6 Tips For Getting Your Nails Done At Home This Wedding Season

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Most females often overlook their nail care routine. However, if you attend a wedding any time soon, this is the time to tick. Like your hair and skin, your pretty nails need your attention and care, too. Having a perfect manicure and pedicure doesn’t only save you on the wedding day, but for life.  




Because even after the big day is over, you will flaunt your nails for months. Imagine bridesmaid party selfies, engagement day photos, and wedding day pictures, all with your picture-perfect nails! Get a classic manicure (Includes everything: length, colors, shapes, and sizes), implement good nail health habits, and get flawless wedding nails this season.  


There’s a lot more to know about nails. So read these six tips (Dos and Don’ts) for getting your nails done right at home this wedding season.  


  1. Pamper Your Nails And Don’t Weaken Them 


Great French ombre nails or French tips do not come overnight, right? You’ll need to take care of your hands and legs’ nails at least four to six weeks before the wedding. You should know the essential manicure tips. You’ll also need to start investing in moisturizers, creams, and masks suitable to your skin type. Make a nail care routine and follow it till the wedding day.  


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Besides pampering your nails, you have to prevent them from getting weak. Stay away from all the harsh chemicals that can weaken your nails. Wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from prolonged water contact during house hours. Also, try not to use nail polish removers with strong acetone elements. It weakens them and takes away the natural shining.  


  1. Buy Your Favorite Nail Polish But Not Only One 


Doing nails at home means keeping everything handy. You can’t expect someone else to pick up your nail polish bottle like when you get your nails done in the saloon. So you have to buy your favorite color at least two to three weeks before the big day. We mean, how shocking it would be to hear, 


“We don’t have it in stock right now, ma’am. Can you please manage with this shade?” 


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Additionally, once you decide on your nail color that matches with the wedding day outfit, stock up enough so that you can easily paint ten nails. We insist everyone purchase two bottles of the same shade instead of one for their good. You can use one bottle to do the manicure at home and keep the second one in your safety kit and take it along with you to the wedding destination for any emergency.  


  1. Run a Trial Manicure Before The Wedding Day 


No one wants to get disappointed with their nails on wedding day after seeing how sinful it looks. That’s why it is better to take a trial run with your nails a long time before the wedding day. Don’t awake one or two weeks prior but start exploring the options at least a month before the wedding.  


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You have to choose from the gel (French manicure gel, acrylic, shellac) or polish and see their different colors. Finally, pick the one that just sits right with your outfit. Doing a trial run will stir your mind to clear whether your desired nails are wedding-worthy or not. If not, you still have time to find something picture-perfect.  


  1. Don’t Do a Manicure Long Before The Wedding Day 


Running a nail manicure trial is a good thing. However, getting too adventurous about it is a big no. If you do your nails four to five days before the wedding day, there are innumerable possibilities of tampering with them. The nail color designs could get spoiled, the nails could break, water could splash out the color, or the shine could fade away.  


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And if you want to look second gorgeous after the bride, you need to have glowing nails! Also, most manicures start losing their shine in a few days. And giving them a retouch or flaunting them on the wedding day isn’t ideal. So, the best thing is to slap a manicure on your nails one day before the wedding. 


  1. Be Prepared With a Backup 


Women are crazy about doing their nails, but most don’t think it through. We aren’t criticizing anybody. However, we intend to make you all ready for any harsh situations. After deciding to do wedding nails, the first thing you should do is to prepare for a backup. If you have a backup, you can convince your friend to rescue your meddled nails.  


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Your delicate nails might break or chip on the big day out of nowhere. What will you do then if you have no backup? So it is better to prepare an emergency nail kit for the wedding day. It should consist of all the essentials: glue, polish, cream, remover, and any other tool you might need to bring back your nails to life.  


  1. Don’t Haste The Nails Manicure Process 


“Awesome things take time to create.”  


It applies to your nails as well. Nail art is itself an art. You need to be patient and peaceful during the entire process of getting your nails done at home. Give time and concentration to everything from selecting the manicure type to choosing the color. Getting dreamy nails is a great thing to do, but there are a few drawbacks, too.  


Using too many products on your nails has no benefit over your nails in the long run. Moreover, inferior nail paints and artificial nails might ruin the nail structure after some time. Hence, it’s advisable to use only organic products that don’t pose any infection risks on your nails. You should not rush the process of purchasing nail products or doing the nails to cost you any trouble. 




Along with your outfit, hair, makeup, and footwear on the wedding day, you become impeccable if you do your nails right! Nails are the tiniest things on your body, but their fashion could change your entire look of yours. A striking nail manicure can add a character to the overall wedding day look and turn around all the eyeballs on you. With these bits of yet legit tips, you can get stunning nails done at your home this wedding season for sure. Your nails deserve the best. Keep them manicured. Keep them classy.  



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