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

We don’t know what will put Junior to sleep if over 25 mins of calm music and lighting don’t work. This little soother comes with a handy remote control that you can operate from another room, making it one of the trendiest nursery devices on the market.

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