6 Ways To Clean Wet Carpets And Minimize Their Damage

Clean Wet Carpets

There can be various reasons as to why your carpets would be wet. Either there was a flood or there was a pipe leak. Due to these reasons, there would be clean wet carpets which you need to clean up.

Read on the following solutions that will help you to clean wet carpets

  • Dry the carpet in sun and then clean it deeply

If the carpet is wet then either you can soak it in water and then wash it off again. But, if you feel that the carpet has remained wet for a long duration then you must keep it in the sun for drying. After that, you need to assess the condition of the carpet. This will help you in knowing which part is more damaged. Likewise, you can then decide which carpet cleaning services will be good enough for you.

  • Check where the water stains are and clean them

If the carpet has been hit by the flood or some other thing due to which it has become wet then you need to check out the dirt and water stains. Clean the carpet well with the help of liquid detergent and vinegar. You should apply these ingredients in the area where there are such stains. Once done, you will see that there will be better solutions.

  • Check the carpet pad

There’s one more thing that you need to understand and that is the carpet pad. Often these would get bad in a natural calamity like a flood. If the carpet pad has gone wet then you should place the carpet in a safe area and then start using the vacuum cleaner or a dryer. This will ensure the extra water removal from the pad.

  • Clean the carpet with a sanitizer so that it becomes safe for use again

If the water has got into the carpets then there are chances that the carpets will become bad. You must air dry the same first and then sanitize the same. If you apply sanitizer on the same and then mop it once with water and then again let it dry up, you will see that the carpet will become safe enough to be used.

  • Use a mold cleaner on the carpet

If there is mold on the carpet because of the water damage, you must use a natural mold cleaner or a chemical for the same. Baking soda powder would naturally fight off the mold and this can help you in making the carpet better again and also remove the chance of further damage.

  • Blot the carpet with a dry cloth

If the water damage is not too much then you should start blotting the carpet. This will ensure the extra water removal from the carpet and that there will be no further damage.


If you ignore the wet carpet then the problem will become grave and perhaps a time will come when you actually won’t use the carpet again. You will have to get rid of them and replace the same with new ones.

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