6 Tips For Recruiting With Text Messages


For the past few years, text messaging has continued to become a preferred form of communication. When sending a text message, you can quickly convey information and carry on a brief conversation. The use of text messaging is also being used in other parts of the business world as well. One way that text messaging can benefit an organization is through the use of recruiting new employees. Several tips can be followed that could help you to incorporate text messaging into a recruiting campaign successfully.

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Great Way to Connect with Someone You Met

One way to find qualified people is to keep in touch with them even when you are not actively hiring. If you need to recruit for positions, it always helps to have a pool and pipeline of people looking for a new job. Even if you do not have something to show them currently, keeping in touch is always helpful. Text messaging is an excellent way to let people know that they are on your mind and that you are looking out for them.

Text Messages Used to Schedule Interview

If you are actively recruiting for an open position, finding candidates that can come in for an interview is a big part of the process. One great way that you can efficiently schedule interviews is through the text message process. When sending a text message, you can ask qualified individuals if they are interested in the position and then find a time for them that works for an interview. You can then send a confirmation text to both parties to ensure that they are all scheduled for the upcoming interview.

Know When to Use Mass Text Messaging

While sending a personalized text message is a good option, there are times when you need to reach a wider pool of people at once. Through an SMS texting service, you can send out mass texts to a wide group of people. These mass texts are a great way to connect with many different people at once, allowing you to gauge interest based on how many people respond to the initial message. It can help you find a good pool of candidates and kick off the recruiting and hiring process.

Career Fair Marketing

The use of career fairs is a great way for recruiters to gain interest from potential candidates. One task that can be challenging is to make your company known before starting the career fair. When receiving a list of people attending the fair, you will also get a phone number list. You can use the mass messaging services to provide information about your company, the open positions, and what you will be discussing at the career fair. This can significantly improve your overall presence when you arrive and increase your chances of finding qualified candidates.

Ask and Answer Questions

Whenever someone is thinking about applying for a job, there are bound to be many questions that will pop up. While scheduling a time to answer these questions is helpful, there are times when questions will come up out of nowhere. In these cases, the most efficient way that you can answer them is by texting. This can also be the right way for you to ask follow-up questions as it offers a convenient and informal form of communication.

Provide Feedback

Finally, a recruiter should always provide direct and honest feedback to those they bring in for interviews. Whether the interview went well or not, you must contact the interviewee and are honest. Through the text messaging process, you can have this line of communication cleanly and efficiently.


Text messaging can be an excellent tool for recruiters to use, because nowadays who doesn’t have a phone? . While the prevalence of text messaging is increasing, it continues to be essential to follow a good strategy when using texts. Several tips can be observed that will help you to use text messaging for your business effectively.


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